Cardinal Burke finds enough benefactors to stay at Rome

Editor’s Note: America’s favorite Cardinal has at last found enough benefactors to remain at Rome, after being expelled from his low rent Cardinals-only flat near the Vatican. It is reported that he is now in an apartment which costs 8000 euros a month. I have no idea where that apartment is located, but for comparison here is a 280 sq. meter (3000 sq ft) apartment, near the Vatican, which is going for 7500 euro a month and which is still on the market, and appears to be of the kind fit for a Cardinal. — However, the news article does not make clear if the Cardinal remains at his old address and is now paying Pope Francis the rent, or whether he has a new pad, as they say. — As I have actually had the opportunity to visit Cardinal Burke’s old residence (when I asked for an appointment to speak with him in Dec. and January 2019/2020 about the Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI), I can say that that residence was probably no more than 2000 sq ft. and 3 bathrooms.

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2 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke finds enough benefactors to stay at Rome”

  1. Good for Cardinal Burke. Is there a non-Paypal way to contribute to him?
    Our family is doing the 9 month novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe that Cardinal Burke created for the faithful.

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