VATICAN: Pope Francis to remove both Roman Cardinal & Bishop who exposed Rupnik


Editor’s Note: In this update, from Catholic News Agency, there is a serious discrepancy with the historical record, Since that arctile claims that De Donatis praised the work of Fr. Rupnik, but the Cardinal in fact denounced the handling of the case of spiritual abuse, see here on Dec. 23, 2022 A. D..

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6 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis to remove both Roman Cardinal & Bishop who exposed Rupnik”

  1. The questions I have, is the current Pope sitting in the Throne of Peter, the Anti Christ.
    Is the removal of those bishop in the current diocese of Rome that have the power to remove Francis and have done nothing a sign from God that they had a chance to restore the Church but have not taken advantage of it. I.E. the Sutri Initiative et al.

    1. He cannot be the Antichrist, because the Fathers of the Church say that the antichrist will be Jewish and the son of a Bishop and a nun-whore. The 2 Bishops could have called for a Provincial council but did not. Or maybe they did and are being axed because they did. As I have said many times, if you do not remove the wicked from power you will eventually become their victim.

  2. Perhaps the last straw was De Donatis’s recent defense of Jesuit Father Marko Rupnik, accused of various forms of sexual and spiritual abuse; De Donatis responded by saying, “We ministers of Christ can’t be less committed to the due process of law, and less charitable, than a secular state, automatically transforming an accusation into a crime.”

    1. Guilt in the moral order is one thing, in the juridical order another. That Rupnik is guilty in the moral order, appears to be certain on account of the numerous allegations from credible victims. But that the Cardinal comment on how the Vatican went about investigating and responding to the accusations, can be true, regardless of whether Rupnik be guilty or not.

      1. Same for Vangheluwe from Belgium, ex pedo bishop covered up by Danneels, and now in disgrace. As Francis is scheduled to visit Belgium later this year, seeing that the visit is unwanted by the Belgium population because of multiple sexual scandals inside the Catholic Church, the Vatican wanted to speed up the laicization of Vangheluwe and “the due process of law”, i.e. secrecy of procedures, was not observed.

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