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How the WEF plans to steal all your money & replace them with CBDC

Editor’s Note: Seeing that the WEF and its agents do not have to prove a massive cyber-attack against all financial systems, they only have to claim it — as we see was done during the Scamdemic — they can run this false flag at any moment. — But what this article does not warn you about is, that when your money is replaced with Central Bank Digital Currency, the WEF does not have to give you 1 for 1, then can give you 1 for every 10 of what you had, thus raising the prices of everything world wide 10 fold in one day. And that would achieve their, “You will be happy and own nothing” goal. So we can safely presume that this is their plan.

What the average citizen does not understand — because he has not be taught how to think — is that when you concede to your government the ability to decide what is right and wrong and what words mean, you have also conceded to them to set prices and exchange rates. And thus you have concede to them the right to rob everything you have, even your life, with impunity.

The Popes of old warned us of such governments in the 19th century. But our ancestors refused to listen and even died by the millions to defend them in wars. And now we are about to suffer the consequences unless we act decisively to insulate ourselves from their systems of control and remove their agents in the institutions which govern us.

THIS TOPIC ABOUT CBDC and the WEF plan to collapse the economy will be the topic of discussion tomorrow at Ordo Militaris Radio TV. Click here for that show page.

Have we arrived at total Deep State control of Social Media Interactions? — I think so & Here’s Why

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Have we arrived at total Deep State control of all Social Media Interactions?

I believe so.

And I can cite a case study, to demonstrate the probity of my opinion

Here goes.

This morning, I distributed this announcement on 5 Christian Business Groups, both on Gab and Linkedin. The announcement was made on behalf of Ordo Militaris Inc., the pro-Christian defense corporation, of which I am cofounder and president. First the message, and then I will discuss the social media reaction.


We are a most unique Christian Business that seeks OTHER Christian Businesses as partners

We are a Montana Corporation (for profit) which donates its profits to the defense of persecuted Christians — This enables us to have freedom of speech while having access to all the tools of business to defend Christendom. We are neither a NGO nor a Charity, nor a Church organization. We are a purely private initiative.

We promote Christian values in the defense of the innocent, in the spirit of the Christians of the First Crusade. This is our unique spirit.

We are supported by our Membership Organization
We sell collectable merchandise
We do charitable fundraisers for specific humanitarian emergencies
We sponsor a scholarship fund to train young Christian men to work in the security sector
We aim to organize training center for our volunteers to give them a special Christian formation in military and security skills

We also propose practical solutions to endemic problems in anti-Christian societies

If you are a Christian Business or Businessman who would like to collaborate contact us for more information. We suggest the following practical methods …

+ selling our collectibles in your store on commission
+ being listed on our corporate website as supporters of the defense of Christendom
+ promoting our humanitarian or scholarship appeals in your story or on your website
+ joining our Military Order as sign of your deeply held Christian values
+ Displaying our Logo in your store to show the deeply held Christian values of your business (we can custom design to your specifications)
+ investing with us

For more information see, ordo-militaris.us
or call us at +1 406 299 9260 (phone or skype)

Thank you for your consideration

Social Media Reaction

As you can see that is a pretty milk-toast message, from the point of view of anyone of sane mind involved in international or national security or geo-politics.  So you would think that GAB and LINKEDIN would both distribute that message to all the members in those groups, like they promise or at least publicly appear to promise to their users.

But did that happen?

Actually no. They distributed the message to NO ONE. Yep. To not even one other viewer in the first 3 hours.

But not really no one.

Because according to the logs of Ordo-Militaris Inc. two human individuals did click the link from that announcement and visit the corporate HQ Website cited in the message. And who they are reveals a lot about what is happening on social media.

The first was a human in the Microsoft Corporate HQ in Washington, D. C..

The second was a human in the HQ of the Philippines Military in Quezon City, Philippines.

Both did the same thing: view and download nearly the entire corporate website.

Both did not interact with anything on the site which might otherwise identify them.


This result show that major social media platforms are allowing Deep State actors to block the distribution of any given message which the Deep State flags as a potential threats to the New World Order or Great Reset.

Then, the Deep State sends out intelligence agents to assess the threat.

But in no case does anyone in the public have the opportunity to see the social media post UNTIL the Deep State approves it.

That Linkedin does this does not surprise.

But that Gab does this should shock many conservatives.

Welcome to 1984.  The world-wide censorship system necessary to stop criticism of the next False Flag or Scamdemic is now fully functioning.

I say fully functioning because since I and my organization do not even have employees or own guns or advocate violence, to waste such resources on us, shows a complete control system already in place and fully budgeted.

This proves, in my opinion, that the next Scamdemic or False Flag is nearer than we think.