The clergy’s reaction to the COVID-19 stunt demonstrates their apostasy from Christ

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There are a lot of holy Bishops and priests right now who are doing all they can to bring the Sacraments and God’s graces to the faithful during the world-wide Corona panic. And, sadly, most of the clergy do not realize the panic is a political stunt willed to promote the agenda of globalists.

However, the clergy who think the viral threat is real, are, apart from these courageous and heroic priests, showing themselves to be utter apostates from the Catholic religion, in this, that they are not reacting in any supernatural manner to the perceived threat.

This has palpably revealed to the entire world and to the Catholic Faithful, if they have eyes to see it, that Vatican II and all its reforms was just another stunt. All the propaganda to push the so-called reforms was promoted by a clergy who cannot even get the courage to open the windows of their rectories to give a blessing or absolution during the Corona lock-down!

It is just stunning, how, here at Rome for example, you can go into a Church and see a priest saying his breviary, and he has much less concern about your being there to receive a Sacrament during, what many think is the imminent death of everyone by a virus, as he would have for a mouse which entered the church. At least he would chase the mouse!  But no! the only sin left is violating social-distancing! The Book of the Gospels has been dumped into the trash-can of political correctness!

I personally cannot imagine how they can dare pray to God!

I hope you can see what this means for the Church. And I hope you can see that it is your duty to preach repentance to the clergy and remind them that they will surely be damned for this treachery against their priestly duties to save souls., if they do not.

I could understand their personal fear if they have AIDS. But if that is their excuse before God, then they should admit it before men and resign, because if they have AIDS they should not be administering the sacraments, because they are highly infectious with a virus which is dozens of times more fatal than the COVID-19, which it appears they are afraid of contracting from you!

God willing this panic comes to an end. But you should NOT forgive your local priest who betrayed you, UNTIL he publicly asks for forgiveness. Because no where in the Gospel did God ask us or require us to forgive someone without a sign of repentance. And since those members of the clergy who will not repent, will be damned, asking them to repent is the greatest charity you can show them in the post corona-hyped world.

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10 thoughts on “The clergy’s reaction to the COVID-19 stunt demonstrates their apostasy from Christ”

  1. From the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta:

    “…my daughter (Luisa), when I allow that churches remain deserted, ministers dispersed, Masses reduced, it means that the Sacrifices are offenses for Me, that the prayers are insults, the adorations irreverences, the confessions amusements, and without Fruit. Therefore, no longer finding My Glory, but offenses, nor any Good for them – making no use of them, I take them away. But this tearing ministers away from the Sanctuary means also that things have reached the ugliest point, and that the variety of scourges will multiply. How hard man is – how hard!” (Volume 12 February 12, 1918)

  2. Not all is lost. Our Cathedral parish in Venice, Florida offers Saturday confession and Sunday Communion. This is a very good thing. Hopefully, many will avail themselves of this opportunity.

  3. It’s more the government that has scuppered our attendance at Daily Mass & HC than the Church itself. They have taken all public transport off the road & only allow you to get groceries or necessary medicines. As my car is defunct & our local church is shut all week (except to Protestants) I can only walk a longer back-way in an attempt not to be seen by police in order to get to it. Last week I was the only one in attendance until about half-way through when a man joined us. I am pleased to say the young priest didn’t deter from celebrating the Holy Sacrifice even when I was the lone attendant. Maybe to-morrow we shall have more company, but it is not easy for people to avoid being stopped & highly fined as the police & army have emergency powers to do so.

  4. “….”no where in the Gospel did God ask us or require us to forgive someone without a sign of repentance.”

    Br. Bugnolo, will you please elaborate on this? I thought that you must forgive your enemies no matter what.

  5. I guess the key is that ‘forgive’ doesn’t mean ‘forget’? When someone does harm we should admonish them in such a way that they’re most likely to benefit?

    1. Forgive means forget, when the one to be forgiven has asked forgiveness and received it from the one who should forgive. Until he asks, it means neither forgive nor forget but only a willingness to do so when he asks.

      1. Ok, here’s an example of what I meant. Someone steals from me, but later apologizes and returns the stolen goods. I should forgive him but I don’t think I’m obliged to trust him with valuables.

      2. Yes, but Christian charity is obliged to set down some path back to trust, looking for signs of increasing honesty, though in certain cases, such as substance abuse, the underlying vice might make that difficult or impossible until it is removed.

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