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In a Dramatic Twist Prigozhin agrees to negotiate, and surrenders himself without a shot

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It was clear to many from the start that Prigozhin’s rebellion was something the Globalists had not calculated on. The MSM Media world wide covered the events with total surprise and without any clear script to read from, which was a remarkable event in comparison with the last 4 years.

The dramatic end to the events of June 24, 2023, came at about dusk, Moscow Time, when after hours of negotiation by the President of Belarus with Prighozin, he agreed to accept permanent exile from Russia, in exchange for pardon for all his men, and the incorporation of Wagner PMC into the Russian Ministry of Defense.

This ending is even more surprising and has commentators everywhere scratching their heads. Some say that Prighozin did not have the manpower to take Moscow, yet there was no evidence of ground troops in any great numbers being deployed to defend it. Others, that Prigozhin only wanted reform inside the Ministry of Defense, and getting promises of that, saw that he had achieved what was best for his nation.

Is Prigozhin really the only selfless patriot in Russia?

The Role of the President of Belarus, Lukashenko, is also quite a surprise. He has serious problems with internal stability of his own nation, where just last week Russian Troops poured in to prevent a rebellion. He is not in a position to offer anything, and reports were that he had left the country just days ago. Where is he? and how did he get in contact with Prigozhin?

The actions of Vladimir Putin were also a surprise to many. He was clearly caught off guard, in that he first announced a public address to the nation and then fled Moscow to St. Petersburg, which is not really a strong point in the Russian National Defense grid. At the same time, his private plane attempted to enter Kazakstan, in an attempt evidently to get himself or family out of the country.

The deputy Prime Minister’s flight to Turkey to get out of the way was also a bizarre moment in the time line of events, because certainly he would not have done so without fearing for the worse.

So Prigozhin was in a very strong position. The speculation that his men could not take Moscow did not have much to go on. Clearly in Rostov-on-Don the populace had showed that the end of Russian rule was welcome, and when the Russian Federation forces reoccupied it, after the deal was made, the populace showed its disfavor.

Dissent and dissatisfaction with the Putin regime was seen everywhere, as military base and police stations everywhere let Prigozhin’s force advance without resistance.

It is here, that I suspect the Rothschilds intervened. Their man Alexander Bortnikov, head of the FSB, opened the psychological profile on Prigozhin, and suggested a negotiation lead by the one man he would trust, Lukashenko, the president of Belarus.

In the end, while Prigozhin — Putin’s former chef — has given up, he has achieved something which no one else had dared. He poked the power structure of the Vladimir Putin myth and found that it is all smoke.

And this means that this rebellion was not planned or intended by the Globalists, but was a major threat to their Narrative Control, since they are planning the defeat of Russia and certainly do not want a Military Dictator in the Kremlin.

We might just see other attempted coup d’etats in Russia in the coming months, as it is now evident to everyone, that if you refuse to negotiate, you will topple Putin.

As for all the actors involved, Putin, Prigozhin and Lukashenko, the number of their days has been weighed in the balance of the fates, by the events of this years Feast of St. John the Baptist.

Finally, there is a lesson to be learned from all of this: when you have the advantage on the Globalists, never, never, never listen to a “friend” who counsels you to surrender or negotiate.