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Citizens of San Clemente, California, refused right to speak to own government officials

by Brian Murphy

Five weeks ago an energetic patriot named Alan Hostetter (see above) started the San Clemente Freedom March, the first Lockdown protest march in the country.  I was there with 40 people.  His vision was for it to grow nationwide and worldwide.  Alan lives in San Clemente, a small beach town in Southern California.  The following weekend we grew from 40 to 600 with enormous support from local businesses and passing cars enthusiastically tooting their horns in a constant drone of support.  Marches popped up in other beach towns like Huntington Beach (thousands), San Diego (2,500) and Sacramento, the Capital of the State of California (20,000).  In the video below, a small group of 15 of us tried to attend a San Clemente City Council Meeting but were disallowed entry because of coronavirus fears.  So, we gave our “public comments” on video outside the Council Meeting and the video was uploaded to FaceBook which various people have used to organize over 60,000 supporters.

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