VAERS data shows 20-25 increase in death rate within first months after being DeathVaxxed

Editor’s Note: Here at, I get cheap trolling which attempts to discredit criticism of the DeathVaxxes on the basis of the expected mortality resulting from them according their critics. Here we have a medical expert who also got it wrong before hand. As in every investigation, the truth becomes more clear as more evidence comes in. It is insane to criticize the investigators, so as to defend the perpetrators, unless you are a lawyer defending the perps.

VATICAN removes Code of Canon Law from website to protect Bergoglio from claims he is Anti-Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The demonstration in the Italian social media world, that Benedict XVI is the pope has reached such a level of universal agreement, that the Vatican has resorted to one of the most vile tricks on the internet: it has removed from its official website the entire text, in all languages, of the Code of Canon Law! (see here: )

The text as it heretofore existed was a constant reference to canonists and scholars the world over, considered as it was the most reliable and readily available edition.

It was especially important to demonstrate that Benedict XVI is still the pope. Thousands of articles on the web linked to it. Now those links go no where.

Its various vernacular translations were no less important, for showing the devious conspiracy and gross ignorance which has prevailed for nearly 40 years in twisting the understanding of the canons.

But now every part of the Code has disappeared. An act which will surely spark even greater controversies and speculations in Italy and throughout the Church.

And the removal was done in a very indecorous manner, as all one gets is a 404 error.

You think that on a budget of 50 Million euro they could hire a middle school student to code a page to receive 404 errors!

There is some speculation that the Vatican website has been hacked, but from my 25+ years of work on running websites in several countries and environments, I do not think that has happened.

Rather, this is all part of the messaging of an Ecclesiastical Mafia which has just sent a big message — equivalent to the middle finger — to everyone in the Church who wants a church of laws.

It also sends a strong message to anyone who wants a discussion based on the laws of the Church.

Thankfully, there are many like myself with an actual hard copy of the 1983 Code as John Paul II published it. It also can still be found online at other websites such as here, in the standard worthless English translation.

If you know of online editions in Latin or other languages, please list them in the comments below.


The Fight over the Arizona Election is about prepping for the Next “Pandemic”

Editor’s Note: Who can be sure what the Globalists are going to spring upon us next? but this program offers a prudent proactive viewpoint about how to prepare to resist and survive it. For those who are financially capable, this advice should be heard. Most Catholics are doing nothing, even though among the opposition. If the next Scamdemic is launched on us in the next 3 months, I dare say none of us will survive it, except the handful of my readers who have already gone off grid and become preppers.

In the second half of this report, there is a commentary on the desocialization of a population, based on a 1960’s study of mice. The analysis is a very sound one, and sends an alarm to all of today and offers a good prospective on what kinds of associates to chose and avoid. Because in the coming apocalypse, socialism will be the downfall of the human race, and only a return to traditional family and societal organization will save us.

Who is the Pope? — Fathers Rodriguez & Mawdsley respond

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This video was published by the Fatima Center 17 hours ago. I will comment on the strengths and weaknesses of its presentation of the question. It is good, that for the first time we have more than one priest, in the English speaking world, discussing this topic in public, together.

That being said, remember that The Fatima Center was founded by the crusading Marian priest, Father Nicholas Gruner, who gave a wonderful example of Marian piety, priestly fidelity and zeal in the service of Our Lady of Fatima for more than 40 years.

He was one of the first to say, that Pope Benedict XVI did not abdicate, and did this in 2014.

After his untimely death, the center he founded was headed by Father Paul Kramer who continues this approach to the controversy. But soon afterward he was ousted by pro-Bergoglian laypersons, who changed the public position of the organization on this point.


First, I will say that I know nothing about these two priests. And I will not judge what they say, on the basis that those who say it are priests, but only on the basis of whether what they say is founded upon facts and laws and logical argumentation, or not.

The speaker opens up with a very praiseworthy statement, that this question, Who is the Pope? needs to be asked, and answers should be given. The discussion of this should not be shut down.

Father Mawdsley opens with an error, by constricting the discussion to the level of opinion, as if nothing more than an opinion could be had. But no one has an opinion regarding 1 +1 =2, since an opinion is a holding of a judgement with the possibility that the contrary thesis might be true. But he is true when he says the Cardinals are yes men and that there is a lot of gas lighting on this topic.

Father Rodgriguez opens also with another grave error, by saying, “We will never know all the truth and facts”. He apparently does not understand that in a legal dispute one can have certainty, when a valid syllogism can be constructed by certain facts and laws.

I can from this point, for example, conclude with certitude that the discussion of these two priests cannot arrive at the truth, since they have eliminated truth, as a possibility, from the get go. Even though they both affirm that they doubt that Bergoglio is the true Pope and heretic.  — I gather, from this point, that neither has studied canon law or logic.

And since I am only interested in the truth, I will leave it to you my readers to watch the video and see what you find in it, since you won’t find it in this video.

However, I must respond to the most grave errors, which are these:

That Father Mawdsley who says that only for the Cardinals and higher clergy will be required for their salvation to adhere to the true pope, not the lower clergy and laity!  That contradicts Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII.

Having listened to the entire video, I can say, that ironically, these two priests never actually answer the question: they merely give reasons to remain calm until the answer is declared by the Church.

Oh my!


Italian 2 Star General endorses Cionci’s Book, “The Ratzinger Code”

General Piero Laporta is a retired General of the Italian Army Corp of Engineers, a resolute anti-Globalist and independent journalist. He operates the electronic journal, Oltre La Notizia.

RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Putin endorses Blockchain Ledgers at Artificial Intelligence Conference

Editor’s Note: This development is not surprising, since, as I observed earlier this year, the WEF goals of  the war in the Ukraine, included further incorporation of nations into the international Banking system.  Putin’s national bank head is a Rothschild protegé, as was shown in the OMC Radio TV Program entitled, “The Rothschild Controlled Terrorism of Russia and Azerbaijan”. This development means, therefore, that he has gotten the go ahead to endorse blockchain financial payments.

Operation Matchbox — The Canadian Govt. Scheme to import Nazi Scientists

The whole story is found in this PDF floating around the internet, with a preface in Japanese…

Of the 69 Nazi scientists who were eventually brought into Canada, none of the names is easily available, since it appears to involve personalities whose children and grand-children as well as the companies which profited from this, very sensitive to Canadian national security.

CREDITS: The Featured image is of a google image search for the Move by the same name.