Russian Federation Forces intentionally shell evacuation vehicle, killing French Journalist

Russian Federation Forces conducting Mass-Exterminations in Mariupol

Editor’s Note: If you sucked up the Russian propaganda that Mariupol was being defended by Nazis, then you must answer to the throne of God for each and every one of these citizens murdered, who would have had the help of military intervention, if you had decided not to share and double down on Russian fake narratives.

Putin signs decree allowing permanent abduction of Ukrainian Children

Russian Federation Statistics show 36% of Army is deserting on the field of battle

The Murder of 2 Million Ukrainians is declared State Necessity on Russian TV

Video record of Russian Mass grave at Mariupol for civilians

What really goes on inside Russian “Filtration camps”

Editor’s Note: Whether you support Ukraine or Russia, if Ukraine loses its war with Russia, get ready to be processed through a Russian Filtration camp. Yes, I mean all of my readers in Europe…

Cionci disappointed at Barnhardt for refusal to engage the dataset

Russian Federation law allows soldiers to quit after 90 days…

The Strategy and Tactics of Russian Propaganda

Ukraine’s Armed Forces to hold telethon today

Independent review of Russia’s violation of International Laws against Genocide