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Pope Benedict XVI Abdicated?

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It has been 7 long years of lies and fraud!
Seven years of darkness and deceit:
Woe! upon Woe! of infamy and villainy,
Seven years of pride and conceit!

It has been 7 long years of excuses to do nothing!
Seven years of lamentation:
Woe! upon Woe! of on-going commentary,
Seven years of vain protestation.

We have seen 7 long years of sacrilege and horror!
Seven long years of usurpation:
Woe! upon Woe! of pretense and propaganda,
Seven long years of consternation.

We have seen 7 long years of precious nothing!
Seven long years of heresy and excuse:
No! upon No! in response to complaint,
Seven long years of a papal recluse.

But at last the clouds are breaking,
And a new day is dawning,
For the Faithful are discerning,
The truth of what was done.

Poor Benedict never renounced the munus,
And retains it to this day,
And that means old Jorge Bergoglio,
Must now be put out of the way.

So the Cardinals better stop making excuses,
They have been exposed for what they are:
It is now time to call a Great Synod,
The time for convocation is not so afar!

Let us remember the deeds of the Saints,
Who did not sit around and watch:
The Church go to rot and ruin,
On account of a succession that was botch!

If you do not want to solve this problem,
Then you have no right to speak,
You are worse than a growth of cancer,
On a posterior cheek!

The Church our Holy Mother,
Is being raped and sacked each day!
We cannot be bystanders any longer!
If we fear that Great and Awesome Day.

So let us take up the arms of manliness,
And wield the swords of Truth:
The canons of Christ’s Holy Church,
And the words of severe reproof!

For if we want a solution to the Church’s problems,
Then Church History is our Teacher,
It is not sanity and prudence,
To be a contrary preacher!

May Almighty God bless the strong,
May the Holy Virgin shore up they who waiver,
Saint Michael lead-on the way!
And God’s Victory be the favor!