Dr. Vernon Coleman: How Globalists will use Euthanasia to harvest Humanity

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Vernon Coleman: How Globalists will use Euthanasia to harvest Humanity”

  1. Infinite Dignity may be a code name. “Dignity” is used often by those who promote euthanasia. Suffering before dying is not undignified. There is nothing ignominious in suffering. Redemption requires suffering.

  2. This was so hard to watch. We need a completely new medical system. How long have they been murdering for transplants? Perhaps this is not a new thing.

  3. Because most people cannot face the real truth, this man’s post will probably be rejected as conspiracy theory by many of them..The truth is not something most people are interested in because it is challenging to the average mind, and they don’t want to face it. head on.

  4. Death by nurses too , as happened during the covid lockdowns in nursing homes with midazolam. A friend told me of the circumstances of her mother’s death a decade ago in a public hospital, To relieve her mother’s suffering in the last stage of life, a nurse gave her a morphine shot in the morning. A few hours later, another nurse came to give her a second morphine shot. My friend told the nurse that her mother had already been given morphine. The nurse looked at the patient notes and told her it wasn’t written down, and proceeded to give her mother a second morphine shot. Her mother died a few hours later. The family did not ask for an inquiry unfortunately. At the very least, it was a medical error. My friend’s view now is that her mother was “deliberately euthanized”.

    1. Your friend’s mother was almost certainly put on the “Liverpool Care Pathway”, since rebranded, but probably little changed otherwise.

  5. I will post this to Telegram and X. Can you add Telegram to your icons for sharing. This is disturbing and we have all seen the signs about what’s coming. Think about the questionnaire you’re given at your doctors office that include things like
    -Can you dress without help
    -Can you shower without help
    -Do you feel depressed
    -Have you fallen in the last 3 months
    All this data is being collected to see how productive you are or aren’t.
    Covid was a test run folks. What they did during covid was genocide and not a single one of them are being held accountable. Start with a firing squad for Fauci!

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