EXCLUSIVE Photo of Struck St. Peter’s Statue, National Shrine of St. Nicholas, Argentina

This photo is copyrighted by Carlos Caso-Rosendi, a native Argentine, who personally took this photo just an hour ago. He writes FromRome.Info, saying …

the bolt hit the statue in spite of a lightning rod located at the top of the dome some 30 or 40 ft. above the statue. The little lines you see all over the statue are mosquitoes. The Paraná River banks are just a few blocks from the shrine and there are swarms of millions of pesky mosquitoes feasting on the faithful.

Check the Lepanto Institute site in the hours/days to come to see other images.

Regarding the questions by many regarding this miraculous sign of the Divine Wrath, some have asked how many keys was Saint Peter holding prior to being struck. Mr. Caso-Rosendi says the locals confirm there were 2 keys.

To some that was important, but in the history of art of Saint Peter the number of keys depicted is not always 2.

See the full story here.

As noted by a reader of FromRome.Info, the right hand, used by popes to bless, has been struck off. This miraculous strike confirms what God has declared of wicked priests in the Old Testament: I will curse your blessings.

And now, O ye priests, this commandment is to you. If you will not hear, and if you will not lay it to heart, to give glory to My Name, saith the Lord of hosts: I will send poverty upon you, and will curse your blessings, yea I will curse them, because you have not laid it to heart. Behold, I will cast the shoulder to you, and I will scatter upon your face the dung of your solemnities, and it shall take you away with it.

The Vatican is in a very dark, dark place

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I want to take this occasion of the first Anniversary of the passing of Pope Benedict XVI to say a word to dispel the very thick propaganda which has been pouring out the Vatican since the reign of Pope John XXIII.

Even an objective observer can see it.

But if you are paid a salary not to see it, you will never admit you see it.

Just look at the facts that every statistician can see, when measuring the Catholic Church by the numbers of priests, religious and laity, etc.. since the year 1950.

All the indicators show a massive collapse after Vatican II. Vocations of all kinds disappeared. Hundreds of thousands of religious and priest left their vocations. Millions of the Faithful stopped practicing the Faith. — Why in the USA alone 50% of those who were baptized Catholic since the Council have left the Church forever.

But at the Vatican they have canonized the Popes who perpetrated the changes which cause this massive pastoral failure. And they seem hell bent on canonizing them all: from John XIII to Pope Francis I, even before he is dead.

And what these statistics cover is millions of souls lost, billions and trillions of mortal sins of sacrilege, impiety, despair.

In sum, the Vatican is in a very dark, dark place of the most arrogant, godless pride and vainglory.  And since no one who is not infected with these vices will ever be promoted by this evil crew of men, without a divine intervention, there is no human hope left for the Church.

Thankfully, Christ our Lord, promised us Divine Interventions.

In the meantime, let’s not regurgitate the lies that John XXIII was inspired by the Holy Spirit — when in fact it was suggested to him by the Freemason Patriarch of Constantinople — or that the “Spirit of Vatican II” is the Holy Ghost — this phrase was coined by Life Magazine at the direction of the CIA — or that there is anything wholesome in the Council’s documents — how could there be, since they were written by men under the direction of the US Department of Defense Program for Ideological Warfare against the Church.

Evil seed, brings forth evil plants, which give forth evil flowers and evil fruits.

The chief of which has been a 70 year campaign of harassment and persecution of good priests and religious by evil, bootlicking godless clergy and religious. Thus, it is no surprise to me that the acceptance of Fiducia supplicans is roughly co-extensive with CIA control of national governments world wide. Where their influence is weaker than the control by other major powers such as Russia or China, we see resistance and rejection.

Likewise, it must be remembered, that Pope Benedict XVI — and this needs to be said — was not the greatest theologian of our age. He was in fact a very confused man who never understood what the Catholic science of theology was about. This is because as a native German, he never understood the Latin tongue well and rejected Scholasticism, which is the very flower and brilliance of all theological discourse. This can be seen in his popular book, “An Introduction to Christianity”, which contains such absurdities as a criticism of the theology of the redemption, wherein he confounds the cause of speaking with the cause for being, and the instrumentality of the shedding of blood with the cause of merit by the Redeemer, and ends up condemning as absurd and offensive a very pious and inspired consideration of Saint Anselm of Bec, accepted by all Saints for nearly 900 years: namely, that for every drop of Christ’s Blood shed there was a measurable merit in the sight of God the Father. A thing which showed how little respect he had for his forefathers in the Faith.

This is why his Declaratio of Feb. 11, 2013 was and will ever remain the cause of endless debates about what Pope Benedict XVI’s intentions were. Because he acted as if he intended one thing, and he signified by what he wrote, something entirely different, theologically and canonically.

And because the Vatican is populated by men addicted to the vice of pride and vainglory, who got their positions by kissing hands and licking boots, Pope Benedict XVI was deprived of the filial and fraternal charity of having someone correct him before he went ahead with it.

But God permitted this Gordian knot as a punishment to this generation. For to a generation which thinks it can manipulate the meaning of words and the perception of reality to suit its own whims and fancies, God Himself arises as Avenger to sow confusion in their camp, so that the savior among men whom they sought becomes their own destroyer.

And Pope Francis is that punishment.

In the meantime, we Catholics are very limited in what we can do to stop this moral collapse in the Church. The confusion about the Renunciation led the Church to break from communion with the True Vicar of Christ for the last 10 year of his life. And this resulted in a horrible spiritual weakness which allowed an anti-pope to push through incredibly heretical documents, with little opposition. Indeed, where is the Bishop in office who dared say Amoris Laetitia, or Laudato si, or the Treaty with China were heretical or schismatic acts?

And this error of the Renunciation would have destroyed the Church forever, if the Catholics of Rome did not act and exercise their Apostolic Right to elect their own Bishop — a right which they legitimately had recourse to when the College of Cardinals failed to do so after the death of Pope Benedict XVI.

And few understand this, because true Catholics in the world are very few. 99% of the information you receive about the Church is from sources which want you to tow the CIA narrative and never question it. But especially never do anything to undermine it. And nearly every talking head and journalist out there is deeply involved in pushing the Big Lie about Vatican II or Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation.

Thanks to all the readers of FromRome.Info!

As this year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twenty-Three closes, I take this moment, to thank every reader of FromRome.Info who has helped me do my part, as a Franciscan and as a Catholic of Rome, to restore the unity of the Church with Christ’s Vicar and transform an uncanonically elected anti-pope into a juridically validly elected Vicar of Christ.

This is the greatest juridical work the faithful have ever done in the history of the Church, without the assistance of any Bishop or Cardinal.

When Christ called Saint Francis of Assisi to follow Him, He spoke from the Crucifix in San Damiano’s Church (a Saint who was a medic), saying, “Go an repair My Church which you can see is falling to ruin”.

And this is what was done on January 30th, of this year. But like any work of church restoration, bracing the structure to keep it from falling down is only the first step. Next the bad parts need to be ripped out (think, Pope Francis). Quality materials brought in (think a restorer Pope). And then the place needs to be swept out, cleaned and furnished with all new things, which are restorations of her glorious past.

Those who refuse to see this, don’t, in my opinion, have the Church as their Mother.

But for Her faithful sons and daughters, we can rest assured that soon God will send other faithful servants to do the rest of the work of restoration. Let us remember to praise and support them, when they appear.

Credits: Image found here.

ITALY: 7.5 Million Italians could not afford Christmas presents this year


No gifts for 7.5 million Italians, forced to allocate the budget to other more urgent expenses. 80 thousand at Christmas lunch with San’Egidio – There are 7.5 million Italians who have not given gifts by choice or because they are forced to allocate the budget to other more urgent expenses.

So according to Coldiretti. This despite the fact that 189 euros more were spent each thanks to the thirteenth grades.

It appears that 3.1 million people were forced to ask for help with food in 2023, based on Coldiretti estimates based on data relating to food aid distributed with Fead funds.

A true social emergency, therefore, with the number of children under 15 years of age in need of assistance exceeding 630 thousand, to which must be added the 356 thousand elderly people over 65 years of age, of whom over 90 thousand are homeless and therefore live for on the street, in emergency shelters, in tents or even in cars and almost 34 thousand disabled people.

It should therefore not be surprising that (the Catholic Social Activity Community) San’Egidio served 80 thousand people in Italy and 250 thousand around the world at the table on 25 December.

Family lunches with the poor, who are friends of the Community throughout the year. A poverty that grows more and more and is increasingly ignored.

On the Rebuke and Deposition of a Heretical Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction françaiseVersione Italiana

Here, I wish to discuss a special case of juridical right, wherein the Church must confront the necessity of removing a heretical pope from office. Since that there is a juridically valid way to do this is a necessary presupposition of the Sutri Initiative, and since Cardinals as eminent as Burke have publicly said there is no canonical solution to such a problem, I will now publicly explain how it can be done, to give food for thought for all who like to see expounded how it can be that Cardinal Burke is incorrect in his opinion.

First, let me say, that this solution to be canonically valid must not violate any canon of the Code of Canon Law, published by John Paul II, which forbids in canon 334 that there be any innovation in Church law when the Apostolic See is impeded or vacant, that is, when the Roman Pontiff does not promulgate it. For the Code of 1983, see here.

Second, it must also not violate the juridical principal and dictum of the Faith, that sedes prima a nemine judicatur, namely, the first see is judged by no one. And this, understood as the learned Cardinal Bellarmine, held it to be understood, namely, that it is licit to no one in the Church to judge the person of the Roman Pontiff.

Third, against the sentence of the Roman Pontiff, there can be no appeal (canon 333 § 3). Thus one cannot overturn his decrees, though one can urge him to withdraw them for a legitimate reason.

NOTE WELL: Here, I use “judge” not in reference to the formation of a personal conviction in the faithful who considers the Roman Pontiff, but a juridical act by which a sentence is proclaimed or a juridical fact is discerned.

That the Roman Pontiff, as Pontiff, cannot be removed from office by men

It follows from these two principals, that the Roman Pontiff strictly speaking can not and can never be removed by office, except by a direct act of his Superior, the Lord Jesus Christ, which is only done by death.

I say strictly speaking, that is, when we speak of the man who is the Roman Pontiff, as the Roman Pontiff. In this sense, he is called the Roman Pontiff, or the person of the Roman Pontiff. And it is thus that Canon Law always speaks of him, for this is the juridical norm in all canonical discourse and law. For as the Roman Pontiff he can be judged by no one, and is not subject to the authority of any subjects.

That the Roman Pontiff, as the man, can be judged

That the man who is the Roman Pontiff can be judged, however, is clear, because it is the teaching of the Papal Magisterium, handed down by Pope Innocent III — an eminent canonist — and because it is clear that the man, as a man, is also subject to Christ and to the authority of the Church.

That no man in the Church can be judged except by legitimate authority

This follows directly from the fact that Christ gave His authority to the Church to shepherd all His flock, both collectively and individually. And since no one but one who holds authority over a man, can judge a man — this is a natural principal of all right (ius) — only a man’s Bishop, or the Pope, or those holding ecclesiastical authority in the region, can judge a man.

That a Provincial Council can judge all men within its province

A provincial council of all the Bishops of an ecclesiastical province holds authority over all Catholics in a province, as Canon 432 §1 declares. Indeed, the Provincial Council has the status of a juridical person, as Canon 432 §2 declares.

This means that a Provincial Council can judge any Catholic who resides in its territory, both by discerning juridical or moral facts about the man, or by imposing canonical penalties or sentences.

That a Provincial Council in the ecclesiastical province of Rome can judge the man who is the Roman Pontiff

It follows from the above that a Provincial Council in the province of Rome can judge the man who is the Roman Pontiff, as a man, that is, as regards juridical or moral facts about the man, namely, whether he be a Catholic and whether he have a valid claim to the office of the Roman Pontiff. For in such things, the Council does not judge the office which he claims.

That a Roman Provincial Council can be convened by the Bishops of the Province without and against the will of the man who is the Roman Pontiff in cases of heresy and invalidity of claim to office

Canon 442 §2 grants to the Bishops of a province to convene a provincial council when the Metropolitan See of the province is legitimately impeded. Here the Latin reads:

Metropolitanae, eoque legitime impedito, Episcopi suffraganei ab aliis Episcopis suffraganeis electi est concilio provinciali praeesse.

The concept of “legitimately” impeded refers not to the norms of canon law nor to the norms of any papal law, but to a morally valid reason or cause which prevents the Metropolitan from acting. Such as physical or moral duress, incompetance or incapacity.

For example if the Metropolitan be kidnapped or held by hostile forces; under arrest; in a coma; having suffered a stroke or mental or emotional collapse, preventing use of right reason; in hiding for fear of capture; or otherwise incapable of communication. These are objective factors for the exercise of his munus.

But if the man be a heretic or schismatic or an apostate, but has not yet been deprived of office, the same follows, by reason of the juridical principal, that where there be a force majeur, that is a greater intervening or obstructing power, than those cited in normal cases for an impediment, all the more is it legitimate to hold that the see be impeded.

So, since the Roman Pontiff is the Metropolitan of the Roman Province, when the man who is the Roman Pontiff be a heretic or apostate or schismatic, then he can be judged in a Provincial Council.

That the Bishops of the Roman Province have the right to demand the proof of the claim of the man to be the Roman Pontiff

Since the Bishops of the Province cannot presume that a man is guilty or that a fact be such before judging the fact, it is necessary that by interrogating the man who claims to be the Pope, they establish that he refuses to demonstrate that his claim is valid or that he be a Catholic. Such a refusal in person or by written communication proves juridically and canonically that there is an objective doubt from which there consequently and immediately arises an impediment of the Apostolic See by reason of the man, who claims the office, refusal to demonstrate to the Bishops of the Province the validity of his claim to rule over them.

Failing a spontaneous offer of proof, a Provincial Council can be convoked to request special and extraordinary proof

This is by natural right, namely, by natural right every lord has the duty to demonstrate to his subjects the legitimacy of his claim to lordship over them. This demonstration must be all the more solemn and collegial when his peers ask for the proof.

Asking for such a proof is a right of the subject and a demonstration of his honesty. As it injures no one’s right, it harms no one, and is not a crime. And thus, such a request cannot be refused.

Normally, this is done by the promulgation of the election or nomination of the man to hold the office of superior by the person or body which has the authority to nominate him.

But when objective facts intervene which put this in doubt, proof can be requested by his peers by right, since as holders of local jurisdiction under him they have the natural right to the most certain proofs.

And thus when through personal contact and by writing a spontaneous proof of the Catholicity of the man who claims to be the Pope or the validity of his election be refused, the Bishops do NOT presume, when they use the right granted to them on account of an impeded See to convoke a provincial council without or against the will of the man who claims to be the pope.

That such a Provincial Council, called without or against the will of the man who is the Roman Pontiff cannot be obstructed by any authority

Such a council cannot be impeded by any act of any ecclesiastical authority, since, neither does anyone have authority over the Bishops of the Roman Province but the Roman Pontiff, nor does the man who claims to be the Roman Pontiff but who refuses the spontaneous sufficient proofs in the normal course of things legitimately exercise the authority of the office of Roman Pontiff to obstruct or forbid such a convocation. Since by his refusal he has impeded the Apostolic See, and with the see impeded, its powers cannot be used over its subjects for any legitimate purpose.

That such a Provincial Council can legitimately summon the man who claims to be the Pope

That such a Council can legitimately, that is canonically constrain, the man who claims to be he pope to attend follows from their authority granted in Canon 432. It also follows from Canon 443, which requires that all who claim offices of Bishop in the territory be summoned to every Provincial Council and from Canon 444 §1, that requires all summoned attend. Nor can he claim impediment, if he can freely travel or speak with men.

That such a Provincial Council should first remonstrate with the man, who appears to be a heretic, schismatic or apostate, yet claims the papacy

There is an order in Charity, and so first the Council Fathers should proceed by expounding their reasons for convening the Council and ask that those with the right to vote confirm the convocation. Then, they should expound the reasons for convoking the man who claims to be the pope, to give solemn certain proofs that his election was juridically valid and that his claim to the office remains legitimate. Then they should interrogate the man to elicit solemn proofs of his claim’s validity or invalidity. And with his responses given, propose to issue a solemn declaration as to their coherence, asking for a vote of the Council to approve, that the man is or is not eligible to hold the office he claims, has a valid claim or has lost his claim. Whereupon, if the Council Fathers find his responses insufficient or doubtful, the Council should solemnly remonstrate with the man a second time, and judge his responses by vote a second time, and even a third time if necessary. After which if he persists in his invalid responses, the Council can solemnly declare that the juridical facts are objective that said man in virtue of the canon of the church applicable has never held the office, or does not now hold it, by reason of not being a Catholic or not being Catholic.

That Such a Provincial Council imposes no sentence or deprivation of office, and therefore need not have its acts approved by the Roman Pontiff

A finding of fact is an act of discernment by an authority competent to do so. A Roman provincial council is the highest and most competent juridical person to determine such facts by investigation and interrogation of all Catholics in the Roman Province. Only in the case of fraud, could the judgement of such a council be impugned. Therefore, if such a council find that the man be not a Catholic, then they can declare him excommunicate by reason of canon 1364, and thus ipso facto deprived from office, since no excommunicate can claim an office in the Church, as per Canon 1331.

That the man who claims to be Roman Pontiff and who refuses to give spontaneous and solemn proofs of the legitimacy of his claim to hold the office can be declared ipso facto deposed if he refuse to attend such a Provincial Council

That such a man, if he refuse to attend any part of such a Provincial Council, where he might give solemn and juridical proof of his claims, can be declared deposed, follows from the principals enunciated above, for no man with an honest claim would refuse such proofs. That a validly elected Pope, Benedict IX, was declared contumacious and deposed for refusing to attend such a provincial council in December of 1046, at Sutri, Italy, is a fact of history, accepted as valid by the Apostolic See for nearly 1000 years:  and acceptance which is equipollent to the approval, approbation and confirmation of the above argument, their reasons of natural and ecclesiastical right, and their validity by the law of custom.

Ergo quod erat demonstrandum, demonstratum est.



ARGENTINA: Lightning from Heaven proves Bergoglio was validly elected on Jan. 30, 2023

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you know the Faith well and live by it, then you have the special prerogative to understand and even anticipate the events of history, since right knowledge of God leads to right knowledge of how God will act in the future.

The above is an extraordinary case, similar to the Sign of the Cross which appeared in the sky above Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral on January 6, 2023, which pointed in the direction of the very place where his juridically valid successor would be elected on January 30, 2023, a thing which Divine Providence confirmed beforehand, by inspiring the owners of the place to have a fresco depicting a Cross appearing in the sky above Saint Peter’s Squaree, more than 10 years before!

In the above report from Argentina, commented on by Andrea Cionci, the lighting struck the Statue of Saint Peter the day before Fiducia supplicans was published, vaporizing the halo and keyes of Saint Peter.

But the halo or aureole is the symbol of the holiness of the person and office of Saint Peter, which according to the office in a certain manner passes down to his Successors. And likewise, the keys are a symbol of that office’s power over ecclesiastical and civil matters.

Their annihilation by a bolt from Heaven the day before the publication of Fiducia supplicans, is therefore rightly interpreted as Andrea Cionci has reported, of a sign of clear Divine Displeasure with the publication of that document and in particular with the person of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a.k.a Pope Francis.

But this sign from God also implies that at least until the day before its publication, God regarded Pope Francis as the Successor of Saint Peter. Which he was only in virtue of his juridically valid election on January 30, 2023 of this year. A thing made possible only by the faithful Catholics who read FromRome.info.

On the day of publication, on account of the contents of that document, I pronounced that Pope Francis was by his signature on it now a public manifest heretic. I held that his signature was also a sign of pertinacity since the Cardinals have been urging him to renounce such a doctrine — implied in his response to the recent Dubia presented in July.

It is not every day that lightning from heaven confirms the writings or opinions of Catholics, but let us be humbled by the knowledge that God has so favored us with the light to see the truth, that it is by no merit of ours nor of myself, that we saw it before everyone else.

But let us all, also, foster a holy fear of God on this account, because just as is told in the Old Testament, God punishes the very sin of perversion which Fiducia supplicans wants to bless, WITH FIRE FROM HEAVEN. And as some readers of FromRome.info have already observed, God has already warned us through the Blessed Virgin at Akita, that FIRE from heaven will be sent to punish the sins of mankind if we do not repent!

I think, therefore, that there is another implicit message in this event in Argentina, namely, that God is about to destroy most of humanity by fire from heaven — not a nuclear war, but the fall of celestial objects, such as meteors or comets — if Catholics do not USE ALL THEIR EFFORTS TO HAVE FIDUCIA SUPPLICANS WITHDRAWN AND ITS PERNICIOUS ERRORS CONDEMNED.

Thus if you have not participated in the Sutri Initiative, or urged the adoption of the Grand Strategy, outlined here, the next few months may be your last chance to do so.

IVORY COAST: Fr. Eugene Adingra says Pope Francis should be deposed as a heretic for signing Fiducia supplicans

Editor’s Notes: Father Adingra is Rector of the National Marian Shrine, in the Capital Abidjan of Ivory Coast, in West Africa. He is the first cleric I know of, who has publicly called for the removal of Pope Francis from the Papacy. He declares Fiducia supplicans the cause of the total misunderstanding of the Faith. A very grave offense against the Church.

GAB.COM announces that it is using its platform to develop a new AI System

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am writing to warn Christians everywhere about Gab.com, a social media platform which for years claimed to be for the independent conservative who opposed cultural marxism and globalism. They tore their masks completely off this week, by their announcement that they are developing an new open source AI system.

Now even their front page announces this (see featured image above).

I was concerned that their platform name changed from Gab to Gab AI this year; and now my concerns appear justified. I gather from the announcement below that they have and are and will be exploiting the human interactions of Christians on their platforms to understand better how to create an AI geared to Christians.

And that means and AI which will be able to control Christians.

I warn all Christians and especially parents to stop using GAB completely. Their platform is now far worse than the others, who do not call their social media platforms AI systems. I urge all rather to join non AI, all human platforms, like CrossAzure.Net.

Here is an excerpt from GAB’s email announcement …

Dear Gab Community,

We are excited to share a bold vision for the future of AI technology, a vision we’ve named “Based AI.” In light of recent revelations about biases in Big Tech’s AI training, it’s clear that the AI industry is on the brink of becoming exponentially larger than the online search arena over the next decade. With such immense potential, it’s crucial that AI development aligns with our values and beliefs.

This week’s news about certain AI being trained with anti-White and anti-Christian biases is concerning. As an industry in its infancy, AI holds the power to shape our future, and we cannot stand by while technologies are developed that don’t represent us or, worse, work against our values.

That’s where Based AI comes in. Our commitment is to create AI that embodies the principles and values our community holds dear. We envision a future where our children and grandchildren interact with AI that is not only technologically advanced but also resonates with our beliefs.

We are thrilled to announce that we have already begun integrating Based AI into the Gab experience. Our innovative Based AI chatbots offer a wide range of engaging and informative interactions.

Whether you’re interested in learning about homesteading, seeking out new culinary adventures with amazing recipes, desiring conversations with historical figures, or more, our Based AI chatbots are here to enhance your Gab experience.

Here are just some of our new AI chatbots that are uncensored and here to provide entertainment, information, and fun to the Gab experience. We’ve opened these up to everyone so to chat with one simply mention it on Gab by tagging it with an @. 

Here are some cool ones for you to try:

Music Expert AI

Ask it anything about music.

AI Chef

Ask it anything about cooking.

80s Dad AI

Ask it anything about the 1980’s.

CS Lewis AI

Ask it anything about CS Lewis.

The Core Based AI
Ask it anything.

You can click here to see a feed of all of our

These are just the beginning. As we continue to develop Based AI, our focus remains steadfast on ensuring that the values and beliefs of our community are represented and respected.

This is a step towards an AI future where everyone’s perspectives are included and valued.

We invite you to explore the new features on Gab, experience the uncensored magic of Based AI, and join us in this exciting journey.

We’re confident that you’ll find these new additions both valuable and enjoyable.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for supporting our journey towards a more inclusive and representative AI future.

Have a Merry Christmas!

NIGERIA: 150+ Christians massacred by Islamic Terrorists on Christmas Eve

UPDATE: Now more than 150 Killed and 500 wounded … are being reported as casualties.