20 thoughts on “The Scamdemic was a US Military Black Op, aimed at killing us all”

  1. Br. Alexis,
    In your fervor to exact justice for the intentional genocide of so many people, I don’t think you are giving careful thought to how your words may be construed at a later date. If civil unrest breaks out, and citizens are shot and arrested, those who incited vigilantes may very well be the next group thrown under the bus. You are producing evidence with every video you publish.
    I care what happens to you. Post this comment or not, as you wish. But please think about it. Don’t think you are immune. We’re talking about people with no conscience.

      1. We can not live in fear.
        God will protect you ,or anybody helping in this espiritual battle, thru St Michael The Archangel, by the intercession of the Virgin Mary, because you are fighting on her side during these end times.

        God bless you.

      2. The currency of heaven is love.
        The medium you move through in heaven is love.
        All love comes from God.

        If you love someone, the love originates with God, passes through a willing person (you), and is received by another person ( if they are willing to receive it).

        Most of us do an imperfect job of receiving love, and an imperfect job of passing it on, but those of us who are willing do the best that we can.

        Jesus told us to love our enemies as well, not just the people who love us back. Why did He tell us to do that?
        Here are some possibilities:
        1) He wants us to practice at loving everyone, because when we get to heaven that’s what will be required of us.
        2) By truly loving our enemies, we demonstrate the difference Christ has made in us, thus demonstrating that He lives!
        3) He knows that Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and can turn evil people around, which would happen more often if more good people would just love more evil people.
        4) He wants to see if we really want to go to heaven ( the place where love is) for eternity of our own free will, or to the other place, where there is no love.
        5) He wants to see if we will do the things He has told us to do.

        Br. Alexis, whatever you do, do it out of love and not out of anger or hate, because if you die doing it, you surely want God to know that you are choosing heaven. And that will be my prayer for you as well.

      3. Deborah, you do not know God. Because the God who is love destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Your god of love does not exist except in some cheap books on spirituality pushed by the Masonic lodge, so that their evil can prosper on Earth contrary to the will of God, who in charging man to care for this world, has given him the responsibility to maintain and restore justice, a work which requires the punishment of evil. Evil of this magnitue is like the evil of a terrorist coming at you with a loaded machine gun. You are welcome to go an attempt to hug him, but if a man has a gun, and truly loves the innocent who are about to be killed, he is going to shoot him down before he starts speaking. — This is the difference between true Christianity and false Christianity. And you are on the wrong side of the lines, because you have unwittingly been targeted by propaganda from Hell.

      4. Ditto Brother but I am wondering if Dr Malone is. He is suing Dr Jane Ruby and the Drs Breggin for millions.
        Meanwhile , the anti covid jab “truther” Dr Malone , appears to have been bringing his own DNA gene jab to market.
        Doesn’t sound like chemicals I would want in my children’s bodies.
        God Bless both the Breggins and Dr Jane Ruby ,the latter having been responsible for making the public aware of the amyloid proteins filling the blood vessels of covid shot victims according to embalmers.
        Dr Malone’s actions appear to be very harsh towards people he appears to share the same goals with.
        He should be sitting down with them working their differences out rather than trying to wipe them out and shut them up.

    1. We should not be fearful of what they may do to us. We are just passing though this earth.

    2. Courage is a gift of the Holy Spirit.
      Cowards go to Hell, as a punishment. It is written on the last page of the book of Apocalypse, among other sinners ( perverts, homosexuals/liars among men, those who cause scandals, those who love lies )

  2. Trump told us from the start it’s a military operation. He literally used those words in every covid press conference. Surrounded by his military generals who said the same.
    I was startled by the language and display, but when I spoke with others about it, they just shrugged it off.

    As in Italy, where I live in the US, the distribution was also via the military and also top secret…and citing terrorist concerns, as well.

    My question, now, is, from where are the local pharmacies obtaining the shot? They seem to have ample supply readily available on site.
    And also, what about that ultra deep freeze storage that was required at the roll out? Doesn’t seem to be an issue now.

    1. It Italy no one has the bluetooth signals, and most were vaccinated outside of Pharmacies where there was no refrigeration at all, other than a picknick box with ice in it. So ironically, the sad and poor state of public health care in many nations may have saved billions of lives…

  3. The reason for the deep refrigeration was to keep the parasites that become those occlusive clots from growing too large to inject. Otherwise, standard cooler is sufficient.
    The thing about your comment that concerns me is that the whole globe somehow fell prey to an US military operation. The Chinese military are at least as powerful, probably more so than ours is today, and would NOT just roll over, nor would the Arab nations, among others, just because Uncle Sam said so! The US does not even control the US, let alone the world, nor have we for over a century. IF it was a military operation, it would have to be an UN operation, to warrant or command compliance globally.

    1. You are reacting this way, because you have been mislead into thinking the CCP is an anti-western entity, when it in fact has been doing the will of the Masonic lodges from the beginning, because they founded it. It is an operation based on experiments they were doing with social engineering since the North American Phalanx.

    2. You have to go back and listen what Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude and Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Tritto had already said about it. If I’ll find those videos, I’ll put them here…..
      Also, some time before the plandemic, the American Congress, in a moratorium, forbidden the manipulation of the viruses on the humans (sorry for not being able to express more accurate in English) so, they move in China where, with the know-how of the French, with the money of the Germans, built a P4 laboratory in Wuhan, headed by a woman scientific researcher trained mainly in France……. And the story goes on.

      She talks also about the Anti-Flu campaign for the elders done in the North of Italy, especially in the province of Bergamo, in Lombardia (genetically directed weapon to the Etruscian haplo-group who, by tradition, naturally, rejects any kind of vaxx…. Campaign done in oct-nov 2019… And we already know what followed. 😥




      Search for the entire interview by Franco Fracassi with Prof. Giuseppe Tritto…..
      And other vidéo and interview with Alexandra Henrion-Caude…. She, somehow, uses the amphibologic communication ☺️

      1. The entire virus development programs is bunk, propaganda, because viruses do not make you sick, even if they exist as such,

  4. The apocalyptic level of evil here is unprecedented.
    Is this satan’s “last throw of the dice”?
    Does he know his time is almost up??

    Bishop Sheen, writing in 1959, when the Cold War against the Communists was at its height, correctly described some of the manifestations of evil which we can now see all too clearly in anything & everything concerning the scamdemic and the death-vaxxes:-
    “It is hard for many in the free world to believe that there are not only bad men, but evil men.
    Bad men steal, rape, ravage and plunder.
    Bad men who steal admit honesty, evil men who do not steal call dishonesty ‘honesty’, totalitarianism ‘democracy’, slavery ‘freedom’.
    Evil men can be nice at table, polite with women, courteous in Washington, refined in London and calm in Geneva.
    [from ‘Communism and Tragedy’ published in The Toledo Blade, Sunday July 26, 1959. I have added capitals as emphasis.]

    “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle…….etc.”

    1. Very true. That’s why we are called to be vigilant. We should learn to analyze all information. It’s a spiritual war that’s happening these days especially now as the messages from the our lady that he’ll is emptied, and where are they?

  5. Finally some sense comes to all of this!

    Its great to have your site promote this definitive finding. I saw the self-assembling technology in early November, Dr Nixon and assigned it at that time, as another”possible truth”.

    I also noted the DoD designation of the the Spike Protein as a “/A” bioweapon designation. This detail seemed validated back in 2021. I think they call such things “countermeasures” in military jargon.

    The association of Dr Nixon’s work with this Lifesite article lends more credence to his findings. We certainly have confirmation of electrical nature of some contents and outcomes.

    The depopulation agenda is almost unarguable. My next logical question is…. maybe this is an off-world or alien agenda. Is their aim to “terra-form” our known planet.. I note that regular animal populations are also falling and geo-engineering seems widespread.

    In the short to medium term its probably better that they aim to retain some trans-humans since that would afford the remainder (purebloods) a chance to fight-back. I do however suppose their intention is only for a slave class of automata, if they retain any of us at all.

    1. The level of malignancy in this operation does lead many to think of extra-terrestrial aliens, but the whole concept of extra-terrestrial aliens was invented by the DoD to over their operations. No, the truth is that the small elite who rule this world hate us as much as aliens would if they existed. And it is hard for the human mind to grasp and come to terms with such hatred. But that is the truth.

      1. Brother Alexis, I value your perspective. I agree with your tenet that UFO’s are a useful cover for advanced technology in the hands of the Military.

        It seems to me that since our history has been contrived to cover up knowledge and assets from the past, then this gaping chasm in know-how has created a distancing of those “leaders” from us regular humans, such they they believe they are gods themselves… from your religious background you will have immense perspectives.

        I list a few possibilities that are, in my mind ever more likely from these evil entities (assuming they are not alien). I would be interested in your feedback, or indeed anyones confirmation.

        1) Education and history has been completely knobbled, filled with falsity and manipulation to rob us of religious spirituality and confidence in our own moral basis

        2) Healthcare has been re-purposed to create fear, to sicken people, for profit dependency along with shortened and enfeebled existence.

        3) Geo-Engineering has been weaponised against the seasons, the sky, the atmosphere and our sunshine. Think storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, rain, drought.

        4) Animal experimentation has run amok, in secret. It is even likely that humans are used for re-engineering, organ harvesting. I now think its likely we are intermingled with clone variants, augmented and copied versions or ourselves.

        5) The obvious micro-machinery and nano-technology in the jabs reveals and level of sophistication that must has been pregnant in contrivance for many years prior. That we recognise this leap in technology does not preclude yet far more advanced science that we do not even know about..yet.

        6) The level of co-ordination of Governments, media, police and military in this depopulation suggests a level of human conformity and souless obeyance that can only be achieved following decades of mental and physical “programming”. I have been trying to explain this in my own mind with adherence to secret societies, blackmail, bribery and satan worship but I cannot assign these plethora of causes to my neighbour and my street of neighbours…

        7) The Smartphone and 5G telecommunications infrastructure seems a growing and ever present oversight. It is simply incredible that these evil people think that such hardware and connectedness does not present an obvious achillies heel in their control grid.

        I am sorry for this rambling list of collateral items. I believe that there will be cracks in their wall, in their awful plans. We need to search for them and exploit these failings.

        Thanks for your fabulous web resource and stoic beliefs.
        Dr Paolo.

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