80 thoughts on “How Skull & Bones plans to co-opt world-wide resistance to the Plandemic”

  1. Br. Alexis, The more I have contemplated the facts the more I have been led to the same view. We in America and in what is mostly the post Christian West still do not see how our failures more than anything else have opened the door to Satan’s present triumph. Pope Pius X in 1898 at the beatification of Joan of Arc said that “all the vigor of Satan’s reign is due to the easy-going weakness of Catholics” whom he described as “cowards.” Our Lord put it this way: “You are the salt of the world, but if the salt has lost its flavor it is good for nothing but to cast out and trodden under the foot of men.” Is that not precisely what is happening to Christians and the Church itself today? Our Lord warned Christian believers under yet another figure in Rev. 3: 14-19.

      1. Editor,
        Do you mean to discredit the entire posting………… ???? the date was 1908……. not 1898……… a minor issue when reading the thoughtful post by Mr. Webster

      2. Yes, thanks Br. Alex , it was Leo XIII that made this statement December 13, 1894 when Joan of Arc was named Venerable, the first stage in her Beautification. That official Beautification took place later under Pius X in 1909

  2. I concur, this sudden change is for two reasons. First, they never got anywhere near the number of people they wanted injected. Second, it has gotten to the point where it is simply not possible to hide the deaths and injuries.

    This is a salvage operation for the elites to survive. Considering the enemy that we face there is only one correct action. Show no mercy, for you will receive none.

    There is a reason why Christ and God require actual contrition, without it then mercy and forgiveness become a way for the evil to escape.

  3. I disagree with many of your views but this is a very interesting and insightful analysis that I have not heard by other commentators. It makes sense and it would explain many peculiarities of the last two years:

    1. The limitation on very few faces who stand for the vaccination campaign: mainly Gates and Fauci and then people that are limited to single nations. The exceedingly weak and unpopular governments in various nations. Donald Trumps very transparent lies about the vaccine. These could all be setups that are meant to be taken down.

    2. Leading people in the resistance movements against the vaccines who visibly display occult/masonic/rosicrucian symbols.

    3. The whole movement among those who oppose the vaccine campaign and the election fraud that spreads a narrative of a “rebirth of humanity” and a golden age to come.

  4. “They’re going to dump the covid narrative and they’re going to throw the key players to the dogs.” Well I just don’t see it but I am not on social media.

    “One step forward (to give the masses hope), two steps back (to crush the masses again.”—V. Lenin

    I only just learned of Lenin’s tactic above. I watch for it now. Talk by Christopher Story “Lenin’s Satanic World Revolution” is very informative; held at a Fatima conference for bishops. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8evE2u1a0Ek&list=PL2D64047D0134F97F&index=7

    1. I agree, Roberta. It’s pretty clear that each step leading up to world control by the antichrist has been carefully planned out and choreographed, including any so-called steps back. People are waking up because the globalists planned it that way. They have all the world’s resources available to them, including highly intelligent/highly educated human resources. They know what we are going to do before we do.

  5. Yes, it is going to happen more or less that way. The Antichrist, the fake saviour, is coming.

  6. Dear Br. Bugnolo, unfortunately it looks like some “key-players” don’t like being “thrown to the dogs” and are going to choose the “Samson Option”, risking total destruction by nuclear war.
    Particularly worying for me in the Netherlands are the following tweets:

      1. Bergoglio has not the moral authority. After all he is a CIA plant to destroy the credibility of the Church, not increase it.

    1. I so agree with Brother Alexis, as many of his insights reflect my own. I have completely noticed the synchronisation of this Russian/Ukraine development. This is another control trauma of destructive distraction.
      All wars are a control struggle of boundaries.
      Some are geographical. We have just experienced the war over controlling the boundaries of our minds and bodies

    2. I so agree with Brother Alexis, as many insights here, reflect my own. I have completely noticed the synchronisation of this Russian/Ukraine development. This is another control trauma of destructive distraction. The seeds of which have already been sown years ago.
      All wars are a control struggle of boundaries.
      Some are geographical. We have just had a dose of the war, over controlling the boundaries of our minds and bodies.

  7. A skunk is a skunk. It’s odor stays with it even when it’s road kill.
    Damnation Alley dead ahead.

  8. I believe what is changing the narrative for the Satanists is Reiner Fuellmich’s forthcoming grand jury trial which seeks to destroy their shield of liability and to seek punitive damages which will accomplish what you suggest. Dr. Fuellmich also wants these criminals to face the ultimate punishment. His scope is global nd will expose the scam at all levels. I see also the shift in the story line by the medis but alas, the big lie has taken root into the minds of the people who go along with the remaining Mass restrictions. Pray for Dr. Fuellmich and his team.

    1. Yes, you’ve got a point Karen. I do pray justice will prevail and all hidden evils be exposed.

  9. Thank you, Brother, for being our compass of wisdom and common sense. I look forward to your videos because I have felt and said the things you state in your videos. I cannot espouse these feelings and thoughts to everyone, as those who are easily led get very ugly very fast. I don’t care so much about myself being the target of these sheeple, but I do not want my family harmed. God bless you.

  10. Bush gave America. #HomelandSecurity
    Trump gave America. #OperationWarpSpeed

    The Government Makes The Laws They Don’t Follow.
    Republican Democrat Doesn’t Matter.

  11. Not going to work for them, the coming event wipes them all out, their wealth will not survive either. “No fortune will survive that era”- I believe that was a quote from Marie Julie Jahenny, I’ll confirm later.

    1. Most of them have already prepared.
      Noticed the abnormal amounts of stock selling by insiders (eg. Musk) recently?

      They have bought gold, silver and/or crypto. Also, huge swathes of farm land (eg. Gates).

      It is absolutely necessary to follow through on the suggestion by Br Bugnolo.

  12. You’re right, the opponents of the globalists are not united. So, who will come up with Christ’s “Great Reset”? If Christ is not included – by name – in the project plans (like in the American Articles of Confederation?) then what good are they? The globalists’ “Great Reset” plans include genocide and transhuman slavery. In other words, the death or degradation and defilement of most of humanity. So, what would Christ’s Great Reset plans include?

  13. It is a possibility. However, I strongly believe they’ll, Introduce a real killer plague to force resisters into vaccines. It does appear something is turning around but it is too little too late. They can’t turn back now.. Either way, for me, I will not take any injection regardless of how bad it gets. I have made peace with my decision. I have zero interest in becoming part of the “internet of things”. Our Lord asked us to resist until the end, even if it means living in a cave.

    1. In Apocalypse chapter 9 we know that Our Lord will send the killer plague… such things are in His power, but always to punish rebels.

  14. Yeah, I can hear it now “we all make mistakes”. I’ve already heard it floating about. Why Bergoglio suddenly claims the death penalty is a sin as well. They are so predictable. They’ll go back 500 years and call it a day. No quarter.

  15. Always cover both sides, but set up the confidant by which to frame them to serve the agenda being masked against.
    Why does Jesus warn, resist ye not evil?
    But hardly as a passive doormat!
    Because you will make yourself in its image by setting against it. Put it behind you or be entranced.
    Give your vengeance to the Lord, lest it tool and fool you to worship of guilt and sacrifice set as self apotheosis.

    The trick as revealed by the trickster will always persist the ‘game’ under beliefs set covert to the masking ID.
    Telling you what is happening is a narrative frame.
    We can choose to engage in fictional identity set by contract.
    “WHO told you you were naked?”
    Said the Lord.
    or if you persist;
    ‘Dont let truth get in the way of a good story’.
    For such is the function of the myth.

  16. Br. Bugnolo,
    I saw a commenter question the narrative about the depopulation plan… he said the elites wouldn’t want to kill off a ton of people because their lives would be disrupted and changed. They rely too much on their fancy products and goods and services and living the elite life. The world would go into chaos and certainly their lives would change as well. Any thoughts on this? (I am certainly holding out hope the depopulation plan isn’t in the works!) Thank you!!

  17. I sure hope you are right, they have activated concentration camps in the US. It looks as if they will try this out in Washington state.; Governor Inslee is simply waiting for a law to be passed giving him the power to throw anyone he chooses into one of the horrible places. I find this very alarming.

    1. WA residents have successfully repelled this initiative (at least for the moment).

      Clif High has mobilised the residents to flood the legislators AND their assistants with ferocious objections. Kazakhstan has been cited as a potential outcome. The legislators have backed off (so far).

      1. Yeah, he’s about the only good predictor I can find. People going by dreams find out they are just intentions to nonsense, weak. Only visions happen but these can be read and stopped sometimes, it’s very rare to stop a real vision, too powerful already in the works. Cliff goes at it from other workable methods but can’t go to far into the future. Other visionaries like Nostradamus, he was way too into the future to matter, that future he saw was negative based on the thoughts then how it would go in the future. People come to earth with other thoughts that are positive. The dark side borns people that are controlled, MK Ultra to be negative. IF that was wiped out it could be a lot different but the underground wipe out where there’s spaceships and supercomputers AI tech vampires have been running earth with appears to still be functioning. If they got wiped out underground and in space, could be a lot different.

    2. Sorry to inform you they already have the power-

      The Assault On Civil Liberties In The Name Of Homeland Security and the Destruction of our Freedom and Constitutional Rights Has Already Happened. Dictatorship Only Awaits the Pen of a Tyrant Saturday, October 2, 2021

      The Model State Health Emergency Powers Act:

      That is where the CDC gets the Authority to do Project Sheilding Quarantine Camps, just like Australia

    3. What so called ‘laws’ give any of these psychopaths any power?
      So called ‘mandates’ that they decree without the true rule of law?
      There is no true rule of law now. They are all lawless tyrants.
      Maybe the law of the jungle will be the final rule of law, as it was for eons before synthetic laws were made up?
      It is alarming that too many people still follow the synthetic lawless ones, and didn’t bother to learn what law really is.

  18. Interesting view, but I believe we wont be let off that easily, since this is an extremely old and well thaught out plan.
    I believe now that the narrative is blowing up in their faces and people are waking up, fatigued and tired of this whole tyranny of lies and deceit. The new issue will start Xian/Marburg/Nipah virus and 5G, things will really get bad. For the vaxxed, pcr tested even worse and deadlier.
    Remember the rich and the underground bunckers they have been buying up?
    Only protection, in the worst case, will be underground.
    Hope this is not the case, but hemorragic fever is on the rise in different countries and china has locked some places down, with millions of people

    1. One of the effect of radiation is inside bleeding. The new virus tale about an Ebola like pandemic is just a cover story for the harm that 5G causes. Graphene oxide in the shots multiples the effect. They need 5G for control and need graphene oxide in the bodies because that’s the base of the nano tech to connect the vaxxed to the IoB. I don’t think they would stop, sorry, they already reached that the vaxxed have Bluetooth like connections and MAC adresses. Just how La Quinta Columna, Orwell City demonstrated. To see these new, unidentified MAC addresses you need an older phone or tablet with an older Android. New won’t show them. Dr. Luis De Benito found that 86% of the vaxxed had MAC. He used an old chinese phone. We tried. As new mobiles failed, I finally got an old Chinese tablet with Android 6. The MACs are there. Websites designed to identify these, as the first 6 tags refer to the manufacturer, couldn’t identify these new MACs popping up fast in any busy places like a supermarket. It’s a possibility know that they can monitor and influence the tagged people’ thoughts and feelings.

  19. Interesting thoughts – thanks.

    Did you read the SPARS exercise from 2017? It is posted on the Johns Hopkins website:


    This “pandemic” exercise included walking it all back from an advanced point, such as where we are now. It has long been an option on their drawing boards. In that exercise, the US President says, oops, it was just a big mistake, so sad, too bad.

    The hubris of the globalists is so huge that they think they can do this and get away with it. What they may not have calculated is the reaction of parents losing their children. My own guess is that they have a number of possible big catastrophes in their bag of tricks (for escaping blame/consequences), up to and including world war. Sure, they would like to avoid it and take over the world as peacefully as possible, but I suspect that if war happens, it will not remain a controlled element of their plans.

    I won’t make a prediction except to say that very unexpected events are likely to occur in the months ahead, war or no war. Even AI, supercomputers, etc cannot anticipate outcomes for large, complex systems. For simple chaotic systems, it is easier to control then to predict. But large complex systems have too many unknowns, and an unexpected fluctuation can completely change the outcome.

      1. Yes.
        The biggest fear is that the third power will suddenly appear, a power which does not want to join Jesus nor Satan, having both of them in low regard as well as this well-organized, binary world (really it is so,Jesus and Satan coexist together so long!).
        What would you do then?
        Should satanists and Christians join together against the new power?

    1. You’re right, They have been plotting this for so long, but cannot escape their own fallibility.
      Keep exposing them in every angle. Hitler feared the Commando’s the most. They were Masters of surprise

    2. Courts are not that impressive. We’ll see on effects of using them but it completely depends on lawyers being good instead of trying to stay wealthy. Angels fighting for us this would be the thing we need. They are in the higher densities and can do a lot with the demons and AI tech demons also. Courts, this is nice to get a win but look what the devil does just lies some more.

  20. I think that you are substantively correct, Brother Alexis, there are elites who want to co-opt the anti vax movement.

    I would like, however, to modify the views that I gave earlier about a shift in the elite strategy. The way I see it, the current elite can be divided into the following groups

    The CIA/Neocon/Zio-cons. Their current external manifestation is the Malone, Bannon, Project Veritas crowd. Their main agenda is war against China, Russia, Iran and any nation deemed to be a threat to Israel. In fact, they are willing to risk WW3 to defeat these nations.

    *These are the recent converts to the “Vaccines don’t work/are harmful” cause. * They recognize that much of Trumpism is anti-vax and critical of the official Covid line.

    So they know that they have to change their views in order to continue to steer Trumpism in the direction that they wish. Hence they use their power to push Malone and heavy criticism of the Vax and Fauci. *Notice that their criticism of Fauci is mainly centered on indicating the China connection and not on taking down Big Pharma (or the deep state of which they and BP are a part). They are also silent on the Fort Detrick, American roots of the Covid Bioweapons*

    The Globalist Plutocrats (Rothschilds, Schwab, Gates, etc.). These are mainly interested in using the Covid Lie to advance the great reset (i.e. massive wealth transfer from everybody else to the super-rich), world domination and population reduction. The Covid Lie and the Vax Killshot are key elements in their plans. They are not interested in WW3 since they know–rightly–that such a war cannot be controlled. They are not particularly hostile to China since they admire its totalitarianism and anti-Christianity; but they are worried about Russia since it is a nation which is rediscovering and reviving its Christianity and organic nationalism. These globalists, I think, will push the Covid Lie as long as they can. (It seems they are succeeding since, as far as I can tell, most people are going along with the Covid Omicron lie.)

    The Democratic Party/Biden administration: a weird amalgamation of zealous woke progressives, LGBTQS, Zionists (yes the Dems, like the Republicans/Neocons are also, in the end, Zionists), and Russia Haters. These are mainly subservient to the Globalist plutocrats. These too will push the Covid lie for as long as possible.

    The problem for them is that their administration is rapidly failing on all fronts (a senile president, a lousy economy, covid tyranny, etc), so my fear is that the *Dems will provoke a war with Russia* to save their administration.

    In the event of such a war, it will be hard not root for Russia.

    1. Dear Chris

      I consider the possibility of the current world-wide spy-op to be organized as you describe. That is, the beast controls both sides of the coin. This approach has been in use for a long time. Either way, we are dealing with a great evil, which is now installing itself for everyone to see. But many are choosing darkness and ignorance over light and eternal freedom. The words of our Lord are now made clear for anyone who wishes to understand them.

  21. Sorry, there was a typo. The final sentence should read:

    In the event of such a war, *it will be hard not to root for Russia.*

  22. Dear Br Bugnolo

    In addition to Nuremberg 2.0 to wipe out all actors and supporting cast to this genocide, please consider adding “return to sound money” at the right moment (not now).

    This was already implicit in your exhortation to dump financial assets in favour of gold, silver and palladium. You were advocating a return to sound money.

    Leaving the printing of fiat in the hands of the globalists is the root of this evil.

    This may not be the right time to mention it as the financial system is still hobbling on. Also, it is important to keep things simple because the resistance is scattered. I’m sure you’ve thought of this.

    Once currencies crash and people rush to metals and crypto, this will be an easy sell.

    The globalists will definitely attempt to offer a centrally controlled currency as the solution.

    It will fail.

  23. The absurdity of the “narrative” is now so obvious that indeed it looks like a little respite from the bloody murder of forced vax/extermination camps – hopefully.

    I have come across the claim globalists are playing both sides about a month ago – and it is out there much longer. I think one of the guys trying to rise awareness is Ritchie from Boston. He noticed that most vocal opposition – in particular Dr. Carrie Madej (Ritchie came somehow too close to that person) but also Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Mike Adams, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Martin David, David Icke, just to name a few ….a large number of the most well known opposition names are connected – through Sasha Stone – and his broad “ecumenical” initiatives to …the UN. They all are a part of a certain group of secret knowledge the sign of which is…hexagram. Most of them are into “frequencies” and “vibrations of love” – New Age new speak – even while many portray themselves as “Christians”. What this means is that Globalists have coopted – as they usually do – both parties – the cruel reseters and milder “love-do-good” party. The are both sides of the same team.

    What results is even more dangerous deception. The crude “satanic” terror is being replaced with the angelic “light bearer”. You will no more be forced into submission. Instead, the ambition is now to “save and liberate you” completely win you over with the greatest deception of all: to love and admire the Lucifer – as the bearer of light.

    …..as token of that “love” just a little sign of loyalty, of your personal participation: the Mark.

    Bergolian anti-church would be the focus of the said one – just as it was part of La Salette: “The Rome will lose faith and will become seat of the Antichrist.” The vast majority of people will get deceived.

    1. Yep. Pope Francis was put into power to Destroy the Church and lead everyone into the One World Religion.

      They are building the World Headquarters now, and it will be done this year.

    2. “Ritchie from Boston” touts flat earth psyop nonsense. Even before that he raised red flags with his behavior. Alex Jones is another gatekeeping bait and switcher along with David Icke. David Martin has the eye of Horus tattooed on his arm, masonic symbolism on his website etc. Carrie Madej’s been dragged by the msm as being connected with the Q Anon psyop, even though Carrie’s never mentioned QAnon in anything I’ve seen with her. Dunno if she’s a plant, however she was in a near fatal plane crash over the summer which she apparently was very grateful to survive (many such “accidents” for genuine dissidents). Whether that’s any indication of her authenticity I leave that up to the reader. She seems to have gone quiet since the accident.

  24. A few thoughts:
    1. To Dana: Depopulation is an indisputable agenda of the ruling elite, summarized by the Club of Rome (evil secret society that is not in Rome) around 1970 when they told us: “The world has a cancer and the cancer is man.” They and their minions (like Henry Kissinger blatantly) have PLANNED & LABORED for DECADES for ways to ELIMINATE a large portion of the world’s population. The abortion, contraception, “climate change,” “zero carbon” emissions (so humans die), “Agenda 21” (now “Agenda 2030”) and war, etc., etc. agendas have done – and are slated to keep doing — a substantial and basically silent job killing people for the last many decades. The covid deployment is another tentacle of the depopulation octopus. Jacques Cousteau and Ted Turner both told us openly that the plan is to decimate the world’s population by about 90%. This depopulation agenda is not something that will go away, but rather is accelerating.
    2. To several other posters above, I would like to add that, yes, there are many tools still in the globalist toolkit, most of which I think we will soon see. These “tools/weapons” were foreseen either in the still as yet not-publicly-revealed 3rd Secret of Fatima or they have been announced by authentic seer-saints: World War III, pandemics that will truly kill like the Black Death (perhaps Ebola or Marburg – a la Bill Gates), and a global financial collapse (a la Rothschilds). Any or all of these planned attacks from the globalist arsenal will advance the “great reset” and squash any growing resistance movement that they might infiltrate.
    3. Add to the mix that we have been assured: a) by Killiam Gates that “pandemic #2” is coming; and b) by Janet Napolitano that a nationwide grid-down scenario is “not a matter of if, but when.” Thus, it seems pretty certain that any (or all) of the above stated scenarios/weapons in the new world order arsenal can be used at any time to obliterate any pushback that an awakening populace might present. And the Japanese fear of a weapon “behind every blade of grass” in the USA is a moot point now since space-based weapons (fraud Trump’s “Space Force”) can beam down directed energy death rays or mind control on all of us. And thus a traditionally armed population at this point in history is of little significant avail.

    Ultimately, I do not think the globalists fear the awakening populations. They may adapt their timetable of destruction, or divert tactics a bit, but they have far too big of a tool kit in their arsenal to seriously change plans. The globalists may appear to be “scared” of (or “surprised” at) the pushback, and they may indeed adjust some tactics to address all the enraged soccer moms, but it seems to me that, per prophecy, their overall plan will be to push relentlessly toward their global totalitarian dictatorship via one or all of the above-mentioned deadly scenario weapons (regardless of citizen pushback). The resulting global gulag – that IS coming — will then only be destroyed by the Fatima-predicted Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.
    The global elite may have started pretending to be surprised or hindered as awareness rises, but without a massive global conversion to God, our entire planet has a date with a prophesied catastrophic future and destiny. And the details of this reckoning that have been predicted at Fatima and elsewhere are materializing before our eyes and racing toward fulfillment as we speak…

  25. Hi there. Great work, but I think you will find this quite interesting.

    I have long been a fan of Project Veritas, but AIM4Truth has some Intel that is very explosive on the entire matter-Fauci- O’Keefe, Malone and especially the Covid/Vax Plandemic. Gabriel and Mckibben have the BEST Research Team out there.

    AIM4Truth Calls Out Project Veritas as Being Controlled Opposition Running Cover for The Pilgrims Society January 12, 2022

    I think you will find this one very interesting as well.

    DARPA Patents Prove Vax Transhuman Bio-Hacking Methods: Swabs = Flash Drives, Mask Worms = Power Source, “Vax” = BIOS re-Flash, 5G = OTA (Over the Air Realtime Firmware Re-Writer) Plazma Video
    Tuesday, January 11, 2022


  26. Bro Bugnolo, if the globalists are changing gears now with the Covid narrative how will they bring in the great reset with a micro chip ? This agenda is to depopulate the world and to take mankind to transhumanism or post human society. How will they achieve this objective without the Covid 19 vaccination, mask narrative ?
    Are they going to come up with another virus ? Also to achieve cashless digital currency they need to bring the collapse of the economy so the covid 19 narrative would be the ideal way forward for them why would they change the obedient sheep from doing what they are doing now.

  27. Vive la Vendee stated this-

    ”The resulting global gulag – that IS coming — will then only be destroyed by the Fatima-predicted Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.
    The global elite may have started pretending to be surprised or hindered as awareness rises, but without a massive global conversion to God, our entire planet has a date with a prophesied catastrophic future and destiny. And the details of this reckoning that have been predicted at Fatima and elsewhere are materializing before our eyes and racing toward fulfillment as we speak…”

    We say that you have stated the TRUTH, and NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

    We also want to add that the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY has made it perfectly clear that HEAVEN and HER CHOICE of weapon for us is to use the weapon of PRAYING OUR DAILY HOLY ROSARY, and also actively doing our part according to our state in life.

    The war between satan versus GOD is being carried out through satan’s minions and GOD’s children on earth in our present time. This has been the same way throughout human salvation history since the Garden of Eden, throughout the battle times revealed through the Bible, and today as well.

    We are now ONE DAY CLOSER to the hoped for and promised CONSECRATION of RUSSIA, and THE TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART; and this means everything because GOD and HIS PLAN IS EVERYTHING as HE will once again defeat satan and his minions.

    We are on the winning side of JESUS CHRIST’S VICTORY.

    When we turn to GOD in FAITHFUL obedience, it is HE WHO gives us HIS MOTHER, who is OUR MOTHER MARY, that we will understand [a.k.a. see the light], as SHE provides the graces we need to persevere in this evil age, and along with thIs we receive the blessings SHE gives in order for us to fight the good fight.


  28. I want to add that there is nothing to prevent the Good from *using* the insights and revelations of certain factions of the Wicked. Thus, Malone/Project Veritas may have a bad agenda; but there is no reason why we can’t use their influence/momentum/revelations for the good: i.e., by taking down Fauci, the CDC, and slowing down the gears of the beast’s machine.

    We can then shift our focus and defeat Bannon/Malone, et al.

    Divide and Conquer, isolate and destroy each organ of the beast.

  29. Sorry guys, you need to read Operation Lockstep and review what Billy himself has said. He’s uncanny “prophetic” about stuff. There will be a war, a plague or just a plain old economic collapse … or some combo thereof. They hold all the cards and will force their way on humanity. It is a zero sum game. Whoever loses hangs, and they don’t intend to hang. Momentary tactical retreats just fit their overall strategy. Wake up folks. I wish it weren’t so, but we need to fully grasp the perfidy here and just believe what they themselves have publicly proclaimed. Or you could just reread end times prophesies., which many of you were swearing by until the latest psychop was unleashed. It’s Lord of The Rings. Plan accordingly.

  30. Commenters have made some very good points of truth and analysis here. It is imperative to understand what has taken place, those who are involved, and what we must actively do.

    FAITH in God’s plan instead of ”their plan” or in ourselves and our plan, and reforming ourselves in obedience to GOD’S plan is what matters for humanity today because the truth is that ONLY GOD HOLDS ALL THE CARDS.

    It is most important to believe what GOD and the blessed VIRGIN MARY have revealed and to be completely obedient to GOD rather than trust in man to solve this because GOD is allowing HIS and our enemies to carry out a chastisement at this point in salvation history.

    GOD’S myriad WARNINGS, especially through HIS MOTHER in HER CHURCH APPROVED APPARITIONS, have provided all of us with is clear warnings so that we might have avoided what we are now experiencing.

    Even though GOD is longsuffering and has great patience, the time is NOW for humanity to turn back to GOD.

    Catholics and those Christians of good will, have tolerated way too much of all those who are satan’s evil children such as counterfeit antipope bergoglio and his other supporting priests and religious along with the totalitarian financiers who love money and hate mankind [a.k.a. goyim according to them], NGO’s, politicians, judges, doctors, lawyers, media titans, those who use technology to enslave, Marxist educators, and purveyors and manipulators of fake science, etc., etc., etc. who trash GOD’S WAY, TRUTH and LIFE.

    In the many years gone by of allowing the mounting of Godlessness by removing GOD from the public square, rejecting GOD by bowing down to their evils by allowing the satanists to take control of our planet, we have committed ourselves to reap now what we have sowed.

    For so very many decades now, we have allowed, tolerated, and supported the enemies of GOD as they have codified into law and carried out their step by step plan to destroy GOD’S WAYS. The Globalist elites who are satanists have carried out their plan to silence us through campaign after campaign and mantra after mantra by using their agents on television, their infamous Hollywood idols, and their movies that control the minds of many. They have created sports’ idols to seduce us, manipulative political figures to destroy our countries, evil music celebrities to tempt us and fuel our weaknesses. The perverted presstitutes who bombard us within the controlled media present fake news reports and feed us lies and deceptions on behalf of their globalist masters who own all the main stream communications’ venues. These enemies of GOD and mankind have and continue to use manipulative psychological programming to shame us and, thereby, convince multitudes of people to reject the TRUE GOD, and they have indeed programmed and indoctrinated entire populations of the world to forget the TRUE GOD and abandon HIS WAYS, and to replace GOD’S WAYS with that which is immoral, anti GOD, and pro satan.

    THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DEFEAT satan [ along with satan’s minions] IS GOD. GOD expects HIS CHILDREN to fight according to what HE determines in HIS PLAN. Understand carefully and follow GOD’S REVEALED PLANS for all HIS CHILDREN and learn the lessons in the BIBLE regarding ADAM and EVE, Noah, Abraham and Isaac, Moses, the falling of the walls of Jericho, CALVARY, the Institution of GOD’S TRUE CHURCH, The ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC Church, and so forth.

    In His Bible, GOD reveals clearly that When GOD’S PLAN was obeyed, GOD blessed humanity and mankind flourished in FAITH. When people followed the ways of satan through his minions and instead obeyed them and their evil ways, GOD REMOVED HIS BLESSINGS and chastised mankind. In order that mankind was enabled to return to GOD, GOD always required them to repent, convert themselves back to GOD’S WAY, TRUTH and LIFE. In other words, GOD offered HIS PLAN of reconciliation to the people, and those who accepted to follow HIS PLAN and separate themselves from the ways of satan and stop sininng against GOD were, therefore, forgiven and then received blessings from GOD again.

    In HEBREWS 13:8 we are told this – “Jesus Christ yesterday, and to-day; and the same for ever. ”

    God will bring about the greater good from the evil as HE always does in HIS PERFECT WISDOM, PERFECT PLAN, and PERFECT TIMING.

    Every human being is a sinner. In addition, mankind worldwide have sinned either through participation and/ or tolerance for the sins and offenses against GOD that cry out for vengeance and therefore sinners merit eternal death / damnation unless man turns back to GOD through repentance. Men and women globally are responsible for this present day global chastisement we are now experiencing.

    Even so, GOD REVEALS THIS TO US IN DEUTERONOMY 30:19 “I call heaven and earth to witness this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose therefore life, that both thou, and thy seed may live.”

    OUR GOD WILL DELIVER US WHEN ENOUGH PEOPLE TURN BACK TO HIM, FOLLOW HIS REVEALED PLAN, and TRUST IN HIM instead of ourselves or any others who are but dust and ashes as we all are.

    1. The BBC is Pilgrim Society. This means that they have joined Skull and Bones in the narrative shift.

  31. The BBC Fauci vid does not lampoon him. If it did it would show all his reversals, contradictions, etc. Instead, it presents his tenure as the trials and tribulations of a “real scientist” vs. a “clown” president and an “aggressive inquisitorial Senator. ” He deserves to be lampooned/critiqued but this isn’t it.

  32. Thank you Brother Alexis, but my question is, you say that things are changing, but they are enforcing Covid mandates more than ever. They are still canceling everyone that is against them. In DC people have to have a picture ID and a medical proof that they are vaccinated. I don’t see where they are slowly taking down the Covid narrative its being forced everywhere. Praying for you daily brother, God Bless.

    1. Skull & Bones is not the only lodge. The other powerful lodge in the USA is the Delaware Lodge. They are the ones who buried the Articles of Confederation, a Christian constitution, and replaced it illegally with the present Constitution. That is why Biden and DC push the Vaxx, he is from Delaware,you know…

      1. Yes Brother but my question is: You had said in your video about Skull and Crossroads that they realize that there plan is nit working so we are doing f to start seeing them admit that it was a plan and we are going to see the mandates lifted ans them acting like it was evil and people caused it. Why are we not seeing that in the United States? I believe that you had said things like we are seeing more things on the news now that say somethings going on. In the US brother they are pushing restrictions more than ever I’m just confused?

      2. Their pivot will show itself true or false. But yes, it could be only a temporary relaxation to avoid the inflection point, when the majority realize that they need to be taken to justice. If you cannot see any evidence for it, it is because you are not watching all the news sources that many of us are following.

  33. Greetings from Australia. Ok, so… Because the globalists have all the power in their hands, and because, as you perfectly stated – “they are experts at staying in power”, how we can ever hope to defeat them? I mean, they own literally everything. How do you see that scenario unfolding of people winning this war? Is that even theoretically possible? God bless.

  34. Which genocide of 2 billion people? The one predicted by this site in 2021 that never happened?

  35. Br. Bugnolo,

    Perhaps if you’re right about the globalists drawing back (albeit strategically) for the next two or three years, maybe that will give you the opportunity to relax and write another book before the next big “push”. All work and no play, lol…

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