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Steve Bannon’s Masonic Institute expelled from Trisulti Monastery

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Council of State of the Italian Republic has heard the appeal of the Ministry of Fine Arts and has ordered out the Dignitatis Humanae institute of Steve Banon from the monumental Trisulti Monastery. — Click the image above to read the breaking news in Italian.

The Dignitatis Humanae institute had obtained a 100 year contract on the basis of numerous false claims regarding its ability to manage and restore the complex.

The Ministry of Fine Arts had previously attempted to expel the institute for hiding its purpose of establishing an international school of political leaders in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, a code word for Freemasonic American political control.  Bannon has in the past declared himself a christian-zionist, which is a particularly vicious form of heresy, which attempt to revise history by shifting the merits of Christianity, which come from the grace of Jesus Christ, to the categories of ethnicity or culture of a race which has rejected Jesus Christ explicitly, but which insists on a role in shaping the West to the detriment of Christendom and Christians. On the contrary, as the Catholic Church has always preached, the faith of Christ saves, not because Jesus was a jew, but because God became man to save all, Jew and Gentile, but only if they want salvation.

Bannon’s institute, however, wants to form a new generation of political leaders who in the name of nationalism, populism and sovereignty wish to impose this Masonic misrepresentation of history on Europe for the purpose or preventing a authentic restoration of Christendom, which only true Catholics can achieve.

Catholics throughout Italy are, therefore, rejoicing that this Monastery, made sacred by so many centuries of prayer and Catholic worship has been freed from a monstrous fate. Let us pray now that a truly Catholic institute applies to obtain the use of this place and restore it to its sacred character, as all the residents in the local towns, round about, want.

Cardinal Burke was previously associated with the Dignitatis Humanae institute, but broke with it after Bannon endorsed a book which exposed the rampant sexual immorality in the Roman Curia.

Steven Bannon is a former vice president of Goldman Sachs.