Pope Francis: Rejection of the DeathVaxx is an “almost suicidal act of denial”

Editor’s Note: With no sign of repentance on the horizon, it appears that Pope Francis has decided to go to his grave as a total ideological loon.

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11 thoughts on “Pope Francis: Rejection of the DeathVaxx is an “almost suicidal act of denial””

  1. An ideological loon is very soft wording. Because of his position many people listened to him and were decieved. Had he come out against it just imagine how many lives would have been saved. If he would come out against it even now, humanity could more easily find justice.

    1. I try to be soft sometimes when the news is such that it is obvious how strong the condemnation should be.

  2. Whilst we are still obliged to pray for our “Holy” Father, it appears increasingly likely that Satan will ‘welcome’ him to eternal hell-fire with wicked pleasure……

    GOD’s ocean of mercy is indeed unfathomable……but if the manifest sinner obstinately rejects the humble notion of repentance, with firm intention to ‘amend his life’, then GOD’s justice will be eternal damnation……

    Christus vincit;
    Christus regnat;
    Christus imperat.

  3. Did he say “the Nile”? That is a river in Africa, right? Does he want Africans to commit suicide? No! That is “raciss”! Is “almost suicidal” as “almost pregnant”? What is going on? Is the pope Catholic? Papa is Spanish for potato. Is he frying potatoes in his head?

    Moses was in the Nile also …

    Forgive my confusion. I am a 2024 Catholic.

  4. Blah blah blah.

    This video from Catherine Austin Fitts explains succinctly what was wrong with operation warp speed.

    1. Catherine Austin Fitts knows precisely about the critical infrastructure being backdoored by Israel and neither she nor the Whitney Webb types will ever say it except when wrung out of them for 2.5 seconds by someone insisting on talking about it by finishing a sentence for them.

      As bad as the shots were, the hype over the “pandemic” is a lot like the gender crap: crisis actors (whether the drag queens in libraries or the people most loudly reacting to them and publicizing the thing) being trained up on parole and being run by different specific cretins within DIA to distract the public from how totally backdoored every computer and the entire power and water grid and Internet are, and the national security implications of these realities.

      They’ve got decades worth of these hair-on-fire tactics to keep demoralizing people and doing different psychological nudge games.

      Unfortunately, in the total absence of any organized Christian front left in the USA or the in the Occitane or the former Holy Roman Empire, the only people contending with the Multi-Polar megalomaniacs are the very Skull & Bones crew that helped us slide into this mess in the first place.

      Lodge against lodge and the whole world goes mad and self castrates, ought to be the new figure of speech instead of eye for an eye, etc.

  5. The genocideblog.com website is no longer posting news about victims. I had been praying for each one. Wondering what happened? I doubt that the deaths have ceased. Not that I am hoping for it.

  6. Can someone please introduce the Pope to the Amish? A study was recently released stating their children are by far the healthiest. Why? Well, for starters, they don’t vaccinate.

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