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Dr. Taylor Marshall: I would be thrilled if Bergoglio … was not validly elected

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dr. Taylor Marshall speaks with Mr. John Henry Westen on the invalidity of Benedict’s renunication and Bergoglio’s election.  The converation begins at 51:14 in yesterday’s podcast by Dr. Marshall.

In response to Dr. Marshall’s question on the question of the validity of Benedict’s renunciation and Bergoglio’s election, Mr. Weston says:  I know these discussions are going on among the hierarchy.

However, Fred Martinez at Catholic Monitor Blog, remarks correctly:

Question for Westen:

If lay people are not allowed an opinion, how can he, a layman, affirm Francis is the pope?

At LifeSiteNews, only lay people who question Francis’s validity are not allowed to have opinions. Everybody else is.

My Comments

I think that they speak of this in public, shows that their narrative control is bleeding on all sides.

Their position is emotional politics, not rational, dogmatic, canonical.

They are not thinking about the problem, they are thinking AROUND the problem. But a Catholic is called by Christ to confront the elephant in the room. The Faithful do not need media leadership which can not handle that level of reality.

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