Help Br. Bugnolo build or buy a Military Monastery

MANY THANKS FOR THE $50 USD donated since Jan. 16, 2024.


Introduction by Br. Bugnolo

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Watch the video on either of the above pages, for more information.

As you may know, 7 years ago I co-founded an international association for the defense of persecuted Christians. — As our recruits – vocations need a place to be formed, I have begun a fundraiser to acquire such a property. See either of the images above. — The top image is for those using cellphones who would like to donate via ApplePay, GPay, Stripe or Credit Card. —  The lower image is for those who would like to donate via PayPal, ZellPay, or Bank Wire.

As my readers know, I do not live in a monastery, at present. I was living in a Hermitage in Italy, supported by your monthly donations, but the owners decided to sell that place. As I am not as young as I used to be, I see that I will only be able to be useful to the Church if I settle down in one place and do my work from there. I thank all who have already supported the Scholarship Fund for the Youth Camp I hope to run this summer, but as of yet I do not have a place appropriate for that program.

A Military Monastery combines the facilities to train monks, like a Chapel, Refectory, Library, Class Rooms, Garages, Workshops etc., plus the facilities to train men in security work, such as a shooting range, obstacle course, places to practice digging trenches, evading military obstacles, hunting, stabling horses, physical exercise, and basic combat training, such as self-defense, hand-to-hand combat, and small squad training.

This property will be owned by a non-profit for that purpose. The funds raised will be kept in escrow by Ordo Militaris Inc., until the project begins. — I am the president of that corporation.

I thank all the past supporters of Ordo Militaris Catholicus and for their support. In particular, I thank AJ Baalman for all the publicity and volunteer work for the Order; and Father Walter Covens who is offering 3 masses each month for the supporters, members and vocations of Ordo Militaris Catholicus.

As a brother, I can tell you that we brothers are a rare and dying breed. Catholics generously support priests and nuns; but we brothers are forgotten by everyone. On top of that, canceled brothers have no organization to turn to. I have eaked out an existence since 1996, so that I might be faithful to Saint Francis as the pope of ages past exhorted us to be. I have only you my readers for support.

Please be generous to this appeal. — This is my personal appeal.

But here is the official appeal of our Order.


If you do, stop and think for a moment, how merely lamenting about it on social media is TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE. And consider changing tactics.

Our Military Order is an international association for the defense of Christians from persecution, chiefly Islamic Terrorism. We were founded in the days following the martyrdom of Fr. Jacques Hamel on July 2, 2016, who was stabbed to death in his church at France, during services by 2 Algerian Muslim radicals.

We actually propose to train men to defend Christians from terrorism. But we cannot do it without you! because we are not backed in any way by Globalists or governments or churches. We are a totally private initiative, working on the basis of a Membership Organization to crowdfund the defense of Christendom.

Think for a moment whether there is REALLY any other way of solving the problem, than what we propose, and consider to support our Order by becoming a member or purchasing our merchandise, or supporting our Humanitarian or Security projects. For more information see and put into practice real DEUS VULT!

Evaluating the Market

So you can get an idea of the magnitude of the project, or, if you are an investor, so you can get inspired, I will list here possible properties which could serve the purpose of our Order. This list is only illustrative. — The principal purpose of such a place is to train and inspire men to defend Christendom. Places like these would do that.

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