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Letter to the Editor: The United Attack on the Vicar of Christ

Dear Editor,

Firstly, very well done for your noble work on behalf of Holy Mother Church.  These truly are extraordinary times for we who are wedded to Truth Himself.

You mentioned in a recent post that the globalists are now smearing Pope Francis, having recognised that he is no longer one of their own.  An example landed in my inbox today, from a Catholic friend who appears to have taken at face value a truly scurrilous piece of deceptive reporting from NewsPunch and its subsidiary fronted by Baxter Dmitry.  I haven’t been able to discover whether the video and “news” article are a repost, however the article linked below is dated 20 February and is a lying hatchet job  from beginning to end, conflating various words and deeds of Jorge Mario Bergoglio from his days as antipope:

The lead “theme” is taken from a Guardian article of February 2019 and is, with much sensationalist blather, woven seamlessly into other misdeeds of the antipope from 2019 including the Pachamama escapade.  Baxter Dmitry’s delivery is highly camp, inflammatory and seeking to pit “conservative Christians” against Catholics who might choose to support Pope Francis.  One huge bait and switch, a shell game based on the globalists clear admission that they now have to take down Francis and use him in his now converted self as a wedge issue with the largely ignorant Catholic audience, whether tradservative or Novus Ordo:

It’s informative to note the Wikipedia entry for Newspunch which says that its founders were Sean Adl-Tabatabai and his husband Sinclair Treadway.  To be frank it never ceases to amaze me how easily people, including Catholics, are taken in by the likes of Baxter Dmitry.  He has absolutely zero sincerity and is so transparently agenda driven as to be laughable, not to mention his extremely gay body language and delivery.

I hope this proves useful to you.  It is amazingly moving to ponder the awesome power of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ manifest in his conversion of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis from 30 January 2023.  I never thought I would live to say it, but I positively relish praying for the man and am profoundly grateful that Our Lord and His Blessed Mother have seen fit to open my eyes to the realities of what is happening.

God bless!

With kind regards,

Mark Millward

TO THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM: Take action now against Digital IDs

Dear Editor,

Please tell your UK readers that they only have until ! March to protest and avoid the UK’s nefarious attempt to impose digitals ID’s which rob everyone of their privacy and will enable government to control your financial life when they introduce digital currency:
The consultation is open until 1 March 2023.  Don’t buy into their rigged survey, but instead email the Government’s Data Sharing Legislation Team at with the subject  “NO to digital IDs! .”
Here is the message I sent, which can be a pattern for others:
I say NO to any digital ID’s !  We already have adequate photo IDs, and I am justifiably suspicious of government use of current and future facial identity technology.
No sharing of my personal data (including my income, political & activity, medical history, travel history, etc) to all and sundry at Government “discretion” !
When Digital currency is imposed,  I know that with Digital ID the government will be able to monitor & control my banking activity.
So, NO THANKS, I’ll hold on to what’s left of my privacy for as long as possible.”
Sign your name, address, and telephone number so that they can’t ignore your message as “anonymous.”
Spread this message to all your UK friends, (Including in Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland) as the Government is not publicising this— they hope to sneak this past us without the majority of citizens noticing.  
The article from which I gained this information, which contains a useful video explanation of how confusing the Government survey is, can be found here:
An article about this issue, with an illuminating video, can be found here:
Your faithful reader,
Mrs Raven Wenner, 
aka “Petrichor”  & “Adrian Johnson”

Br. Bugnolo answers weighty Questions from a Catholic in Slovenia

by Br Alexis Bugnolo

I was recently asked a series of grave questions by a fellow Catholic from Slovenia. And I think they merit a response

Now, dear Br. Alexis, I respect your advice, therefore I have some questions for you as to the character and gravity of crimes against God and His Church that this deathvaxx pass represents in relation to Catholic worship, as this sanitary apartheid requirements are also in force for attending Holy Mass: how grave a crime is it for secular authorities to impose such a requirement on the Catholic Church; for our bishops to comply with this wicked decree; for parish priests and laypeople to check if their fellow churchgoers meet the aforementioned “PCT” requirement?

Br. Bugnolo: It is a grave crime against the liberty of the Church to impose any sanitary regulations upon her works or apostolates which are based on an appeal to a mythical belief system which is contrary to the Catholic Faith. Such an imposture is tantamount to the suppression of the Catholic Faith.  For Bishops to comply constitutes the sin of apostasy, because they are gravely obliged to act out of the faith at all times and never to respect the false religious motivations of others. Hence Catholics should not respect any “sanitary control” inside the Church, neither masks, nor gels, nor distancing, nor limits in numbers, times of service, or purposes for entering or attending ceremonies in the Church or outside of the Church.

What can and ought we as Catholics do if we are refused entry into church in order to attend Holy Mass and/or receive the Sacraments on the grounds of this “lex iniusta”? I mean, in obedience to God’s Law, the Ten Commandments, the Precepts of the Church and the supreme law of love of God and love of neighbor and love of one’s enemies? In other words: What is the appropriate proportionality of self-defense if a certain person physically denies the right to the faithful to maintain or regain their life of the soul? What are the faithful allowed to do to defend against such a person?

Br. Bugnolo: If civil authorities prevent Catholics from entering their Churches they can use grave and lethal deterrence, by coming armed to mass and showing their real intent to use these arms to guarantee their right to worship in peace. I say “deterrence”, because so long as Catholics are allowed liberty to worship we should not resort to violence, and we can only resort to violence to obtain and security this right when and where denied. If a government has decreed such a law against the Church, Catholics, if they believe they can be successful, may licitly rise up against their government and overthrow it — this is the teaching of the Saints.

What am I as a layperson allowed to do inside a consecrated church building in terms of defending the Most Holy Eucharist in the Tabernacle and/or on the altar from profanation by an intruder in case he/she tries to interrupt the Liturgy and steal/profane the Blessed Sacrament? Is physical force allowed against such a person?

Br. Bugnolo: Physical force is allowed to prevent the theft of sacred things from the Church or acts gravely contrary to religion in the Church. Thus you can physically throw such persons out, strike at them with hands or fists to prevent their touching or stealing things which are sacred, menace them with gestures and voice to cease and desist and leave. Physical efforts can be made to prevent access, and Catholics in such lands of persecution should lock the doors after the services begin and only unlock them when they ended, as the ancient Church did.

What am I as a layperson allowed (and obliged) to do in terms of defending a priest/cleric/fellow laypeople against intruders inside a church, e.g., a health inspector, police officer or some other government official harrassing people by demanding they produce the deathvaxx pass or be fined and removed from church? Should we resist – even physically – or should we accept the abuse and persecution in silence?

Br. Bugnolo: Catholics in the present situation should never allow such officers to enter their Churches or church property, but should put themselves in the way at the entrances thereto to prevent access. They can lawfully arm themselves and show intent to use such arms if entrance is forced. The consent of the clergy to allow entrance or not, bears nothing upon this decision, since it is an act of perfidy to allow such officers to enter upon false motivations. If your clergy are cowards, ignore what they say during such conflicts, because we must serve and obey Jesus Christ in His House, not cowards or traitors.

Is self-defense by using lethal force against an aggressor who threatens to use lethal force inside a consecrated church allowed? Namely, it is a holy place and bloodshed desecrates it, right?

Br. Bugnolo: Bloodshed in a consecrated building should be avoided since it desecrates the place. However, if nothing but actions which risk bloodshed will achieve protection of the sacred place and the right to worship there, such action may be resorted to as a last resort. But Catholics should, as I said, prevent entry to such persons. If those intent upon desecration enter a Church, Catholics can shoot to kill or maim to prevent such a sacrilege against the Divine Person of Jesus Christ in the Sacrament or His Altars or sacred Persons such as clergy.

This issue is more relevant to people who are allowed by their states to possess arms and know how to use them; we in Slovenia are predominantly a defenseless, unarmed & untrained bunch left at the mercy of abusive government and its armed officials if they go astray: If a person implementing an unjust law bears arms, e.g., a police officer, a soldier, a private security guard, etc., does the proportionality of self-defense allow for the assumption that they are by default an aggressor with deadly intent as they can use the weapons they carry at any moment and are to be defended against by lethal force as soon as they implement an unjust law? Even if they do not (yet) point a weapon or threaten to use it?

Br. Bugnolo: No just government of men has authority to disarm the population. And every honest man has the right to bear arms not only for his self defense but for the defense of innocents. When a nation outlaws that purpose in bearing arms, such a law does not need to be observed and all Catholics should support those persecuted on account of not observing it, for a government which does not exist to empower the honest against the wicked, but contradicts this, is not a government but a criminal conspiracy against the people and need be shown no obedience. A Christian should be peaceful, however, that is keep the 10 commandments and moral law, which may or may not coincide with civil law.

And, finally, how are we to understand the following passage from the Holy Bible as regards self-defense by physical force, including arms? Mt 26:52: “[52] Then Jesus saith to him: Put up again thy sword into its place: for all that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”

Many thanks for your consideration of this post and for your patience in reading and answering it.

Br. Bugnolo: Our Lord commanded the Apostles to arm themselves as a deterrence, but forbade they use violence to defend Himself, because He was on a Mission from the Father to suffer for our Salvation and win our Redemption. However, by no means did He intend that that statement be extended to all conflicts, only that those who use arms use them to defend the innocent and not for private gain.  Peter wanted Our Lord not to suffer, so he was using them for private gain and not to defend Our Lord as Redeemer.

Papal teaching on Self Defense and Catholics rights and duties

For more about these topics, I would suggest reading the Papal Bulls on the Crusades, which contain all the principles about how Catholic should and when they ought to bear arms for the defense of the Faith, the Church and the right to worship:

Pope Eugene IV: Quantum praedecessores, Dec. 1, 1145 A. D., calling the Second Crusade:

“… We exhort therefore all of you in God, we ask and command, and, for the remission of sins enjoin: that those who are of God, and, above all, the greater men and the nobles do manfully gird themselves; and that you strive so to oppose the multitude of the infidels, who rejoice at the time in a victory gained over us, and so to defend the oriental church -freed from their tyranny by so great an outpouring of the blood of your fathers, as we have said, – and to snatch many thousands of your captive brothers from their hands,- that the dignity of the Christian name may be increased in your time, and that your valour which is praised throughout the whole world, may remain intact and unshaken. May that good Matthias be an example to you, who, to preserve the laws of his fathers, did not in the least doubt to expose himself with his sons and relations to death, and to leave whatever he possessed in the world; and who at length, by the help of the divine aid, after many labours however, did, as well as his progeny, manfully triumph over his enemies. …”

Pope Gregory VIII, Audita Tremendi, October 29, 1187 A. D., calling the Third Crusade:

“..For we hear from every direction of scandals and conflicts between kings and princes, among cities, so that we lament with the prophet and are able to say: ‘‘There is no truth, no knowledge of God in the land: lying, murder and adultery abound, and blood pursues blood’’ [Hos 4:1– 2]. For this reason, everyone must understand and act accordingly, so that by atoning for our sins, we may be converted to the Lord by penance and works of piety and we may first alter in our lives the evil that we do. Then we can deal with the savagery and malice of our enemies. And, what they do not fear to try against God, we will not hesitate to do for God. Therefore, sons, consider how you came into this world and how all pass on, and thus you will pass on. Use the time for penitence and doing well insofar as it regards you, with thanks. Give yourselves, give after yourselves, because you, who cannot make even a gnat upon the land, have nothing of your own. We do not say, dismiss, but send us forth in the heavenly harvest which you have and deposit with him ‘‘upon whom the rust does not destroy, nor the worms, nor the thieves dig up and steal’’ [Mt 6:20]. Work for the recovery of that land in which for our salvation Truth has arisen from the land and did not disdain to carry the forked wood of the cross for us. Pay attention not to earthly profit and glory, but to the will of God who himself taught us to lay down our souls for our brothers. Give your riches to him, which whether willingly or unwillingly, you do not know to which greedy heirs they will be left. It is certainly not new, nor unusual, that that land is persecuted by a divine judgment that, after being beaten and corrected, it may obtain mercy. Of course, the Lord could preserve it by his will alone, but it is not for us to know why he would do this. Perhaps he wished to experience and bring to the notice of others if someone is understanding and seeking God, who having offered himself embraces the time of penance joyfully. He sacrifices himself for his brothers; though he may die young, still he accomplishes much. Heed how the Maccabees, afire with the divine zeal of the law experienced extreme dangers for the freedom of their brothers. They taught that not only riches but their persons should be sacrificed for their brothers, exhorting and saying to each other: ‘‘Gird yourselves and be powerful sons because it is better for us to die in battle than to witness the desecration of our nation and our saints’’ [1 Mc 3:58– 59] Indeed, they were subject to one law; you by the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ have been led to the light of truth and instructed by the many examples of the saints. You should act without trepidation and do not fear to give away earthly possessions, which will last for such a short time, for those goods we are promised that ‘‘neither eye has seen nor ear has heard nor have they entered into the heart of man’’ [1 Cor 2:9], as the Apostle says: ‘‘That the sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared to the future glory which will be revealed in us’’ [Rom 8:18]. We promise full remission of their sins and eternal life to those who take up the labor of this journey with a contrite heart and a humble spirit and depart in penitence of their sins and with true faith. Whether they survive or die, they should know that they, after they have made a true confession, will have the relaxation of the penance imposed, by the mercy of almighty God, by the authority of the apostles Peter and Paul, and ours


Pope Innocent III, Quia Maior, April 1213 A. D., calling the Fifth Crusade:

“Because at this time there is a more compelling urgency than there has ever been before to help the Holy Land in her great need and because we hope that the aid sent to her and will be greater than that which has ever reached her before, listen when, again taking up the old cry, we cry to you. We cry on behalf of him who when dying cried with a loud voice on the cross, becoming obedient to God the father unto the death of the cross, crying out so that he might snatch us from the crucifixion of eternal death. He also cries out with his own voice and says, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me,” as if to say, to put it more plainly, “If anyone wishes to follow me to the crown, let him also follow me to the battle, which is now proposed as a test for all men.” For it was entirely in the power of almighty God, if he had so wished, to prevent that land from being handed over into hostile hands. And if he wishes he can easily free it from the hands of the enemy, since nothing can resist his will. But when already wickedness had gone beyond all bounds and love in the hearts of many men had grown cold, he put this contest before his faithful followers to awaken them from the sleep of death to the pursuit of life, in which he might try their faith “as gold in the furnace.” He has granted them an opportunity to win salvation, nay more, a means of salvation, so that those who fight faithfully for him will be crowned in happiness by him, but those who refuse to pay him the servant’s service that they owe him in a crisis of such great urgency will justly deserve to suffer a sentence of damnation of the Last Day of severe Judgment.” …

“For how can a man be said to love his neighbor as himself, in obedience to God’s command, when, knowing that his brothers, who are Christians in faith and in name, are held in the hands of the perfidious Saracens in dire imprisonment and are weighed down by the yoke of most heavy slavery, he does not do something effective to liberate them, thereby transgressing the command of that naturl law which the Lord gave in the gospel, “Whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you also to them?” Or perhaps you do not know that many thousands of Christians are being held in slavery and imprisonment in their hands, tortured by countless torments?” …

COVID-19 has unmasked the Italian government as Anti-Italian & Anti-Catholic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is often said by Catholic intellectuals in Italy that the real truth about what happened in the 19th Century, was not il Risorgimento (the Re-rise) of Italy but the Detenzione (Imprisonment) of Italy: the imposition by foreign interests (France and the Great Britain) of a form of government which guarantees from hence forth the Italian cuture and the Catholic religion will both be attacked and destroyed and obstructed as much as possible, to make of Italy a new test ground for Freemasonry.

And COVID-19 has shown that that analysis is 100% accurate.

In a single day, all the civil and human rights guaranteed by the Italian Constitution were cancelled:  the freedom of assembly, the freedom of expression, the freedom of religion, the right to work, etc.. I could go on.

The health decrees of the government went to far as to explicitly name the Catholic Mass  and all other Sacraments as forbidden.  It was outrageous.

The only thing more outrageous is that Bergoglio ordered the Bishops to comply without so much as a peep of protest.

Now everyone is literally under house arrest!  Everyone except the illegal alien, who can roam around as he pleases or enter the country at will.

And not just the illegal alien. Any foreigner I think.

I get the sense of this when I interact with the police during the quarentine. As soon as they hear my American accent they are more deferential with me. And that is plain wrong. Italy belongs to Italians!

Italy needs a new government. Not only in the Italian sense of the word, “government”, which in a parliamentary system refers to the ruling party or coalition controlling parliament — but in the Latin sense, of a new form of government. The modern liberal democracy has show that it is neither modern, nor liberal, nor democratic. It is totalitarian, autocratic and tyrannical.

And what is worse is that all the apparatus of the State does not even bat an eye-lash. When I encounter State Police or the Carabinieri, I ask them, if their consciences can support what they are doing to the people. And they respond, “We are not allowed to talk about that”!

Oh Joseph Stalin! You are probably turning over in your pit of despair and damnation with envy at Giuseppe Conte!

+ + +

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Letter to the Editor from a Benedict XVI denier about COVID-19

Dear Editor,

“The deceased are 5,476, but this number will be able to be confirmed only after the Instituto Superiore for Health has established the effective cause of death.”

Your interpretation of this could only be described as bizarre were it not for the fact that your almost hysterical determination to deny the existence of a crisis so as to calumnify Pope Francis (of whom I am no fan) had not long since become so obvious.

Such are the numbers of people dying in a category that is labelled during the winter months as “excess deaths” that pathologists can’t possibly cope. Therefore, if you have, or are reasonably believed to have, COVID-19 and you die, your death is attributed to COVID-19 IF there is no obvious grounds to suspect something other than that as the proximate cause (for example, if you were found with a knife through your heart or with your ventilator unaccountably switched off).

Later, epidemiologists and other specialists, including statisticians, will try to make sense of the numbers: How many died of chronic ischaemic heart disease exacerbated by COVID-19? How many died of Chronic Obstructive Airways disease exacerbated by COVID-19? How many died of cancer, their immune systems so compromised by radio or chemotherapy that they were left defenceless in face of a further insult to their system from COVID-19?

If you choose to present this as the Civil Protection Agency admitting that “they do not know for certain if anyone has died of the Wuhan Virus”, then two things are absolutely clear: (1) despite your presenting yourself as a devout Catholic, you are a liar, and (2) despite your presenting yourself as a devout Catholic, you are a racialist.



+ + +

Editor of FromRome.Info: The above letter was received from Scotland from an individual commenting on the article about the recent Bulletin of the Italian Civil Protection Agency of March 22, 2020. I have chosen to publish the comment as a Letter to the editor, because I think it expresses what a lot of people are thinking, who buy into the hype, and shows how much control they have given over to the prevailing propaganda. I spoke about this in my recent article on how the Wuhan Virus has exposed Catholic Media Personalities as propagandists for the revolution.

Letter to the Editor: Closing the Churches is killing priests!

Dear Editor,

I am on the phone with a very prayerful lay woman and she is truly a dear friend in Christ, like a grandmother to me. She has asked me to write you and anyone else I know (on her behalf) about the following, since she is still unfamiliar with email, typing and so forth. It is concerning a few points that nobody has really brought up in discussion anywhere in the so-called “Catholic” channels and websites that she frequents.

She says: “The priesthood is in trouble”. Her own pastor, this priest, is very, very troubled. He has shown a very deep sadness during his live streamed masses (which he has allowed lay people to attend despite the Diocese suspended all public masses). She says he is not the same priest that she knew prior to today’s morning mass. He looked very burdened with a tremendous heaviness to him that she had never seen before, all because the situation has deeply affected him especially by the fact that he cannot give holy communion to the faithful, even though they are present at the mass.

She says that the fact that the people or congregation have been taken away from priests, is “killing the priesthood” but the good priests, like her pastor, are not talking to anyone about this personal crisis. She says “We” the laity are letting it happen. And we need to do something about it.

And in her eyes, keeping people away from the priests is also a way of getting rid of the “good priests”, so, again, something really needs to be done.

She says “we” the laity have yielded to the State when we must demand our right to receive communion, so this cannot be! The laity need to be rallied somehow or we’re gonna lose “eternally” on this one -if we don’t take a stand.

She says we are not risking our lives for Jesus, and this is not the Catholic Faith by any means. This is our opportunity to fight, to stand up for Him, or we will lose Him forever. “We will lose these eternal goods forever”

Her suggested solution:

We the laity need to go and start knocking on rectories, Diocesan Pastoral Centers or wherever Bishops are staying these days, and need to start kindly demanding communion from them saying “Father” or “Dear Bishop, I want communion. This is my God given right”.


A voice that cries out in the desert

Letter to the Editor: Bergoglio is a Freemason!

Dear Editor,

As you know, there is more than sufficient evidence that demonstrates Bergoglio is a Freemason and that even his papal name (Francis I) is of masonic importance and origin, having absolutely nothing to do with the Seraphic Father, Saint Francis. We know that he is working with leaders from all of the main false world religions to unite them into an “interfaith” confederation of religions under one guide which is himself.
The sodomite rabbi Bergman from Buenos Aires, Argentina is a Freemason (observe the background on his shelf here) and he is not only one of Bergoglio’s close friends but was the one that called for Bergoglio to lead their one world coalition of religions in the G6 Interfaith Summit event (found in the above link) which was held this past September. Here is another video with rabbi Begman sitting next to Cardinal Bergoglio while Bergoglio gives a few words about the masonic rabbi’s book release. Here is also a video of the same mason/sodomite, rabbi being blessed by a priest right behind an altar!! It happens right in front of the sacred species!!
1) Bergoglio teaches masonic doctrine. See document of Abu Dhabi (this is the strongest of all evidence)
2) Bergoglio joined the Rotary Club in Argentina when he was young (As you can see this was known as of 1999)
4) Bergoglio gives hand shakes like a freemason
5) Italian masonry officially supports Bergoglio (among other masonic lodges worldwide). There are dozens of articles about this. Here’s one by Skojec that makes sense of all of it.
6) Bergoglio’s papal name (Francis I) appears for the first time in history with King Francis who is venerated by Italian masons as a protector of the Carbonari which Pope Leo XIII fought during his time by unmasking them, demanding that their well known “Instruction of the Alta Vendita” be published and also condemning masonry strongly during his pontificate. In the “secret” document, they planned to infiltrate the papacy.
7) Bergoglio demonstrates 666 hand sign here. (at 0:08 second)
8) Bergoglio, upon his fake papal election, greets from the loggia with the “mano marrana” gesture which is a well known hand sign of the Freemasons. See here
If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…it is a duck.
A pig with high heels, a wig, eye lashes and lip stick is still a pig..

A Worried Catholic

CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screenshot of the Google Image search results for Bergoglio, Freemasonic hand sign
+ + +

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Letters to the Editor: The Raving Bergoglian at Ars, France

This incident took place in 2018 and is public knowledge in Italy.
FromRome.Info makes it known, now to the English speaking world.

Dear Editor of FromRome.Info,

I am writing you to expose another element of the Bergoglian mafia and knowing such men of the mafia for who they are: liars, hypocrites, deceivers and sheeps in wolves clothing. They roam free in the beautiful gardens of the Church, but they are the Anti church. They often go unchecked, and one in particular, is the man (difficult to call him Father) Patrice Chocholski, a servant of Satan who has been planted as a “successor” of a saintly Parish Pastor, but far from it. He is the pastor of the parish in Ars that belonged to none other than one of satan’s greatest enemy, the great St. John Vianney.

After I read this article here published by the wonderful Bishop Rene Gracida (on his blog Abyssum) that mentions this Fr. Patrice Chocholski, I think this is the perfect time Catholics REALLY know who this man is.

He is an enemy of Pope Benedict XVI and pro Benedict Catholics.

Please watch this Youtube video of Fr. Patrice Chocholski by clicking HERE: (if you don’t understand the Italian language spoken in the video, I’ll summarize what happens below)

This demon, Patrice Chocholski (sorry I can’t call him anything else), in the video above, pretends to come out in front of the Church of Ars to welcome a group of Catholic pilgrims from Palermo, Italy, only to surprise them with the news that he was expecting them, to mock their tour guide, none other than the heroic Fr. Alessandro Minutella. Chocholski mocks them calling Fr. Minutella a “heretic,” and also calling them heretics, preventing their entrance into the Church of St. John Vianney, He begins to shout that Bergoglio is the only pope, to the point of laughing at the group and jumping, shouting and waving his hands around like a complete moron, saying “Long live the pope!”

If this does not make your blood boil, what does? What will? When will God move you to begin denouncing these ravenous wolves that appear so tender outwardly?

Lastly, why am I bringing this up? Well, besides the Knights of Columbus sponsoring this man’s tour to the U.S. with St. John Vianney’s relics. See here. I also saw EWTN Fr. Mitch Pacwa interviewing the man See here. If you haven’t realized that the enemies of the True Church and the True Pope run your institutions, you need to wake up, open your eyes, and start blowing their covers!!


Outraged Catholic



Catholics who hold that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope because he never posited a juridical act whereby he separated himself from the petrine munus are clearly neither Schismatics nor Heretics. They are not schismatic, since they remain in union with the true pope. They are not heretics, because canonical irregularities or opinions about such things does not make one a heretic. Even if they judge that the statements made by Bergoglio are formally heresy, or that he is a pertinacious heretic, such a position is not heresy, because the Church Herself has always taught that the faithful are free to denounce heresy, are free to uphold the Faith and has never censured the opinion that a pope can be a heretic as heretical.  Father Patrice therefore has gravely calumniated the reputation of these faithful pilgrims, but at least he had the sense to allow them entrance after this brief controversy.

# # #

If you have witness any Canonical Crimes or have documented evidence,
please share them with FromRome.Info as a letter to the Editor.
Every Catholic has a right to know of the criminal elements at work
in the Church, so that they be denounced and removed.

+ + +

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