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Hallow Prayer App, founded by Alex Jones, backed by Diocese of Detroit

Editor’s Note: As I remarked last summer, the greatest threat of social media to humanity lies in its effect to cause social isolation. God did not make man to relate to others through a device or app. Such a notion is as silly as writing a letter to someone sitting in the same room as yourself. If anyone did such a thing, it would surely be a sign of major problems as regards sanity and charity and honesty.

But as I mentioned in my article the other day, man is a plastic creature. The way we use any tool to communicate molds our minds even as we use our minds to control and use that tool. For devices which insist that we use them, when we do not need too, there is not just a danger of idolatry and enslavement, there is the absolute certainly of such dependency if we do not recognize the absurdity and insanity of such an insistence.

As regards prayer, to even conceive that an app can help people pray, when there are numerous websites containing prayers, meditations and even books by learned writers, popular writers and even Saints to encourage this, is to incline clearly towards the problem, not the solution. BECAUSE MAN DOES NOT NEED AN APP TO SPEAK WITH GOD.

It should surprise no one, therefore, that a fallen away Catholic is behind Hallow App (Alex Jones), the latest gimmick to help Catholics to return to a life of prayer. Nor does it come to me as a shock that Hallow inc. in 2022 worked with the Diocese of Detroit, which shut down its parishes at the request of the Scamdemic Narrative, the insistence of an antipope and the bribery of the U.S. Government.

By their fruits you will know them.

I think it would not be dishonest, but prudent, to recognize that this, like so many other proposals to get mankind and Catholics more hooked on electronic communication serves a purpose which has nothing to do with why God made man or for what God made man.

It is also curious that “Hallow” is a German-Jewish surname. But that must just be a coincidence (sarcasm).

You will hear more about the Hallow App shortly, as that corporation has purchased an advertisement spot on television in the USA, during the Super Bowl. It appears they also purchased an advertisement spot at Catholic News Agency: