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In a Dramatic Twist Prigozhin agrees to negotiate, and surrenders himself without a shot

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It was clear to many from the start that Prigozhin’s rebellion was something the Globalists had not calculated on. The MSM Media world wide covered the events with total surprise and without any clear script to read from, which was a remarkable event in comparison with the last 4 years.

The dramatic end to the events of June 24, 2023, came at about dusk, Moscow Time, when after hours of negotiation by the President of Belarus with Prighozin, he agreed to accept permanent exile from Russia, in exchange for pardon for all his men, and the incorporation of Wagner PMC into the Russian Ministry of Defense.

This ending is even more surprising and has commentators everywhere scratching their heads. Some say that Prighozin did not have the manpower to take Moscow, yet there was no evidence of ground troops in any great numbers being deployed to defend it. Others, that Prigozhin only wanted reform inside the Ministry of Defense, and getting promises of that, saw that he had achieved what was best for his nation.

Is Prigozhin really the only selfless patriot in Russia?

The Role of the President of Belarus, Lukashenko, is also quite a surprise. He has serious problems with internal stability of his own nation, where just last week Russian Troops poured in to prevent a rebellion. He is not in a position to offer anything, and reports were that he had left the country just days ago. Where is he? and how did he get in contact with Prigozhin?

The actions of Vladimir Putin were also a surprise to many. He was clearly caught off guard, in that he first announced a public address to the nation and then fled Moscow to St. Petersburg, which is not really a strong point in the Russian National Defense grid. At the same time, his private plane attempted to enter Kazakstan, in an attempt evidently to get himself or family out of the country.

The deputy Prime Minister’s flight to Turkey to get out of the way was also a bizarre moment in the time line of events, because certainly he would not have done so without fearing for the worse.

So Prigozhin was in a very strong position. The speculation that his men could not take Moscow did not have much to go on. Clearly in Rostov-on-Don the populace had showed that the end of Russian rule was welcome, and when the Russian Federation forces reoccupied it, after the deal was made, the populace showed its disfavor.

Dissent and dissatisfaction with the Putin regime was seen everywhere, as military base and police stations everywhere let Prigozhin’s force advance without resistance.

It is here, that I suspect the Rothschilds intervened. Their man Alexander Bortnikov, head of the FSB, opened the psychological profile on Prigozhin, and suggested a negotiation lead by the one man he would trust, Lukashenko, the president of Belarus.

In the end, while Prigozhin — Putin’s former chef — has given up, he has achieved something which no one else had dared. He poked the power structure of the Vladimir Putin myth and found that it is all smoke.

And this means that this rebellion was not planned or intended by the Globalists, but was a major threat to their Narrative Control, since they are planning the defeat of Russia and certainly do not want a Military Dictator in the Kremlin.

We might just see other attempted coup d’etats in Russia in the coming months, as it is now evident to everyone, that if you refuse to negotiate, you will topple Putin.

As for all the actors involved, Putin, Prigozhin and Lukashenko, the number of their days has been weighed in the balance of the fates, by the events of this years Feast of St. John the Baptist.

Finally, there is a lesson to be learned from all of this: when you have the advantage on the Globalists, never, never, never listen to a “friend” who counsels you to surrender or negotiate.

RUSSIAN FEDERATION Forces Mobilize to defend cities from Insurrectionists

And they need to …

UPDATE: Things are very serious, as Putin has either fled to a bunker, or been taken hostage…

FURTHER UPDATE: Prighozin is approaching Moscow.

Russian Revolution, coup d’etat or Prigozhin’s Folly?

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We should not imagine that a Russian Revolution has already begun, even though the seeds for one may be sprouting as we speak. There are yet very few signs of anything even indicating that. What is clear is that Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Private Military Corporation, founded in Russia and conducting business for the Russian Federation in Africa and Russia has undertaken a military insurrection and is on the road to Moscow.

The size of the force is minisucule. And yet, amazingly, they have apparently already taken control of Rostov-on-the-Don, the large Military supply center on the cusp of the Sea of Azov. There are indications that they have already or are about to,  take Voronezh.

How is this possible?

Apparently, the Russian Federation forces are so over extended in conducting the “special military operation” against Ukraine, that there are literally no substantial military forces in the rear, to prevent rogue military commanders from doing just what Prigozhin is doing.

That that reveals a crucial and tremendous weakness in the Russian Federation Order of Battle.

As one of the few Catholic — if not only — social media personalities from the USA, who has actually been to and lived in Kyiv, I am well aware of how the Russian character is founded upon a profound sense of pride in their history and people, but also how fragile that confidence is, since it is based solely upon human vainglory.

So it is quite possible that the report that Putin has already considered resigning are true.

The Russian Federation, we must remember, did not result from the collapse of the Soviet system in favor of a popular democracy, but in the take over of that system by systemic and widespread corruption, which espouses some aspects of free market but is all about seizing the vast wealth of the Communist Party and Soviet State for private interests.

Prigozhin, therefore, cannot possibly succeed in his coup d’etat unless the military commanders of Russia have in fact lost confidence in Vladimir Putin. Moreover, even that would not be enough, because each commander has any number of possible subordinates who could arrest or assassinate him if he joins Prigozhin’s coup, that the outcome of what we are seeing take place live, is very uncertain.

Prigozhin will have to make his case to the Military Commanders and “liberate” regions of Russia by calling for them to take control of these away from the personnel loyal to Putin and the Jewish Oligarchs who really run Russia.

This may all conclude quickly or we may see the Russian Federation melt away into total anarchy in the coming weeks. If the insurrection follows, we can expect massive defections among the Russian Federation forces in Ukraine, who certainly won’t want to die from a Ukrainian bullet if the motherland is devolving into civil war.

The Russian Revolution —  or more accurately — the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 began in similar circumstances.

Putin is truly scared, as Russian State propaganda outlets have begun trying to persuade rebels to stop their advance.

If Prigozhin is acting on his own initiative, then we can be certain that the MSM in the West will begin to back Putin and play down what is happening in Russia. The entire 2 century Rothschild plan to destroy Russia is on the table now. The last thing the Globalists want is a truly nationalistic government in Moscow.

Putin the puppet was playing his part well. The tea-party would be over if he falls.

Only one thing is certain: whoever loses this chess game will be shot.

RUSSIA: Ongoing coup d’etat is a result of Putin’s failures in invading Ukraine

It appears that Putin may have already thrown in the towel ….

Moscow is bracing for an attack by Wagner troops, who are mostly cut-throat ex-convicts

But the defenses of Moscow seem utterly a joke …

The Mayor of Moscow has announced that the City and Province are now under a counter-terrorism response (Martial Law):

Prighozin claims that he can march on Moscow with 25,000 men …

Prigozhin stages Military Coup d’etat in Russia, marches on Moscow

FromRome.info will attempt to give extensive coverage of these developments, using our sources in Eastern Europe.

What the movie, Admiral, can teach us about the current crisis in the Church

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In 2008, in Russia, there premiered the move, Admiral (Russian title: Адмиралъ – See official trailer below). The movie is worth watching in whatever language you can find a copy because of the important lessons it teaches about national psychology during a revolution in an absolute monarchy.

The movie is set in Russia, in the years before and during the Russian Revolution. And its antagonist is the famous Russian Admiral, who would become the leader of the White Russians — the anti-Bolshevik forces: Admiral Kolchak.

It starred Konstantin Khabenskiy as the Admiral, and Elizaveta Boyarskaya as Anna Timiryova, the poet.

Here is the official trailer:


Here is the English trailer, distributed by 20th Century Fox:


The movie recounts the sad tragedy of the overthrow of the Russian Empire by a devious, vicious and anti-Christian conspiracy of Jewish Marxists, led by Vladimir Lenin, who himself was a jew.

The English trailer was released in another version also:


Why I recommend the film

When nations are overthrown from within by political conspiracies, one can observe how different persons and organizations in that society react to the threat and respond, and from this see why different groups respond differently. This kind of study might be called national social psychology: how the actions of sections of society cause other sections of society to react and alter their behavior.

The Russian Revolution was without doubt the greatest tragedy to befall a Christian people in the history of Christendom. It resulted in the death of 60 to 90 million Christians, and those guilty for this mass genocide were never punished, tried or faulted by the international community  or the Main Stream Press. Their race and politics had everything to do with the pass they got.

But why I recommend the film to the readers of FromRome.Info, is that it shows why groups like Trad Inc are acting they way they do.

Let me explain why:

Absolute Monarchies have only 1 principle of loyalty

Imperial Russia was a lot like the Catholic Church. It was an absolute monarchy where nothing functioned without the nod or order of the Tsar.  Everything everyone wanted to do had to encounter this reality on a daily level. There were imperial decrees about this and that. And if you wanted to serve in the Russian Empire in any official position, your loyalty to the Tsar was the first criterion of character which got you promoted.

But once the revolution broke out and the Tsar was captured and then executed, Russians no longer knew what to do. They did not love Russia as Russia. They loved the Tsar. Without the Tsar they had to act on personal initiative and they were not habituated to acting like that.

In a Vacuum, existing ambitions rule the day

And so when the central authority broke down, it was every man for himself. But each Russian, who had loved the Tsar, had to now find a new motivation for his actions. And what prevailed was the pre-existing secondary motives each had: whether it was pure ambition for power, wealth, prestige, safety, prosperity etc..

Those who sought safety, fled Russia, most never to return. They abandoned Mother Russia because they had no love for Russia as Russia. They loved themselves more.

Those who sought prosperity did whatever was necessary to make money, regardless of which side was in power in their local area. They did not fight to save Russia from the Bolsheviks, because they did not love Mother Russia, they loved money.

Those who sought power seized power and fought to keep power, regardless of which side they found it on. They did not fight to save Russia from the Bolsheviks unless that meant power for themselves. And as soon as they saw that it no longer meant that, they changed sides or fled Russia. They did not love Mother Russia, they loved power.

And finally, there was those who like Admirak Kolchak who loved both the Tsar and Mother Russia.

In this movie, you see his tragic and heroic fight to save Russia from the Christ-hating Marxists. He never seeks power and is surprised when the Tsar gives him power. He relinquishes power to save his men, when power is not longer real power. He reluctantly becomes the head of the White Russians and does what is necessary to suppress the foreign funded takeover of Russia (the Bolsheviks were funded by Wall Street, it is alleged, Jewish interests).

In the end, Admiral Kolchak is betrayed by the Czechoslovakia Brigade, which began fighting against the Marxists in the Ukraine, but when they needed money and a way out of Russia cut a secret deal with the Reds to escape through the Pacific port of Vladivostok. They were not Russians and so had no love for Russia.

The Bergoglian Revolution of 2013

We are currently in the Catholic Church’s Bolshevik Revolution. Bergoglio was put in power illegally in 2013 by foreign interests: Obama and Peking and Freemasonry and George Soros (a Nazi and a Jew).

With Pope Benedict XVI effectively isolated or imprisoned, which ever you prefer, there is now no central authority in the Church. Each is free to take the course his own motives suggest.

There are those who want to keep their pensions and salaries. For them Bergoglio is their pope. There are those who want to keep getting the funding they are getting from Soros organizations, for them there is no doubt that Bergoglio is the Pope.

There are those who are ambitious, and think they can achieve their goals by prancing in front of Catholics as their savior or hero but still insist on serving Bergoglio as pope, because they have some sort of explicit or tacit agreement with him, to get a promotion.

And then there are simply Catholics who love the Church for the sake of God and had no ambition for power, money, prestige or acclaim before the revolution broke out. They are the ones who are fighting for Holy Mother Church. They are the only ones willing to lose and risk everything for God.

Which side are you on?

I am my house shall chose the Lord…. Joshua 24:15.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is the official poster for the Film, Admiral. It is used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary and movie reviews.

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