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Logo for “Year of Mercy” by Jesuit Father is bizarre and scandalous

Here is one layman’s reaction…William Tapley.


If the Pope was an effective communicator and faithful disciple of Christ in communicating, you would expect something like this logo would never happen, let alone be considered.

Without a doubt the logo is sowing confusion, because being composed of mixed symbols, it is in a word confusing.

The logo by the Jesuit Father — who we believe does not have the artistic talent or appreciation for the achievements of Catholic Art, in past or modern times — departs radically from the Scriptural images used by Our Lord.

First, because to return to the image given us by Our Lord:  to seek the 1 lost sheep, leaving aside the 100, is an image of the love of Our Redeemer, not of His Mercy.  Mercy consists in His deed of dying for us, like a lamb, upon the Cross, while saying, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do!”

The ancient depiction of the aureole about Christ’s Head should contain a clearly visible Cross, normally 3 of the 4 arms. But showing 2, Mr. Tapley takes them as horns.

Others, this time a Brit, have taken scandal.  Here is what End Times News, a protestant source, is saying:



He has taken scandal, among other things, with the Vatican’s English translation of the accompanying prayer, which by failing to distinguish, as can be done in English, between relative pronouns which refer to God and those which refer to creatures, such as Our Lady, has led him to an awful misunderstanding, or at least given him occasion to be scandalized.

From Rome believes, in addition, that the choice of the logo shows a great insensitivity to the victims of clerical abuse, because it appears to show the abduction of a man by another man, exalted as an act of mercy.

Our Lord did in fact say, “Out of the fullness of one’s heart, does the mouth speak.”  It seems, therefore, that not only the artist but all those involved in choosing the Logo, need to look to their heart and ask how is it, that such a confused and twisted image is recognized by them as an apt symbol for a “Year of Mercy”?

From Rome thinks it has everything to do with the false theology upon which Pope Francis has based the entire year.

For it is a law of the spirit, that no one can exalt anything unto the level of the divine, without committing the sin of idolatry; whereupon, with such a spirit of sin, the entire spiritual life and judgement of the idolater becomes corrupt. — This spiritual principal can be distilled from reading the entirety of Scripture, especially the Old Testament prophets.

For more about the fundamental problem with the Year of mercy, see our campaign, #Y4Tc.


It’s Networking or Apostasy.


Rome, March 16, 2015:  In the war against Freemasonry and Modernism, Catholics who in the present hour come to the grace to realize that they are in the midst of battle are necessarily greatly disadvantaged in the material things necessary for the fight.

This is especially true since Freemasonry has been working since 1717 A. D. to overthrow the Church, and thus has laid a deep foundation and organized a great number of institutions and persons against the Church for a long time, and not only outside of the Church but within Her.  And not only these, but also a plethora of errors which have, by now, seeped into many a book, mind, and institution of formation.

For this reason, in the fight against the Kasper Agenda, which is actively and formally being promoted by Pope Francis with the maximum artistic effect to conceal this very thing, it is of the utmost importance that Catholics join in collaborative efforts to fight back.

Consider for a moment, that Pope Francis is using the entire structure of the Church, Her hierarchical constitution, by which She rules all the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Deacons, all the institutes of Religious life, all the parishes and chapels.

Thus, inasmuch as he promotes Kasper’s agenda of false mercy, especially now through the Synod on the Family and the Year of Mercy, every artifice and method of coercion can be brought upon millions of souls by the simple dictate of “Team Bergoglio” players and members.

For this reason unless Catholics band together in a world-wide network, we can easily be overcome, despite all our good wishes, desires, resolutions, or works, written or active.

As an anthroplogist (I hold a B. A. from the University of Florida, Gainesville), I note how silly the world has become, even in matters of the greatest importance.  For example, if there arises a case of a man who walks to work, it is sufficient that it come to be known in 1 news report, and suddenly there is a crowd-funding campaign and $200,000 is donated to the man to buy a car to go to work in.  (I imagine that he does not need a Lamborghini, but what car costs so much?).  On the other hand, let there be 100 reports on the wickedness and danger of the Kasper agenda, and other than talk about it, Catholics do nothing.

For the “Year of True Conversion” (Y4Tc) initiative, there is the need of a network of several thousand of bloggers, websites, Catholic organizations on every continent, to promote the true reception of God’s Mercy.  One blogger cannot organize that, EVERYONE must participate in making it known, on their blog, their website, their twitter page (pin it to the top), their facebook page, their pages on Tumblr or Pininterest or any other social media.  Clergy too need to preach about it and NOT be shy about its true intention.

In the fight against the Kapser Agenda, there is the association Veri Catholici, which now comprises some 400 members.

Other than these, there are no organization devoted to such specific purposes, but they need not be.  All organizations and institutions can oppose the Kasper Agenda in their own way, but they must oppose it, if they are to act as Catholics.  To be quiet now, is to tacitly succumb.  If you don’t declare your side publicly now, it will be too late to recruit an army when the battle starts.

Indeed, the fundamental problem today in the Church arises from the cowardice of too many clergy to speak out and take initiatives to oppose the errors.  Part of the problem is that all the courageous men have been weeded out of seminary and expelled long ago, and what is left is mostly the excessively prudent, the habitually timid and those so self-interested in not being persecuted or criticized, that they are more like dumb watch dogs, than those ambassadors of the Most High who realize that the best way to return to His Court, is covered with the wounds and trophies of battle.

Catholics also have to resolve to work together.  This is especially true of those organizations which have built up their own networks for a specific purpose and would normally not involve themselves in other interests.  The Catholic Faith is attacked in Her very essence and structure by the Kasper agenda.  It will not be rare to find a Cardinal or Bishop or Priest, for example, who will speak well against some aspect of the agenda, but be too scared to speak against the whole.  If such a behavior predominates, the Church will fall and disappear in most nations.

On this matter, I will speak with the utmost sincerity and clarity:  Where the Kasper agenda is opposed in its entirety, the Catholic Faith and Church will endure, where it is opposed only partly, it will fall.

This is because, the entire structure of the Church will be used against the opponents of the Kasper agenda; and if you only oppose it in something, all the other aspects of it will be used to drag you away with it into perdition.

Thus, Catholics need most of all to recruit Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religious and writers and leaders to openly oppose the entire agenda and to do so with courage and boldness.

No 1 organization can do this, because 1 organization will be easily and quickly attacked, blacklisted and marked out for disapproval.  No, EVERYONE needs to participate in fighting back.

This is especially true of the older organizations, which will, according to the tendencies of fallen human nature, be apt to hold back participating in this fight, because they are piqued by the thought of collaborating with new comers-on-the-block, or because they prefer to grow their own organizations rather than risk disapproval or obstacles to their own smaller interests.

Thus, to oppose the Kasper agenda requires among those who fight it, a true Conversion and true Catholic charity, which works together with all fellow Catholics, for the good of the Church, unto the supreme self-sacrifice.

And let’s not be shy or ignorant about what Christ wills for us:  the conversion or expulsion of the Modernists from the Church.  The proponents of the Kasper agenda, either need to repent of it totally, or get out of the Church; and if they do not do 1 or the other, the Catholic Bishops need to excommunicate them and separate from them.

Let the Year of Mercy be a Year to Call for an end to Vatican II Madness!


Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest!


Rome, March 14, 2015:  Yesterday, Pope Francis announced a special year of “mercy” to “celebrate” and commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the close of the Second Vatican Council, which took place on Dec. 8, 1965.  Which “Year of Mercy”, will be celebrated from Dec. 8, 2015, to Nov. 20, 2016.

Here is what the Vatican Insider reported yesterday:

Francis announced the Holy Year saying: “Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have often reflected upon how the Church can make its mission as a witness of mercy more apparent. It is a journey that begins with spiritual conversion. For this reason I have decided to proclaim an Extraordinary Jubilee which focuses on God’s mercy. It will be a Holy Year of Mercy. We wish to experience this inspired by the Word of the Lord: “Be merciful, just as your father is merciful” (cfr. Luke 6:36). This Holy Year will begin on the next Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and will conclude on 20 November 2016, Sunday of Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the universe and the living face of the Father’s mercy.”

“I entrust the organisation of this Jubilee to the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation, so that it may bring it to life as a new leg of the Church’s journey on its mission to bring the Gospel of mercy to every person.  I am certain that this Jubilee will give the whole Church the joy of rediscovering the mercy of God and making it grow. All of us are called to be merciful and offer consolation to every man and woman of our time. We entrust it henceforth to the Mother of Mercy, that she may cast her gaze upon us and watch over our journey.”

Let’s be honest, Pope Francis has no idea what God’s Mercy is about

It is a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to laud, with a sacred act, that which attacked in every way the blessings which the Church had received by Her own fidelity to the Holy Spirit’s gift of piety to Her through the course of 1933 years…

It is a sacrilege of the very notion for which the Jubilee years were established, to turn a year which should be marked by the quest of the forgiveness of one’s own sins through penance and prayer and alms-giving, into a political event equivalent to patting one’s self on the back for having destroyed everything holy in the Church.

Mercy, as any Christian knows, has nothing to do with ignoring or excusing sin, as Pope Francis has made absolutely clear he’s about.  Its about confessing one’s sin, in the humble recognition that God, not man nor the Pope, defines what is right and wrong, and man must accept or be thrust down into the everlasting fires of Hell!

True Mercy consists in this, that God deigns to forgive man his sins when and only when man agrees to recognize them as such, repent of them completely and perfectly, and amend his life by conforming it to the rules and laws and obligations which God has set, as He has revealed them in Scripture and Tradition.

Let’s be more honest, the “Fruits” of Vatican II are all rotten and putrefying

For those who have not lobotomized themselves with loyalty to a political ideology, which requires only the consistent parroting of the same ideology: one has only to look at the statistics which measure Catholic life, to know that Vatican II’s effect has been entirely rotten.

There is no need to prove the point, other bloggers have collected impressive amounts of evidence, as can be seen in this post, by Joao, “Catholic Church statistics (Vatican II is a disaster!)”, published on January 14, 2014.

One could also measure the theological meltdown by a simple comparison between the contents of homilies, newspapers, magazines and other publications, which are run by the hierarchy today, and those run by the same hierarchy yesterday.

Simply do a google search, or go to a “Catholic” bookstore.

I won’t mention the 10,000’s of boys who have been sexually abused by 1,000’s of homosexual predators among the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Religious who support Vatican II’s reforms — though we shouldn’t pretend that this moral disaster is only confined to that group.

Thus, there is no reason to celebrate the anniversary of Vatican II.  Rather, on the contrary, we should lament it!

A Year for True Conversion (Y4Tc)

On which account, I believe it would redound to the honor and glory of the Divine Majesty of the Most Holy Trinity, that Catholics everywhere, recognizing that it is a special grace of the Holy Spirit to have been preserved in mind and soul from the massive delusion which has swept the Church since Pope John XXIII called the Second Vatican Council, and considering it the gravest act of truth and love to call one’s fellow brothers and one’s fathers to repentance, before the wrath of God falls upon them, or the Faith of the Church be entirely extinguished in them…

To call for a YEAR FOR TRUE CONVERSION (with the official Acronym:  Y4Tc).

To participate meritoriously in this authentic year of grace, a Catholic will pledge himself in thought, word and deed to calling for the repentance of all those addicted to the Second Vatican Council as the new Gospel of the Church.

By reminding them,

  1. that it is God, not men, Who is the Author of Creation and of Man, and of all natural institutions which are consequent to these.
  2. that is is God, not men, Who is the Author of the Catholic Faith and Founder of the Catholic Religion, such that no man, not even the pope or bishops united with him, has any power to alter or change that which God has established;
  3. that is is God, not men, Who is the Author of all authentic spiritual renewal of each and every individual and of the entire Church, and that no man, not even the pope with all the bishops united with him, can set up another path for spiritual renewal, than that which He has always worked.

Hence, during the “Year of Mercy” decreed by Pope Francis, from December 8, 2015 to November 20, 2015, Catholics adhering to the YEAR OF TRUE CONVERSION will pray and work for the conversion of all who are addicted to the Second Vatican Council by reminding them that the Deposit of Faith is Scripture AND Tradition, as interpreted and taught by the Perennial UNCHANGING Magisterium of the Church, and that it is

  1. a MORTAL SIN of IDOLATRY to regard any other authority as the basis of the Catholic Faith.
  2. a MORTAL SIN OF SACRILEGE to despise or contemn any ecclesiastical tradition, whether written or not, which the Church has received from Christ, from the Apostles or Prophets, from the Fathers or Doctors of the Church, from the Saints, or from the pre-Vatican II Magisterium or Popes.
  3. a MORTAL SIN OF IMPIETY to propose new and novel forms or meanings for any Catholic liturgy, ritual, word, practice, devotion, for the purpose of mixing the spirit of the world, of the flesh, or of the devil, into Catholic life and belief.

The purpose of this Year of True Conversion will be to obtain the explicit and verbal recognition of these truths and the abandonment of that sacrilegious impiety known as the Aggiornamento, which has sought to adapt faith to life, in such wise, as to make of life the rule of faith.

I leave it to the artistic creativity of Catholics everywhere to create whatever signs or logos to show their adhesion to this year of grace.

Thus, let this year, be a year of intense spiritual warfare against the impiety of Modernism and of the Modernists. In this way, we can work the greatest and most necessary act of fraternal charity possible, for the greatest number of souls, today, and unto the end of time! — And such is, a true work of Mercy, a true work in collaboration with the Holy Spirit!

I encourage and ask one and all to place and consecrate this Year of True Conversion to the Holy Spirit, under the patronage of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, that He and She might work through all for the true reconciliation of God and men and the only authentic renewal possible for the Catholic Church.