USA Government wants Assange extradited for exposing US Military’s war crimes

Editor’s Note: I cannot say that I have followed this story ever. But this is the first report I have seen which says all: in detailing that the “classified information” that Assange published was nothing other than a video showing US Military personnel commuting war crimes in Iraq, something journalists in the U.S.A. have been publishing for decades, it shows that the substance of the case against him is worthless charges. Shame on every president in the last 10 years who wanted Assange’s head. He is a true hero for humanity.

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One thought on “USA Government wants Assange extradited for exposing US Military’s war crimes”

  1. The Unit8200 channel on Rumble has posted video 53 and it’s full of good quick rundowns of current National security stuff, about Frankfurt School, Kissinger, the BIS, Deutsche Bank, and Sabbatean Frankists ,the Young Global Leaders, House of Rothschild and friends, etc. Incorporates the role of various Masonic groups and the manner in which intelligence agencies from different parts of Eurasia, and the western ones have been operating.
    Reveals that the logic controllers underlying our critical infrastructure are programmed by our geopolitical adversaries; Comments on how Epstein is only a tenth of the sort of evil of the people who do more depraved blackmailing schemes and elaborates further.

    The video author, Brendon Lee O’Connell has gone on actual hunger strike in prison and been beaten and had a limb broken among many other personal and family losses during his incarceration for supposed hate speech exposing the Zionist power networks. [nota bene, St. Maximillian Kolbe actually published a warning editorial in his Immaculata periodical about the Protocols of The Elders of Zion]. Sometimes profane and coarse in expression, not for children. However, if you just open the description tab in one of his videos there are plenty of notes and links worth reading. Much bigger picture than just bioweapons or mind control operations, and incorporates Antony C. Sutton’s scholarship.

    For instance, if you have not seen the 1997 footage reels of Katherine “Kay” Pollard Griggs of the NATO Wives club, wife of Green Beret Col. George Griggs, that interview may be had on YouTube and Bitchute several places. DuckDuckGo does return results on it currently. Kay Griggs 1998 Interview 7hr 44min runtime spilling the beans on Kissinger, Israel, and sexual satanic deviants in the military.

    Also, the Swedish Times recently reported that Intel has received an initial grant of 3.2 Billion USD to build out a state of the art, 25 Bn$ chip fan in Israel. Remember that up to recently, Intel chips are involved in about 93% of the physical infrastructure running the Internet.

    I can share links, if it is not against the rules.

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