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Italian Government to make Italy a Globalist Gulag after April 26th

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news yesterday confirmed the darkest fears of “conspiracy theorists” in Italy during the last year.  The Government has passed a new Dictatorial Decree (DPCM) which after April 26, 2021, will make Italy a Globalist Gulag.

In the name of giving back your freedoms, Italians will be forbidden to travel withing the territory of the Italian republic if they do not have a “Green Card” certifying that they have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 and/or have the antibodies showing they have recovered from it. See the featured image above, for the newspaper report.

In return for submitting to attempted suicide via the Vaxx, citi

zens and residents and tourists will be able to visit friends, two by two before May 15, and four by four after. They will also be able to go to restaurants who have tables in the open air and to go to pools.

Without the “Green Card” you will be fined and or taken to a concentration camp.

The consternation, anger, disgust and rage which this new decree has provoked is tremendous. If the government thinks they will get away with this, I believe they are in for a very ugly surprise. Italians hate tyrants.

In the New World Order religion, advocated by Jorge Mario Bergoglio at Donald Trump, in place of sanctification there is now “sanificazione” (being made healthy, or as we would say in English, “sanitized”). I am not joking, as you can see in this photo of a rental car, here at Rome, which I took yesterday. The Green Sticker reads:  Sanificata ogni noleggio (“Sanitized after each rental”).

It has to be said: “Surrender is not MAGA”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The article from June posed the question, “What if Trump just gives up?” Its author, Joel Mathis was not being a prophet, rather he was dropping the crumbs of the plan ahead.

However, what Trump has just done: win the election but then surrender, is a truth which is as shocking as it is irrational.

On November 23, I said myself that Trump would surrender and give up. I too, am not a prophet. I made that call on the basis of the research done by A. J. Baalman over at Ordo Militaris Radio TV this summer about the origin, nature and goals of the Deep State.

So it has to be said, to help all of you who were mislead for 5 years, that Trump was never about Making America Great Again.  Because that is not a slogan, but a battle cry.

But Trump would not fight for it.

Yes, he fought a legal battle, but as I pointed out in my Nov. 23 video, his lawyers knew they would lose or that they were not asked to win. Indeed, the Governor of New Jersey, Christie, mocked them for saying one thing in public during press conferences and filing cases which said another thing, weakly, in court.

Courage, on the other hand, is the infallible sign that a man believes in his cause and cares for others. A man who surrenders so easily in circumstances in which he has all the power to win — and he had the supreme power of the presidency — was not and is not a courageous man, a virtuous man, and man who really cares for anyone but himself. Courage moves a man to fight, and really fight, not just pretend to fight. But Trump had not this virtue.

All of this is impossible to understand, comprehend and thus accept — because it seems so irrational and inconsistent — until you accept the facts of history: namely, that Averell Harriman, the founder of the Brown Brothers Harriman Bank, has controlled the GOP and Democrat Parties for more than a century. And the Harriman Bank loaned money to make Fred Trump a successful businessman.

Harriman is a Skull and Bones man. And it is not a coincidence that Trump showed his gratitude to Harriman by giving the official historial of the Skull and Bones Lodge an office at Trump Tower, Manhattan, for many years.

So what does it all mean?

It means that Trump was not about MAGA. He was about being a pied piper to keep the sheep in the Marxist sheepfold and to prevent a true American candidate who would put Obama, Biden and Hiltary — Trump’s life long friends — in prison.

And he succeeded.

He succeeded so well that some will be deluded into thinking he really was about MAGA for the rest of their lives.

We live in an age of liars, bold and audacious liars.

And Trump’s quick surrender after being betrayed by Biden is the sign that he was the boldest and most audacious of them all.

No, Trump does not love you, he does not care for you. He never intended to drain the swamp, because he and his family have always been swamp creatures.

Judge a man not by his words but by his deeds.

If we had listened closer to Christ, we would have seen all of this earlier on.

The moral of the story is, NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT again! And never vote for a creature of the swamp.

I say all this not to irk anyone, but to deliver you from the 5 year Obama organized psyop on America.

And what does Trump get from it. He leaves with hundreds of millions of fans who will visit and stay in his hotels for the rest of their lives. What a business man! (sarcasm)



Trump has been gagged about Pope Benedict XVI until 2024

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Many Catholics have appealed to the U.S. sitting President, Donald Trump to intervene about all the corruption which is spilling out of the Vatican since February 2013, and to investigate the dubious renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI.

As reported here extensively (see Index to Pope Benedict’s Renunciation), I have covered also the external influences involved, such as Deutsch Bank, Gladio and the St. Gallen Mafia.

However, I recently discovered why it may be that President Trump has done nothing to investigate or respond to these appeals by thousands of prominent Catholics, among which one such appeal was published by The Remnant.

FromRome.Info can now reveal why this may be.

In an article at Mother Jones, entitled, “Trump has a half a billion in loans coming due etc..” by Russ Choma, published in the July/August 2020 edition of their newsletter, it is reported that Trump has an outstanding loan for $170 Million, due in 2024 from Deutsch Bank:

In 2014, Trump took out a separate floating loan from Deutsche’s private bank to bankroll the development of his luxury hotel in Washington, DC. The balance of this $170 million debt is payable in 2024. That year, Trump will also owe Deutsche between $25 million and $50 million in connection with his Chicago hotel and complex.

And further down the article:

Even before Trump was elected, Deutsche executives soured on the relationship, turning down Trump’s request for a $10 million-plus loan in early 2016, the New York Times reported. They worried, among other things, how it would look if Trump defaulted and the bank had to pursue the assets of the US president. His most recent financial disclosure no longer lists brokerage and savings accounts at Deutsche’s private bank, suggesting he’s no longer a client.

Just as Donald Trump has failed to take action against BLM and Antifa, groups which are funded by George Soros — who just happens to have $160 million dollar investment in Trump Hotel in Chicago — so perhaps the reason for Trump embracing Bergoglio as the Pope and ignoring Benedict, has everything to do with money and nothing to do with what he thinks of Catholics.

Whether Trump was offered this loan from the very Bank which was instrumental in shutting down the ATMs at the Vatican as a means of pressure to force Benedict to abdicate, or whether it was to buy his silence at the coup once he discovered it, we may never know. But we can be sure that Trump has been gagged until 2024, the year he leaves the Presidency.

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Anthony Fauci admits he convinced Trump to shut down USA

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The analysis presented here at FromRome.Info, that Bill Gates is the one behind the Corona Panic was confirmed on Monday, when Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Brix admitted during the White House Press Conference, that day, that it was they who convinced the U.S. President, Donald Trump, to shut down America.

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Petition President Trump to speak out for Pope Benedict’s care!


Petition to President Trump to advocate for the protection of all the elderly, including POPE BENEDICT XVI!


As recent events at the Vatican have shown, the elderly and frail Pope Benedict is being housed in a facility where the man responsible, Archbishop Gänswein, is attacking his collaborators and claiming he did not do or say or approve what he did approve and say and do. We are concerned that this elderly man is being manipulated for political reasons, which is elder abuse. We are also concerned because of his fidelity to Catholic teaching, that he might be further victimized in the near future by members of Bergoglio’s government. We therefore ask President Trump to raise concern about this issue by issuing one tweet:

“I am concerned for the welfare of all the elderly and that they not be abused or manipulated, including Pope Benedict XVI. I urge all to take effective steps for their care!”

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