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      1. Absolutely. What have all these people at protests done but give themselves an irrational feeling of actually doing something? Can they not see that tyrants who want you dead only respect one thing.

    1. Brother Alexis Bugnolo is talking sense. So far, taking these evil people through the judicial system has been a waste of time here in Australia!

      1. And everywhere else because even the Judicial System has been corrupted and bribed by the cabal, the same as all other public systems including Health.

    2. 👍👍👍👍🤨 yes, it’s true, but we need to shake the sheeple out of their coma., otherwise there won’t be anyone left.
      Good just anger and indignation is needed.
      Talk is cheap.

      1. You are absolutely right about it
        But sorry all these seeps will never wake up

    3. Thank you Brother Bugnolo, truly words of wisdom! Would we not need the Sheriff or Police on our side?

      1. When I mean all, I mean all. Don’t you realize that if the Sheriff or Police were on your side, they would be shutting down the DeathVaxx Centers, not fining anyone for not wearing a mass, or not observing social distancing or lockdowns? Moreover, if they were on your side they would have arrested the politicians and judges and journalists who are part of this conspiracy against humanity. Have you been so conditioned that you cannot see that?

      2. LOL, that was funny at first. I think they are largely MK Ultra sleepers? Can’t be woke up or red pilled I heard, it’s impossible, they are mind controlled puppets when triggered. There’s said to be over a million of them in any large city, tens of thousands in small ones. All higher ups and Hollywood stars get adrenochrome. Read it with the Gavin Newsom arrest on RealRawNews.com.

        Whoever is mfg and delivering adrenochrome is a real nasty bitch. That’s scientists I think and mercenary military delivers or moves it around, and they work for beings with spaceships, that don’t want their own blood collections to dwindle down.

        The whole thing about human trafficking is hardly just pedos, it’s mostly torturing children to death to get charged up fresh live blood the devils beings live on. The voice people get in the head is from them and will guide operatives around talking in their heads all day and using robo cops and gang members or drug addicts, delivering whatever/whoever along the way, drug shipments included.

        Police making arrests and confiscating drugs, is obviously mostly scams, then those probably just get sold again later.

        They have machines on military base apartments and certain operatives can turn it on if someone goes in there and they get the life nearly sucked out of them. I know someone that happened to.

        There are so many operatives, it’s hard to figure greed or treason on mind control. Spaceships hover looking to loosh energy drain also, they hit and run and wait til people are sleeping, nobody sees them because they work from a higher world. On a spirit or semiphysical level. There’s a general narrative that the planet has to go through some kind of ascension and the 4th density can’t exist in the new frequencies.

        Everyone is being called to stand up and do or die or fight or take a stand in some kind of way with them rolling out mandates in the military and with police, fire departments, etc. If it starts to separate out that way, militias can result. So far it’s not.

        #OccupyTheGetty on t.me telegram from Steven D Kelley at truthcatradio.com and he has video on those who are pedophiles, and blood drinking murder underground.

        I don’t think it’s about the jab but it’s more about the devil underground system with the spaceships set this up because people start to find out about vampires. Then it is a threat to the devil systems and when people find out they are all miserable by then anyway. So they do the harvest time or earth reset they call it. just kill everybody. What it looks like is shown on the movie Jupiter Ascending.

        Africa don’t have jabs, they fight hard, just start burning stuff down. Their own leaders knew the virus was a scam and didn’t allow the lockdown or the jab in the country.

        Africans already largely hate Pharma, use the worlds best herbs from local herbalists for any illness, nobody hardly stays sick more than a couple of hours.

        Pharma gives white people a bad name in general. They always wanted people to be made sick with the diseases they made and spread around and make a bunch of mystery pills to play people.

        The devil is in Africa also, they are forever doing things to surface dwellers from the underground, making trouble, but also, the whole shit down there is vampires with spaceships and supercomputers.

        I think this is the only answer because it’s obvious worldwide, it get’s more attention. You can’t red pill any MK Ultra you can show them no place to operate from. https://www.connexionfrance.com/French-news/Covid-France-Vandals-attack-and-set-on-fire-two-vaccine-centres

    4. Dear Bro. Bugnolo,
      You are correct with your commentary on Natural Law etc..The serious problem..most are brainwashed!
      Please Watch “Has Society LITERALLY Been BRAINWASHED? YES – and you need to know about this!” on YouTube
      Watch The Good Patriot using Commonsense.. Social media and devices has caused isolation and antisocial behavior allowing global brainwashing by complicit behavior and group Conformity..

      1. Thank you for such a sensible video Brother Bugnolo, I have been sharing this far and wide and have now seen others sharing it.

  1. in theory, you are right. in practice, 80% of deathvaxxed population is not yet understanding the REAL situation, so they would not back us up in such ordeal.
    it takes A LOT of deaths and suffering this winter to shake awake the surviving critical mass. at that time, the dire and gory prophecy of Rasputin may come to pass…

      1. He made two one concerned the Russian Royal family ,he wrote to his mother and said if was killed by a peasant all would go well for Russia ,but if he was killed by an aristocrat it would be the end of the Russian monarchy.He also said when a Saxon – Coburg Gotha takes the throne of England it will be the end of the monarchy.

    1. SIC EST HODIE (at least in Italy, sadly).
      In 1935 AD Germany no German patriot could actually arrest Hitler and his satanist gangsters

    2. I have personally read, in a vaccine Center, that you CAN NOT DIE FROM THE VIRUS!
      It is the vaccines that kill the people and the killing has just begun!
      All our politicians get placebos! That is well known in the vaccine Centers!!!
      These are the results of my investigations!
      Send those bastards to hell, which ever way you like.
      Melbourne is apparently the worldwide capitol of their movement. Start there!

      1. I think the biggest Problem in Melbourne is the power hungry Dan. In Queensland it is more strategic. At the 17th of December the Plandemic power would end and just at the 17th the new bill to discriminate the unvaccinated would start. Just now it was the first weekend where masks weren’t mandatory anymore and I am sure the only reason is they will manipulate cases to prolong their plandemic power and need an explication. I hope I am wrong. Most of the people don’t know that Greg Hunt was the strategic manager of Schwabs WEF and a supporter of his Great Reset and wants to have a WEF affiliate in Australia. This guy is more dangerous than it seems and people will sheple in the trap. In NT now they force people with $5000 fines for the unvaccinated. They know most of them don’t have this money and I think their goal is to kill the traditional owners of the land. I believe they took different strategies for every state and territory but it is one agenda.

  2. 90% of all inhabitants in my town are death vaxxed seems they are now under the zombie law and have become irrational in thinking and behaviour.
    IMO we need to see a massive die off due to the vaxine before action will be taken in our own hands

    1. Just love your words of wisdom. I truly believe that too. I’m being made to give up golf because I won’t be vaxed! Now how ridiculous is that! Out in the sun exercising. It beggars belief. 😡

    2. John, We are unvaxxed, but are not anti vaxxers. We have also noticed how aggro the vaxxed around us are. One case in particular was a letter, 14 pages, of nasty, vicious, lying, vitriolic rant that was uncalled for and out of the blue.
      We seriously worry for their mental state but do know the protein spikes invade the brain.
      This is not a true vaccine, it is a treatment to depopulate the world, because that is how Bill Gates and the Great Reset want it! Total control!
      Bill Gates is an evil, megalomaniacal, arrogant, narcissistic sociopath!Because he is the 2nd richest man in the world ,he gets away with it.

      1. You’re partly right. It is a “treatment” to de-populate and kill off millions, but the true agenda is deeper. They want control over the remaining humans (via proof of injection on the human himself by way of a “mark”) and a uniting of man’s dna with machine. This mark as foretold in the book of Revelation will make man no longer human and therefore no longer redeemable by Christ’s precious blood. IT is the unforgivable sin and will be made by choice and not forced for all who receive it. It was like this in Noah’s day and God told us it would be the same in the last days.

        Believe on JESUS and HIS great love for you NOW…before the “ark” and door of salvation is closed. You DO NOT want to be on this earth when the tribulation period of 7 yrs. begins. God told us that if Jesus didn’t return when He does…no human would be left for HIM to save. We are right there on the edge/cusp of this time period! All is ready, their plan is moving forward rapidly (like birth pangs increasing as the Lord told us).

      2. The recent theory of the rapture of the elect prior to the Parousia, leaving Earth without any humans or Christians, is an invention of teleevangelists. The true and ancient and original Christian doctrine is that Christians will be on earth right up to the last day and we shall greet the coming of the Lord in Glory.

  3. Hi Brother Alexis,
    I have listened to your latest video post and I agree with you.
    From where I live, there are very few men and women who think like you and I. I pray everyday appealing to Heaven to intervene because I and my family are sitting ducks – literally. All I have is Jesus, Mary, the saints and angels.
    I live in a city that is soo morally corrupt – take for example: to speak to the nun and laity who run my daughters’ “Catholic school” and say that it is an abomination teach Sex-Ed at school (let alone primary school) is met with awe and ridicule. Their response “We must follow the government and the UN”. Agh!! Even the men are afraid to speak up. And if you do, you have to water-it-down because you are seen as “aggressive” – this for merely stating one’s Faith in a calm manner!
    I only have Heaven that will save us. It is desperate.
    I re-terate, I agree with and am ready; yet, no one around me agrees.
    Love you & God BLess,

    1. Stay strong Catherine. You are not alone.
      We are scattered ,like minded kin, but we share the same vibrant spirit. Let’s focus on Our Saviour and ask His Holy Spirit to inspire us. Cowardly humanity is buying the ‘ fear’ pill.
      We are fewer perhaps, but we are here for a purpose.
      Please Google on to the great G.E. Griffin “ conspiracy realist, not theorist” author of “The creature from Jekyll Island”. He has been trying to wake up Americans for decades. Keep strong.

    2. Hi Catherine,
      I am a NZ Mum. My daughter goes to a Catholic school but we are not Catholic but Born again Christians. I want to encourage you to let you know it is the same here and there is few that see what is really going on. Be encouraged we were born for such a time as this and I believe across all denominations the Bride of Christ are aware and awakened to what is going on. We must run to the the calling that God has given each of us in a time such as this. Jesus is coming again for those who worship him in Spirit and truth until then preach the good news, prayer without ceasing and live our lives for Jesus. As another Mum over in New Zealand know in prayer and faith I stand with you. Maybe we will sit opposite each other at the banqueting table in heaven. Until then be strong, much love.

      1. You are definitely not alone my fellow Kiwi Sister. I too am a born again spirit filled Christian and wide awake. Bless you and yours and everyone who is brave enough to speak out against this evil tyranny. God will hide us and keep us. So yes spread the gospel and Jesus love and I look forward to seeing you at the banqueting table too!!!

  4. So watch for a sharp increase in vaccine-related deaths (i.e. over 10 million) per month after this holiday season? Look for large numbers of arrests to start at the same time, once a real sheriff etc. organizes a posse or a militia to go after the local criminal conspirators? Otherwise, it’s just more “protests” etc. – i.e. doing the same things over and over again expecting different results? Thanks for the info.

  5. The only real solution to the Great Reset is for the pope (not antipope Bergoglio) to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Then, there will be peace in the world.

    1. When Jesus returns there will be peace. Anyone else is just Satan in disguise, deceiving you. And watch out for Jesus clone aka the Antichrist.

      1. PLEASE, everyone who believes, recite this prayer as often as you can daily.
        The Unity Prayer
        Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

        My adorable Jesus,
        May our feet journey together.
        May our hands gather in unity.
        May our hearts beat in unison.
        May our souls be in harmony.
        May our thoughts be as one.
        May our ears listen to the silence together.
        May our glances profoundly penetrate each other.
        May our lips pray together to gain mercy from the Eternal Father.

        Jesus said, “Through this prayer, Satan will be blind and souls will not be led into sin. ( p.25 of abridged diary) The Lord explained, “Satan being blind signifies a worldwide triumph of my Sacred Heart, the freedom of souls and a full opening of the road of salvation.”

    2. Are you aware that the current pope is a satanist AntiLife/ AntiChrist Baal worshipper? The pope… IS a part of the Great Reset.

      1. I’m Sorry I misread your reply. Yes… you seem to know that he is a Satanists. And at the same time NO pope will save us. Only the Christ Within… Any man is a failure unless he flows the Holy Spirit of the Divine and allows it to move though him/her freely.

      2. We actually Our Lady promised at Fatima that when the Pope consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart, Russia will be converted, and said that that was the only means of peace in the present age, which sort of means that Russia converted will bring down the Great Reset and overthrow the globalists.

    3. Gina,

      The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was done in 1952 by Pope Pius XII…visit vaticancatholic.com or you can visit my blogsite [catholic2007.blogspot.co.nz ] for further details, and what needs to be done to free our countries from Communism…and there will be peace in the world when enough people start praying the Rosary….

      1. In 1952, Pius X consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart, and the Bishops did not participate.


    ALL our hope and promise rests in GOD’S PLAN, and so we must continue to pray our daily ROSARY as our MOTHER MARY has asked us to do, wear our BROWN SCAPULAR, and do our part including to help others to understand GOD’S PLAN at this time in salvation history.


    Gina’s words state the TRUTH:

    “The only real solution to the Great Reset is for the pope (not antipope Bergoglio) to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Then, there will be peace in the world.”

    1. While what you say is true, Our Lady never promised the conversion of other nations, other than Russia. So how will they be liberated? Surely Russia will help, but but all of us cannot pretend that Our Lady promised to liberate our nations, and that therefore we can do nothing and simply stay home and pray our rosary. That is diaboliclly presumption and the error of pietism. And it is the false version of Fatima promoted by Globalists to disarm Catholics to their project, so please stop promoting it.

  7. Thank you, Brother. The evildoers behind this plot are 38 globalist billionaires. The way I see it nothing will happen until one of them is taken out as an example to the others. Then they will stop. They are war criminals like the Iranian general Sulemani, who President Trump took out with a drone strike. The current world leaders have been bought off, so such a strike is unlikely to happen now. That is the only way to end this, barring Divine Intervention.

  8. “The Lord is well pleased with His people: and He will exalt the meek unto salvation.
    The saints shall rejoice in glory, they shall be joyful in their beds. The high praises of God shall be in their mouth, and two-edged swords in their hands: to execute vengeance upon the nations, chastisements among the people, to bind their kings with fetters, and their nobles with manacles of iron, to execute upon them the judgment that is written, this glory is to all His saints. Alleluia” (Ps 149:4-9).

  9. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    I have listened to and appreciate what you are doing. I have also listened to the panels that included Dr. Zelenko which is just so amazing as he (along with other physicians/experts like him) have risked their lives in order to save lives.

    I could not figure out how to send a question or form of contact to ask a question. I did submit though, through the “contact” my question but have no idea if it went through. But this is what I would like for you to speak on, if I may ask. What are your thoughts on seers (visionaries from Garabandal, Medjugorje and so many others)? Visionaries like Gisela Cardia, Luz de Maria de Binilla and so on? What are your thoughts on the Warning followed by the Miracle ( Garabandal)? Or any prophecies regarding end times? Thank you

    1. I do not regard these as reliable, since I look for certain signs of authentic Divine activity before I give credence to any apparition or visionary.

      1. Thank you for your response Br. Bugnolo. One more question if I may, can you give an example of authentic Devine activity and what apparitions “today” are authentic ? I thank you again and May God have Mery on us all.

      2. La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima are the 3 beacons. Our Lady came to Lourdes to warn us that the Aocalypse was about to begin, that there would be two popes, a fake who was a jesuit, and that Our Lord would send the Horsemen of the Apocalypse at the darkest moment to slay all his enemies, and that before the end, a great era of Christian peace would reign in the world. == At Lourdes Our Lady promised bodily and spiritual healing. If you have been stupid or proud enough to take the vaxx, then go to Lourdes and bathe in the waters which Our Lady blessed or get some and drink them. She also showed us at Lourdes that we must pray the Rosary and that She is the one who will defeat the forces of Darkness in this first phase. — At Fatima, She came again and taught us to be like little children so that we could enter into the Kingdom of Her Son. She promised to overthrow the project of the Great Reset which sought to annihilated all the nations, asking the Holy Father in communion with all the bishops to consecrate Russia. She promised the conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith, which will destroy the Globalist System and cause the downfall of their tyrannies, and she promised this sign to show who really is the true Pope, Benedict XVI and his successors, not Bergoglio (aka Francis). — For true Divine intervention, promises made must be corroborated by miracles which only the Living God can work. We should not give credence to claimed apparitions where such true miracles have been worked, such as the restoration of limbs, the raising of the dead, the transgression of the laws of nature etc…

    2. The “visionaries” you list area no way and no sort of Prophets to pay attention; search the Christianity – the Orthodoxy for the short remaining time …

      1. Thank you so much again, Br. Bugnolo. I have done my best to be as faithful and devout to the Catholic Church to the best that I can. I have NOT taken the jab and rejected it from the moment any “vaccine” (gene therapy shot) was mentioned for the prevention of this so-called virus. I fought hard and pushed and pushed to prevent my family and those whom I love and care for not to get the jab. So far I have been successful with my children, mother, sisters, and their families who have not gotten the jab and we are all standing firmly against it but unfortunately not my father and the rest of my very large family members. We are a large family (half live in Rome, Ostia) where many are physicians and my battle with them was ugly. I pleaded and pleaded and passed on valid medical material and findings and still, they have all decided to submit to this poison. I am broken and feel somewhat that I did not do enough because this was known to me very early on. Now I pray….pray and pray. Thank you again

  10. You are right Brother. This will NEVER stop until we stop it. We need REAL ACTION, not more FB posts, videos and discussion groups. As you say, if we allow this tyranny to go on much longer we will ALL be dead, even those not injected.

    The choice is simple. Die on your knees like a coward, or stand up and take REAL action. Be brave!! This is a time for heroes. No more ¨little helpless me¨. We have the power to stop this and stop it quickly. But it takes courage! Let go of your fear and do what is right. Arrest the criminals, all of them! Do that, and all the force of the creator and the Universe will be with you!

    ¨All that evil needs to succeed is that good men do nothing¨.
    Stop making excuses. DO IT NOW!

  11. The arrest and takeover of the main forms of Media is the first step or in coordination with other steps to liberate the truth. Having reliable, truthful, qualified and respected scientists and doctors ready and waiting to publish the truth to the citizenry. With announcement of pending arrests!

  12. You do not understand: the [human] laws are DEAD, … there’s no future scenario “we AND them”, is “we OR them”.
    We are in course of the complete suffocation from the Globalist Marxist (Talmudist) constriction.
    No reasoning is worthy to solve anything.
    Most still cannot believe: this is the mass murdering in a accelerated development.
    So, any mean to eliminate THEM is legitimate and blessed: they already “judged” themselves by destroying on purpose the Creation.

  13. Who is going to make the arrests? In NYC , the mayor, etc… all part of deep state. The cops won’t arrest their own.

  14. Your Words Brother Alexis-
    “While what you say is true, Our Lady never promised the conversion of other nations, other than Russia. So how will they be liberated? Surely Russia will help, but but all of us cannot pretend that Our Lady promised to liberate our nations, and that therefore we can do nothing and simply stay home and pray our rosary. That is diaboliclly presumption and the error of pietism. And it is the false version of Fatima promoted by Globalists to disarm Catholics to their project, so please stop promoting it.”

    Dear Brother Alexis,
    As what was stated in our reply, ‘’do our part including to help others to understand GOD’S PLAN at this time in salvation history’’. So, we must, we must do our part as has always been GOD’S WILL. We should always remember these words [of Saint Augustine if I remember correctly] “ Pray as though everything depended on GOD. Work as though everything depended on you”.

    We do not pretend anything nor simply stay at home and pray our rosary. There has never been such a time to do only this in salvation history nor to diabolically presume, nor to promote the false version of Fatima except by those enemies of JESUS CHRIST who conspire to lockdown, enslave, force inject the multitudes for extermination genocide, destroy Christianity, destroy that which is GOD’S WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE as fully embodied in THE ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC.and APOSTOLIC Church, and so forth . These comments which you have applied to us are incorrect ones.

    My family has been persecuted a good deal in these evil times in which we now live for promoting the true message of Fatima, for helping others to understand that bergoglio is THE ANTIPOPE while Pope Benedict XVI remains the one and only pope, for not wearing the mask, and . . .

    Please do not misunderstand us.

    1. This is where the Masculine Warrior kicks in and Stabs the tires flat with a knife. Then pulls out the pistol and HOLDS them until Constables arrive! Not just standing there filming.

    1. Because the people, having arrested everyone, will form a new government and appoint new judges.

    1. Unfortunately, most of the people gathering in the huge street protests.. especially down in VIC where they boldly shout out.. “Sack Dan Andrews!!.. Sack Dan Andrews!!”.. don’t quite realise, that this whole thing with the draconian ‘Pandemic Bill’.. is merely a ‘deliberate distraction’. Yes.. getting rid of ‘Dictator Dan’ and the evil Bill would be nice… but it will in NO WAY.. stop this monstrous worldwide “AI driven” criminal machine from ploughing on forward as planned. This thing is much much bigger… than big eared, Dan Andrews.

  15. Totally agree…but…my opinion is it will need to get worse before the sheep stand up against this, I also believe we are close to that cusp…..for example , where i live most are jabbed…yes they are fed up with the controls..but still would not rise up…it’s human nature , unless it’s directly affecting individuals , there will be no reaction…I for one cannot do this alone…good video

  16. I would Love to do it. But I am not a police person so how do I arrest them. The entire system here in Australia is Corrupt.

  17. Sadly in the US… the courts are corrupt or this whole thing would be a mute point. Judges are compromised…Supreme Court is compromised ….but thankfully they have or are being exposed.
    Thank you for your thoughts. I am happy to see at least parts of the Catholic Church are speaking out. God bless.

  18. Great idea, but once we ARREST them all and CHARGE them all, WHAT COURT are they to be tried in if the JUDGES are ALL BOUGHT and CORRUPT…?
    If we try to have them tried by the people, the people would be arrested by the Police as VIGILANTES or in Australia as TERRORISTS etc acting without AUTHORITY….
    Kindly explain HOW we can try them if all the Judiciary and Courts are Corrupt to the core (which they are here on Australia) and your advice would be greatly appreciated on HOW we might implement those trials once we arrest them all…. Blessings

    1. I said arrest all the judges, didn’t I? I said let the new government elected by us decide, didn’t I?

    2. True. We are the minority . They control the jobs . The police . It’s like 70 30 . But LE are on their side .

  19. Coronavirus Prevention – Pre-exposure Natural medicines- ADULTS
    * Melatonin slow-release
    * antiviral mouthwash (twice a day)
    * Curcumin (Turmeric)
    * Nigella Sativa (black cumin) and honey
    * Vitamin D3 1000–3000 IU/day (25-75 mcg).
    * Probiotics. – Kefir
    * Vitamin C 500 – 1000 mg BID (twice daily) and Quercetin 250 mg daily
    * Zinc 30–40 mg/day
    * B complex vitamins

    FROM: https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/FLCCC-Protocols-%E2%80%93-A-Guide-to-the-Management-of-COVID-19.pdf

    More updated info:

  20. You’re right in terms of We are ALL earmarked for Extermination. And it is Time for Citizens ARREST! I am a part of a movement to do just this… And I agree that We The People have the POWER! It IS and Has been time to OVERTHROW ALL forms of ‘govern’ment since well before Jeshua showed us Who and What we REALLY ARE.

  21. In Melbourne Australia , last Saturday we had 100,000 people outside parliament house guarded by about 12 Police officers. It may have been a perfect time to arrest the politicians involved in this death cult.

  22. curious…who made that rule that what you are saying is the only solution? I don’t believe this. There is always another option.

    1. By only, I refer to the evident and necessary means. There are other solutions, such as violent revolution, assasination, or divine intervention. Most of these I would not advocate, the other is not in my power to do so.

  23. I totally agree, that they should be all arrested. But I would be more drastical. I think people should organize an Independent International Court, and a “secret agency” like Israel has the Mosad. And as they did after II, WW with all that criminals who escaped from Nürnberg court, all these psychopaths should be hunted, and arrested. They should be all sentenced not to jail, but death., beggining with the greatest of them: Kissinger, Schwab, allt the elites families etc. We sould fight against hem with their own weapon: with fear.

  24. As you stated practically everyone is already, ” bought” …. yes, there is power in numbers but the majority is conservative people. I DO believe much has & is going on behind the scenes all that I have “heard” has manifested. There will be much REVEALED very soon. I live in flight routes between 2 major military bases & south bound route to Fla. ( island off Cuba) there is so much activity as never seen b4. MASSIVE TRAVEL!
    I KNOW OUR GOD, LORD JESUS WOULD NEVER ABANDON US !! HIS PLAN, HIS TIMING!! I also Trust in those behind the scenes that ARE fighting for We the People & Our GOD GIVEN RIGHT
    It has to be done correctly for this is OUR Last chance , this has been going on for many , many centuries
    We were told to Stand Down other words fight all that is legally according to our Constitutional Law / Common Law…
    GOD WINS 💜 🙏🙏

  25. This IS the ONLY way forward. Stop the local en-forcers from forcing evil on all. ANY citizen can place ANY official under arrest and have the sheriff arrest them. Then you go to the jail and file the information to jail them. Next, lawsuits must be placed as the establishment may not precede with pressing charges, but we can hit them below the belt in the wallets with civil charges.

    Also, citizen grand juries ARE are a real valid thing as would be citizen arrest, jury trials, and sentencing. to be turned over to a jail with the correct paperwork.

    If everyone hides its only a matter of time before there are so few people left that they will hunt down all who remain. No flesh would be saved..

  26. Perhaps you can make a video where you show us how this is done. Words are cheap.

    This entire operation has been gamed out. Once the fomented chaos overwhelms established political and judicial authority, and enforcement powers, newly developed powers in the form of robotics and AI systems will be rolled out.

    Our only hope is the authority and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. What you ask for cannot be given in public, because then the Globalists would be able to prepare for it and counter it.

  27. So, Little ol me is supposed to walk up to a politian or walk into a government building and just say, You’re under arrest cause I say so” and they will all easily comply?

    1. Not buy yourself of course. And not with some planning and training. But when 24, 50, 100 or 200 citizens arrive at the govt building and do that the Revolution will have begun.

  28. What this man says makes sense. I’m glad he mentioned Natural Law. The 2 tenets are non aggression and the right to self defense which is what he talks of here. Governments will not back down. Protests may slow them down a bit but we need to remove local governments then work our way up to the rest of the dogs until they’re all locked up. They could be locked up anywhere as long as they are taken out of office. We need to show them we mean business. Nobody’s coming to save us we need to grow up and take control of our own actions and our own lives. This is our planet. It does not belong exclusively to the likes of Klaus Schwab.

  29. With you all the way. But I wonder if you and your fellow priests can not do the same and set an example by arresting the Pope?

  30. You are obviously right on the matter of natural law, but in practical terms it seems impossible. As you said in your video, and reiterated several times in these comments, this works only if we arrest all of those involved or complicit in some way, but that is an enormous amount of people to arrest. So unless they were all arrested at one moment, overnight, they will quickly realize what is happening. Any attempt to do this gradually over a few days or weeks seem unfeasible. They won’t just let themselves be arrested into oblivion.

    The other difficulty is that I’m not so sure you are correct about how much of the general public would support this. My impression, at least here in Canada, is that most people are complete mind slaves and would not see us as freeing them from tyranny but as “vigilantes” or “tereorists”. I would love to think most people would support this kind of action but I just don’t see that happening right now.

    Things seem so bad and so hopeless that our only hope cam be, as it always ought to be, in God. I know, we must do what we can, but in this dreadful hour, seems only a real and proper consecration will defeat the reset.

    1. You are correct, we need to do more information warfare if we every want to return to liberty. Now is the time to spread the facts about DeathVaxx deaths and graphic depictions of what really has happened to some will open the eyes of many more.

  31. Hi
    In one of your videos you mentioned a name of a book written by a woman who spoke about the dark days and the pandemic and the tactics used by the globalists to put us in fear. What is the name if that book please?
    Thank you

  32. Yes of course, criminals need to be arrested. And the executers of all this evil are criminals. No question about that. I am not American but German, so I imagine your solution might work for some places in USA where people still have private guns, fire arms and the spirit to defend themselves and their family. But for Germany this is just a theory that cannot work or would lead to some dead. Here you have a completely brainwashed people. The degree of brainwashing can just be referred to as self destructive. And we were completely disarmed, so trying what you suggested, would lead in best to being arrested or to be shot.
    That is the reality here. People have no spirit of self defense. They were disarmed even spiritually after WW2 and the brainwashing goes on since that time. I keep thinking of a solution for years now, but to find people like-minded is extremely difficult. People here are destroying themselves by fighting their daily small fights against each other, splitting themselves into smaller and even tiny groups which are fighting against each other and arriving at an effectiveness of zero. So I arrive at a point where I am clueless.

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