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As the next Plandemic is launched, a warning about AI Bots

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is being said that AI already is 30% of social media, and that the advent of AI will be the end of social media.

Readers of FromRome.Info already know from the many reports about the degrading social media experience on Twitter (now X), how I have expressed my concerns that social media is becoming totally manipulative, not only at the level of information, or social monitoring, but also on the level of impersonations and fake content and fake replies.

I have taken note that AI bots have been faking themselves as commentators at FromRome.Info too.

For this reason, I want to warn all the readers of that as the Plandemic is hatched to expect to see a new wave of highly sophisticated, unending harassment and fake engagement from an new information warrior: the AI Bot.

AI bots can be more vicious and insidious than all others. They will be relentless. Therefore, on social media platforms where you cannot block a troll or bot, you take the most prudent step by simply leaving it aside as a means for social interaction, and using it only briefly for information gathering.

As an anthropologist, who was trained to study the human phenomenon, I want to give you some rules to follow, to help you discern if the engagement on social media is for real or not.

First, never respond to any engagement from someone you do not already know. This is the best rule, because your God given memory cannot be altered, and thus, the best security is to make no new friends. Period.

Second, if you want to vet a new acquaintance, realize that during wartime — and this Plandemic will be a war — it is not at all prudent to make new friends. At all.

Third, only if you see repeated, effective opposition against the Plandemic by an individual who is against the entire narrative, without reservations, don’t even consider befriending them. And even then, if this person just became a warrior against Globalism as the Plandemic breaks out, then you can bet your money that they are a controlled opposition figure.

Fourth, if you want to certify that a social media account is fake, there are obvious signs, such as its inability to produce authentic human engagement responses, now and in the past. Most importantly, their inability to have human sentiments in rational coordination with the whole of their behavior. Their inability to coordinate in a human way the movement of their face with the sounds of the voice you hear. Their inability to show their entire body. Their inability to have human imperfections in their appearance or statements. The inconsistent, non rational, discombobulated syntax, or the ever-hyper consistent rational form: since only humans can mix-up rationality and sentiment in a human way.

In addition to defending yourself against AI bots, you need to keep in mind that they will have an effect, whether you know it or  not, upon those who allow themselves to be manipulated by them.

Thus, realize that many of your old friends or even neighbors are going to be under psychological attack, in an attempt to flip them against you, if you are opposed to the Great Reset. The Globalists have been using social media for 20+ years to map our the 6 degrees of association, between everyone and everyone else, such that, if they cannot break your own spirit or change your mind, they will go after those, whom they think can produce such an effect. Remain calm if this happens, and try to help them not to fall into anti-social behaviors, but if they break down, then separate from them before they drag you under.

These AI bots might spread rumors about you in town, on your street, even create fake posts claiming you did or said something. So if you are leaving social media, the best thing to do is tell everyone now that you are, and that you are erasing all your accounts, and not to believe anything claimed to be said by you on social media, after this date, is really you. Otherwise, monitor your social media accounts to make sure that nothing is posted there except by yourself.

In this vein, don’t confuse the importance of the internet for getting opposition information with the danger of the internet for human interaction. Everything you do here is monitored. Consider yourself in open country, where you can be seen at all times, as soon as you log on.

As I and AJ have warned you in July, you have to avoid social media isolation and being targeted on your weak spots.

Finally: don’t think you are going to get through this next War on humanity by yourself. Turn back to Jesus Christ, pray His Holy Mother and His Saints for their protection, and try with all the constancy of your mind, to maintain a faith filled attitude and consoling personal approach to help the victims of this war, who will be many.


How the Globalists are upending the world-wide resistance to the Great Reset

Editor’s Note: This is my April 29, 2023 A. D. update to my previous video of January 14, 2022 A. D., entitled, How Skull & Bones plans to co-opt world-wide resistance to the Scamdemic, which itself was a second installment on, “Beware as Skull & Bones Pivots“, by which I foretold a week beforehand how the Covid Narrative would be dumped. — I have made today’s video in suchwise that you may be able to upload it to BigTech Media platforms, so feel free to do so, as I release the intellectual rights I have over it, for such uses: though I urge you to do so under a non-paid anonymous account, because of what I say in it.

The criterion of Civilization

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Catholic Church is in an existential crisis. That is clear. Cardinals and Bishops and clergy and religious and even laymen and lay women are demanding that the Faith change and that that which we received from our Fathers be left behind.

And though this is a great error and apostasy, of the kind which in the past has been seen in different crises in history, the novelty of our own age, is that those who say that they oppose it are failing to react against it.

And in this we face the worst form of pacifism, which is the indifferencet to error.

Because if you no longer care what society regards as true or false, you no longer care what is true or false itself. And that makes it impossible to have any relationship with the living God as His subject and servant: with the God Who alone is the source of life, history, and that human prosperity, which is called civilization.

I warned about this 16 months ago, when I spoke about how Skull and Bones was pivoting to prevent a reaction against the Scamdemic. I told you all that they would insist on supporting those who did not want anything done in retribution to the massive crime they perpetrated upon humanity. That they would work to prevent such a reaction.

And so it has happened.

Those who loudly proclaimed their opposition to the scam just 16 months ago, as they woke up into the reality of what had been perpetrated, have all gone silent, nearly. Many very sound solutions proposed have never been put into practice. The opposition has become harder to hear and more divided among themselves. And those who had their lives saved, because they found the truth from outlying voices, have forgotten even to remember who their true friends are.

The criterion of civilization therefore is also at an existential risk. For if we do nothing, we are pretending that nothing has happened. Which is the worse way to condone the worse collective of abusers on the planet, the globalists.

The loan voices who have spoke up, now need their listeners to speak up. A tidal wave of calumny and libel has been launched against us all, and the global big tech platforms are repositioning themselves to utterly silence them forever.

Take for example Twitter 2.0 and Instagram. By changing their platforms so that no one is heard without paying a monthly fee, they can not only instantly censor a voice but find out who they are and shut down their credit card, bank account, and get them fired from their jobs, cutting off all means of support and all means of reaching out for help.

The next Scamdemic will be perfect, therefore, because those who escaped the past scamdemic have ignored the criterion of civilization: that the good and honest must cooperate to build structures of support and communication which will survive the barbarian assaults to come.

I for my part thank God that years beforehand He inspired me and AJ to begin Ordo Militaris Catholicus, which has consistently and constantly proposed solutions to the threats launched against Catholics and Christians. Our warnings may have gone unheard and certainly nearly all have gone unfunded. But we always pointed in the right direction. It remains to be seen if those who did hear us, were worthy of the truth, though.

I say this not out of a sense of superiority, but like the man who out of pure love for his fellow man, stood by the side of the road, at the last crossroad, where one could turn aside from the highway leading to the fallen bridge, while he watched no one get off the road and all go to their doom, while some passed by and said thank you, but others put up signs on the previous crossroads saying, “Beware of the grifter and fake, at the next intersection”.

The Solution

The solution requires that we change the way we live and that we do so on the basis of trusting in the Truth who is incarnate, which is not just a matter of practicing our Catholic Faith in the numbed down version — yes, I said numbed, not dumbed — which consists in only exterior or interior practices of devotions, but that we strike out of the normal way of life and begin to rebuild Catholic civilization, in which one is not persecuted, fired from one’s job, arrested or sued for saying the truth, that the Great Reset is a satanic fraud, and that the Catholic Faith must continue as it was before the council, if mankind is to survive. Those of you who have read FromRome for some years know of the solutions I have recommended or proposed (CrossAzure.Net, The Crusader Option, Ordo Militaris Catholicus). We are in perhaps the last year in which that may be possible. Now that social media and search engines are shutting down our ability to speak the truth and find the truth, I do not think it will be possible to network effectively afterwards.

Intentionally Anti-Social Media

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We were sold the idea that with technology, a whole new world of social interaction would open up. But it was a fraud.

We were sold the idea that if we all had cellphone we would be put in contact more easily with the world around us. That was a lie.

What has resulted from the high tech media revolution is more isolation, more disinformation, and more mind control than ever.

When I think of the social life my parents had in the 40s and 50s and compare it to my own, there were stark differences. Even by the 70s most institutions had deteriorated so that there were no activities for young people or families on any regular basis.

I grew up with the television and my friends in the back yard. Even in my neighborhood the boys never got together to play baseball or football.

There were no lectures to be heard at the public library, no dinners at the Parish, no concerts, except the ones I was in as saxophonist.

But today, the degredation is even worse. Young people and families have nothing to do but stay on social media all day. Their neighborhoods are dead. Their towns are lifeless.

I remember one day more than 10 years ago, when it rained continually for 40 days, and then came one day of sunshine. All the children in the neighborhood came out to play and walk. I could not believe my eyes. The streets were full of children.

Where were all these children hiding?

In front of computer screens and cellphones, where they wasted their youth.

But now, the control is nearly complete. Because while we think we are using social media, what we are really using is anti-social media, designed to put into your head and soul what the Globalists want you to think and desire, and silence and choke out anything opposed to that.

No one is listening even on platforms like Twitter where it has become a wasteland of paid promotions, bots, and the 1 or 2 humans who may see your tweet this week.

What we are allowed to see is paganism, perversion, and anything which causes us to separate from one another, hate Christ or His Church, and disbelieve in His promises.

I recently took a bitter red pill when I realized that an entire organization of priests has the express purpose to teach souls not to believe in Christ as the savior of His own Church: but to despair, hate and schism from the rest of the Church as the sole means of salvation.

We are in the days wherein the spirit of the Antichrist is commonly found. Sanity and common sense are rare indeed.

And if you have these, you will be viciously attacked.

While fools, conclude, that since you are attacked, you must be in the wrong.

The entire structure of social media is built to facilitate lewdness, attacks, liars, calumniators etc., and built with every mechanism to prevent the distribution of truth and for the defense of the truth. We are being habituated to a system out of hell, founded by the sons of witches and baby-butchers.

We gotta wake up, and make life-altering changes.

Br. Bugnolo: My warning about the excessive use of Electronic Communications

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video, above, I give my warning to those who use the internet. After listening to my message, watch this video, below as an example, and see how these Catholics are living as God wants and avoiding all of the problems I spoke of:

For they are listening carefully to other human beings, they going out of their homes to meet real human beings, they are gathering together to pray, and they are dedicating themselves to the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in their own communities. These Catholics are neither addicted to nor enslaved by electronic communications. And that is why they are thriving.  — The song they are singing, at this gathering of the Legion of Mary, is in honor to Her work in salvation history.

The Gates of Mordor are closing, and nearly everyone is still on the inside

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Scamdemic is the most horrific crime in the history of humanity. And if it could be measured on a cosmic scale by comparison, it is the greatest crime in all the cosmos, that a small percentage of an intelligent race seek the destruction of the rest of their own race. There is no greater pathological misanthropy.

There is also no greater sin, that to attempt to destroy and enslave the greatest handiwork of God the Creator, the children of Adam!

But this crime was pulled off, because the criminal misanthropic gang has been conspiring for more than a century to pull it off.

And we need to recognize that profoundly if we are to escape the century-long snare they have laid for us. Because, we are tethered into a system of control by so many lies, so many institutions, so many habits of living, that we cannot be complacent or ever grow complacent again.

And in this the “Opposition” has failed. Because even among the faithful opposition who are not tied to the Globalist system in any way, we have scarcely begun to admit to ourselves let alone to our audiences how deep that control goes.

And though the Covid controls have ended in most nations, the entire system has not stopped to roll on towards Agenda 2030. Indeed, the pace seems to be quickening, since they now realize that open attacks like the Scamdemic are much too damaging, because they have awoken too many and are to easy to spot.

So they are moving to use all their other tools.

Social credit systems. Digitialization. Tracking systems. Disenfrancishement. And Shadow Censorship. Psychological and Political Manipulation.

I spoke about Shadow Censorship the other day.

And I have mentioned the roll out of social credit systems, which will entice easily the sheeple.

As for Digitalization: they are moving fast ahead on this with facial recognition systems and finger-print recognition. They introduced it on the IdiotPhones and now it is popping up at ATM (Bancomat) Machines and even for the registration of new accounts for Cellphone companies and other services. I see that even pay at the pump options at Gas Stations are upgrading to digital recognition of the person. Walmat has been reported to be headed this way, to total electronic payments.

Remember: anything which is electronic can be monitored. While we all like electronic systems because of the ease they add to modern life, SO LONG AS A GLOBALIST PSYCHOPATHIC ELITE are in charge, these are dangerous systems of surveillance.

And the Globalists fear that we might fear them, so they are adding taxes on cash. ATM fees have expanded and you can find ATM machines that can charge you over 10% for the crime of withdrawing Cash.

Cash it must be remembered prevents anyone knowing what you are purchasing — except of course at those big stores which have facial recognition and security cameras at the checkout, to record you face and sell that info in association with your transaction. PayPal in its “mistaken” new user policy update revealed their true agenda, here too.

But worst of all are the deeply inserted tethers of psychological manipulation.

First of all, the fake history you were taught in public schools, which comes from textbooks printed by Globalist publishing houses. And what you were not taught it actually the only history which would have helped you figure out what was going on in the Scamdemic. So expect to see more and more counter information removed from the net.

Already, Shadow Censorship is causing many counter-narrative sites to shut down. The Globalists understand this well because they have seen that their greatest opposition came from critical thinkers who were not deeply tethered or chained to the system.

Since effective opposition requires funding, cutting off their funding by redirecting their viewers to other things, is turning out to be a very effective strategy.

Then there is the sheer magnitude of a problem the size of a mountain when confronted by the single ant which knows that mountain must be removed if the human race is to continue to exist.

Despair is easy. Psychological short-circuiting is also easy. With the onslaught of waves of lies and propaganda, I myself have seen so many friends turned into Russian Zombies calling for the genocide of Christians to the glee and delight of the worst Globalist psychos that you can imagine.  These psycho-converts now wish me death and curse me in comments with ever increasing viciousness. So I understand personally how much psychological tethering can control a person and drag them down to Hell before they end up in Hell. Despair is what I think made them snap. They just do not know who to trust, but they are overflowing with rage about what happened to them and their loved ones during the Scamdemic.

But Political tethering remains the deepest one which descends down into the very soul and mind of 99% of the opposition.  And it will be used to utterly neutralize and destroy them, if they do not wake up soon.

Because too many of us still consider it rational to vote for political parties which backed the Scamdemic, or for politicians who either backed it or won’t declare themselves against it totally.

As I said on my interview with Dr. Jane Ruby: if a politician is not calling for hanging them all and confiscating all their wealth, for a true new Reset for Human History, he is part of the system and he is there to fool you.

And for all these reasons, I presage that the Gates of Mordor are closing, and nearly all of you are tethered in some way inside. As they close, you may not have time to escape.

So many of my friends who had the financial means to start an opposition party in 2020 wanted to wait it out. Now they have waited it out and do not have the means any more.

And that is just the result the Globalists are counting on. That we wait. Because in the future, we won’t have the ability to resist any more.



The Fundamental Ways that using social media puts you in great personal risk

In this video, Br. Bugnolo explains how Big Tech Social Media platforms control their users’ psychology imperceptibly and how you are a great personal risk using social media, even if you have extensive expertise and experience.  — This video cannot be uploaded to any other platform, on account of the massive Red Pills it contains.

This video is a follow up to Br. Bugnolo’s video about how Russian propaganda is dragging souls into darkness, which you can view here.

Bergoglio’s Throne has been made solid by Conceit

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For eight years Jorge Mario Bergoglio has stained the Vatican with his outrageously, out-in-the-open heretical marxist blather, posing as the Roman Pontiff. And he has achieved it with nearly no opposition from the Sacred Hierarchy, because of the solidity of his power, a power over the minds of the Faithful which is founded upon deceit.

This would have never happened if there were men of integrity at the Vatican, men of integrity in the Sacred Hierarchy, and men of integrity in the more principal centers of Catholic Media.

But that does not explain how it has gone on for so long.

Yes, while it is true that the conspiracy against the truth was victorious because of how deep and wide were the numbers of its participants, so that a vast number of the Faithful were deprived of the truth of what was happening, and for years and still on, many had no idea of what happened on Feb. 11, 2013 and what the laws of the Church said about it, nevertheless, this duping of the Catholic World would never have been achieved without a plethora of the lowest ranks, on Social Media, all Hell-bent on keeping Bergoglio in a position of unquestioned power, at all costs even of reason itself.

And the key individuals behind this are what I call “the Masters of Conceit,” that vast crowd of social media voices, few of whom name themselves with their real names, who advance repeatedly the same arguments of idiocy against the truth.

While I cannot discount that many of these might in fact not be Catholics, freely thinking, or even human, since we are living in the Age of the Obambots — paid political activists and services which alter Social Media content by supplying false information in coordinated world wide campaigns — I do not doubt that a good amount of the blather comes from Catholics whose conceit has been honed into a force which exceeds the rational powers of most other Catholics, and this to suppress truth, facts, evidence and misinterpret or reinterpret awry facts and ultimately history itself.

Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that these masters of conceit are running cover for Bergoglio. And they do so with a zeal which is exceeding that of Catholics for God Himself.

But I use the word, “conceit”, here with precision.  The Oxford Dictionaries defines conceit thus:

Excessive pride in oneself. ‘Smugness, conceit, an arrogance which has the appearance of humility.’

You encounter the Mastsers of Conceit on nearly every social media platform, whenever the unholiness of Bergoglio is pointed out. It is as if we are living in the tale of the King without Clothes, where any common sense Catholic who points out that the Fraud has no truth to back him up, is immediately pounced upon by the most garrulous trolls, posing as the high society and purity of the Catholic World.

To exemplify that of which I speak, I will cite a few comments from a popular blog, where the recent wave of articles criticizing the faked interview of Pope Benedict by Massimo Franco and the news of the recent publication of Attorney Acosta Ochoa’s book on Pope Benedict XVI being still the one and only true pope, has caused an epidemic of mental paroxyms, attempting to explain away reality itself.

Tim begins with a hypothetical question which regards the future, and from supposing a negative answer — gratuitously — concludes, without reason, that negligence by the Cardinals would demonstrate that Bergoglio is the pope  The non sequitur here is so great, that it is hard to see how to build a bridge of reasons over it. But the answer is clear to him despite his argumentation being devoid of any syllogistic structure or logic.

Here is another, which is so baseless, I wonder what the criterion is for getting your comment published at that Blog:

Somebody (Aliquis, in Latin) thinks about this from time to time, but evidently never so coherently. I believe they are confusing reminiscence with rational thought. But Somebody seems to me to be typing on his cellphone after several drinks at  Pub Alibi (Latin for elsewhere).

Here, again, is a consummate expert in the non-sequitur:

It baffles the mind of anyone who has read the headings in the Code of Canon Law how anyone could think that a Conclave could elect a Papal Legate, but I guess I am being too rational. Clearly who ever accepted this comment to be published has the greater sin.

And, finally, so as to not make you nauseous before your next meal or after your recent one, today:

Sadness in the face of rationality and expertise! here we have the very quintessential attitude of a Master of Conceit. It simply cannot suffer that another person have a rational thought, or be able to write out an argument, let alone one which is irrefutable. Truth is worth less than the time taken to read a page to defend it. Oh the conceit!

I have picked these from only one post on only one blog, but perhaps in future ages some historian of stupidity and inanity will plow through the sewers of Social Media during the last 8 years to catalogue all the arguments advanced to keep Bergoglio in power. Advanced always by persons who have not the smallest doubt or shred of self criticism of their own unparalleled thought and intellectual capacity.

But, when you reflect upon the fact of law and history, that this entire controversy is ended by simply recognizing that 2 Latin words (munus & ministerium), which according to canon 17’s import, can never mean the same thing, do not mean the same thing, then you encounter the laughable affair and epitome of folly in which so many talking heads and commentators on social media, while NOT being willing to lose their souls in order to gain the whole world, yet ARE willing to do so for a single word!

It is thus, that Bergoglio has been enthroned upon conceit.  And that throne is solid in so many quarters of the Church since what Bergoglio represents, is so deeply desired and wanted, by those who would have what he offers, or by those who delight more in hating and exsecrating God, the Faith, and Godly authority, than they do in loving the Truth and seeking the Light and Liberty which He bestows upon all His faithful Disciples.

However, for truth sake, we cannot exclude the fact that a good number of clergy are simply idiots, unlettered, or emotionally incapable of mustering opposition to superiors who are either liars, frauds, or ignoramuses.

So I conclude by urging one and all to keep preaching the truth and praying for your fellow Catholics, especially for the clergy, who walk in the vale of darkness and are totally insensible to the  need for the Light.

+ + +

CREDITS: The Featured Image is the lead image in this article about Papal Thrones, where the author, Theressa Zoe Williams, has intentionally featured only Bergoglio upon a throne — which looks like a bathtub– as if the Apostolic Throne belonged to him alone. Another case in point.

Catholic League: Gorsuch’s flawed anthropology

The Catholic League

June 17, 2020
Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the majority opinion rendered this week by the U.S. Supreme Court on sexual orientation and gender identity:
There are many problems with the majority opinion written by Justice Neil Gorsuch on workplace discrimination, sexual orientation and gender identity, but none is more important than the flawed anthropology upon which the ruling rests. In fact, it is pivotal.
“An individual’s homosexuality or transgender status is not relevant to employment decisions.” This sweeping statement, which will be cited in every lawsuit on this subject, is manifestly false.
If a man volunteers to be a Big Brother, working with fatherless boys, and decides to “transition” to a woman, he cannot reasonably be expected to do the job he was hired to do. He deliberately changed the required profile. This should clearly be grounds for termination.
The next sentence written by Gorsuch explains his anthropological flaw. “That’s because it is impossible to discriminate against a person for being homosexual or transgender without discriminating against that individual based on sex.” He is wrong again.
Take the case just cited. The employee should be terminated not because of his assigned sex—indeed he was hired precisely because he was a man—but because he is no longer capable of offering the kind of paternal counseling that only a man can provide.
In other words, it is entirely possible to discriminate against a transgender person without discriminating against his sex, as assigned at birth.
Gorsuch concedes, as he must, that sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity are not the same. “We agree that homosexuality and transgender status are distinct concepts from sex.” But he no sooner states the obvious when he falls back on his remarkable claim that to discriminate against a person based on his sexual orientation or gender identity is to discriminate against him on the basis of his sex. As Justice Samuel Alito aptly put it, “repetition of an assertion does not make it so, and the Court’s repeated assertion is demonstrably untrue.”
Gorsuch tries hard to persuade by offering several hypothetical examples, all of which Alito seizes upon to great effect. For example, he says that if a female staffer, who was rated a “model employee,” were to bring her same-sex partner to a holiday party, and was subsequently fired because she is a homosexual, it would mean she was treated that way because of her sex, not just her sexual orientation.
Alito devastates Gorsuch’s scenario. “This example disproves the Court’s argument because it is perfectly clear that the employer’s motivation in firing the female employee had nothing to do with that employee’s sex. The employer presumably knew that this employee was a woman before she was invited to the fateful party. Yet the employer, far from holding her biological sex against her, rated her a ‘model employee.’ At the party, the employer learned something new, her sexual orientation, and it was this new information that motivated her discharge.”
Here is where Gorsuch’s problem lies. Sex is a biological attribute that is not identical to sexual orientation or gender identity. Let’s start with sexual orientation.
The sex of a child can be known before he is born. But his sexual orientation cannot. The former requires no volition; the latter does. They are therefore not identical.
Being a male or a female is similar to being black or white: sex and race have no inherent normative content. That’s because they are fixed properties and do not speak to behavior, which has moral consequences.
The key to understanding the difference between sex and sexual orientation is made plain by the word “orientation.” Sex, or being male or female, is behaviorally neutral; it is not oriented toward anything. Sexual orientation is: it is oriented behaviorally towards either heterosexuality or homosexuality.
Notice that Gorsuch does not speak about homosexual persons, but about homosexuality, as being a distinct concept from sex. He is right about that. Homosexuality is a behavioral attribute: it speaks to men having sex with men or women having sex with women. It is therefore not behaviorally neutral. It is normative.
Indeed, it is precisely because homosexuality is not identical to sex that virtually all of the world’s great religions, in western and eastern civilization, have passed judgment on its practice, without passing judgment on the sex of the participant. The two concepts are distinct and do not ineluctably bleed into each other, despite what Gorsuch claims.
Similarly, gender identity is a behavioral concept that is quite independent of one’s sex. Anatomical surgery and hormone therapy are chosen, unlike one’s sex. They are undertaken because the person elects to change his sex (which he cannot do in any real sense—no one can change his chromosomal makeup). It is done because the person does not like what nature has ordained, therefore making it erroneous to conflate sex with gender identity.
Consider the language chosen by Alito and Gorsuch to refer to a newborn’s sex. The terminology is not only different—it explains why their legal reasoning differs.
At four different junctures, Alito speaks about an individual’s “sex assigned at birth.” Gorsuch, on six occasions, speaks about an individual “who was identified” as male or female at birth.
Gorsuch refuses to employ “assigned at birth” because it would undercut his conviction that sex is a fluid concept. He wants to advance the notion that our sex is a matter of identity, which is a psychological construct, and not a matter of human nature, which of course it is. He is the one conflating sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. This represents his personal conviction and in no way should be treated as if it were a truism.
Trying to minimize, if not deny, the existence of human nature necessarily yields bad outcomes, both in terms of law and public policy. Most Americans want separate sports teams and restroom facilities for men and women. They understand basic differences based on sex and do not appreciate elites who say they are wrong. They also understand how unjust and indecent it is for men to compete in women’s sports and shower in women’s locker rooms simply because they believe they are female.
It is never helpful when the courts seek to solve problems that barely exist, especially those that touch on the moral order. To cite one example, there are no known cases where a Catholic school has fired a teacher because he happens to be a homosexual. But there are many cases where a homosexual teacher has been fired after it was publicly disclosed—often by the teacher—that he is married to his boyfriend. Activist lawyers will now test the limits of this Supreme Court decision.
Gorsuch’s majority opinion, which is based on bad anthropology, makes for bad law and will now make for bad public policy. Had it been a more narrow ruling, tailored to specific instances of workplace discrimination, there would be no tidal wave of lawsuits. But now that the moral order has been further diced and spliced by the courts—thanks to this classic case of judicial overreach—it is a sure bet there will be.

How you have already become a slave in the New World Order

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The New World Order is the Masonic objective for humanity. A world in which all are enslaved in a political-economic system which is predicated upon the denial of the existence of God, the exaltation of wilfulness to permit all kinds of moral depravity, and the absolute impossibility of the masses to resist or break free.

The objectives of this plan are already being achieved. Some have been attained, others are nearly obtained, and still others are some time off.

But the worst of them has already been achieved.

I speak of the neutralization of all opposition.

And the instrument for this is Social Media addiction.

Social Media addiction is perhaps the worse of any kind of addiction and the one which nearly no one is capable of recognizing let alone breaking free from. It consists in the practical redefinition of personal identity, as a free human person who can go and do and say what he wants wherever, to a social media profile which only says what the social media platform considers acceptable and does nothing but chat all day long, like a prisoner in a dungeon, who can do nothing but eat, sleep and only speak with those next to him.

The sign of imprisonment in this Social Media world is that no matter what might be suggested to the denizens of this hell on earth, they no longer want to do anything in the real world. Rather, their existence is continued through a series of likes, shares, comments, online petitions, public letters, and photos, essays and videos designed to garner that inter personal affirmation that they have rejected in the real world, but as human beings still need if even in some virtual reality.

You can test the truth of this thesis in this way.

Let everyone on social media know how to contact you in the real world, by address and phone number, and then announce you are no longer going to use Social Media again, ever, and that your friends can visit you in person or call you, if they would like to hear from you.

How many of your social media friends will remain friends? How many will call and visit you? How many will agree to join any association or effort you organize?

Let me make a bet. Zero.

And why is that?

Because the habitual use of the internet and social media over the last  15 years has addicted everyone to its use and caused them to abandon real human relationships.

And this is the perfect victory of the Freemasons, because now humanity can no longer resist their revolution, nay they have tacitly renounced the very humanity upon which liberty is based.

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The purpose of Social Media is to isolate you from human society

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is one thing for a hermit in a remote monastery to use the internet to do research and publish books of videos. But it is quite another thing for a Catholic in a city to shut himself up in his apartment, forsaking all human interaction with those in the city, because of his constant use of social media.

The difference between the two is that one has forsaken human company for God, and the other has forsake human company for himself.

The first is an act of religion, the second is anti-social behavior.

Much has been written on the destructive nature of the internet on the grounds of pornography, but little on the grounds that its use frequently leads to dehumanization.

You cannot control humanity and enslave the masses easily without the internet. With social media it has become easier, and with cellphones very easy. So many persons have such poor habits of self reflection — because they do not pray nor do they examine their own consciences before God — that the allure of the latest app or method of electronic social communication is enough to remove them from all human society.

Over my nearly 40 years of vocation I have seen so many Catholics who are devout become inactive and neglect the works of mercy in their own neighborhoods and cities. They have bought the lie that sharing information is all that God requires of us. And the result of this slide into the virtual world is the dissolution of the Church.

The Corona Plandemic targeted the remnants of parish communities by banning the mass and sacraments. The TV or VIDEO mass in live streaming was presented as an equivalent substitute.  This is completely and in every respect contrary to the Faith.

The Virus Mass — that is the mass with rubrics changed to suit the paranoia desired by the Plandemic — will be the next horror. It violates the authority of the Church, who alone governs what goes on in the Church. It violates the authority of Christ Who by His resurrection assured us that He was the Source of all Life and Health, and Who in ascending into Heaven assured us that He has receive authority and power over everything, even infections. But Who yet gave us the sacraments in the form which requires human contact and personal testimony without hiding who we are.

The virus mass would never have been considered acceptable without the advent of the TV Mass, the Internet Mass and the addiction to social media. The masquerade mass is like Social Media, where you can hide who you are and pretend.

None of this is Catholic, human, humane or rational.

God is Truth and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. And as Saint Paul teaches, to worship God spiritually, we must worship Him rationally.

This also means we must live among human beings in person and in the real world. It is an obligation of Christian faith, because Our God is the God of the real world, not the gods of social media, such as Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, Adam Mosseri, or Sundar Pichai. None of whom is even a Catholic.

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COVID-19 & the Poverty and Neglect of the Elderly

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the saddest realities of the Coronavirus is that it afflicts the elderly most of all.

In modern times, the elderly have pretty much been seen as a group to attack and exploit: attack, inasmuch as their ability to be a collective memory of an age before modern errors were as viciously predatory as they are, and exploited for their votes to propose a slower down spiral to the brave new world of socialist tyranny.

But for the most part the elderly are neglected. Part of the reason is the continual Marxist propaganda though mass media (TV and Movies) which focuses on a youth culture and ignores the elderly as if they do not exist or as persons who are only worthy of interest when they are ridiculously portrayed. Part of the reason is the excessive hands off policies of modern nations which have allowed work to be divorced from family live, and thus have deprived elderly parents of the company and care of their children, who are forced to work, increasingly, far from home.

But no sooner as the Corona Stunt began, all of a sudden the whole world should stop for the elderly to prevent their death by coronavirus. As soon as I began to hear this propaganda, I realized it was totally dishonest, because no one in the State nor Church nor Media has given one bit of concern to the elderly for 70 years.

The real reasons why so many elderly die of the influenza is because they live in poverty and neglect. This is especially true in Italy, where the majority of elderly live alone in their ancestral villages, without any support or assistance of children and grand children, who had to seek work and careers abroad or in distant cities.

This is further exacerbated by the abysmal discrimination of the Italian welfare system against the aged. In Italy only those receive pensions who have worked at a salaried job for all their lives. But most of today’s elderly never had that kind of economic opportunity. For the last two decades, in fact, there have been complaints from the elderly across Italy, that they have to forgo eating to afford their medicine or to pay their rent. They are even made to pay income taxes on the little income they have if it is less than 10 thousand euros!

Indeed, there are some entire cities, such as Caltabellota, in Sicily, which are more than 65% populated by the elderly and where the average citizen lives on less than 12,000 dollars a year!

It is not surprising then, that the elderly are the predominate victims of Coronavirus, because they lack proper nutrition and have no one to look out for them. Many of them are obviously turning to medical care much too late to be helped through the infectious stages of Coronavirus.

When I look at the long lines outside in the winter cold, in front of each supermarket on a daily basis — because the Decrees for Health Safety for the Corona Pandemic require no more than so many persons in a supermarket at any one time — I cringe at heart, knowing that such exposure to the elderly is the worse thing they need during an epidemic. They are given, moreover, no priority in line.

The ultimate cruelty, is that when they do fall sick to Coronavirus, and go to a hospital, that in the hospital they are denied all human consolation and solace by their loved ones and are forced to die without their family around them, without the Sacraments, and even without a public funeral.

Worse still is that in many western countries, now, there is a move to euthanize corona patients who are very old. It is called Pallative Care, and in the USA they hare setting up such teams at each hospital to ensure death without any oversight or intervention by relatives.

The Corona Control caused many caregivers for the elderly in Italy to abandon their patrons and return to their home countries in Eastern Europe. This resulted in thousands of elderly being left alone, falling into very poor conditions and being rushed to hospital, where they were infected with coronavirus and neglected unto death. Read the stunning report here, under the update for April 1, Italy. If this is true, a large percentage of the 12,000 victims of Coronavirus in Italy will fall squarely on the shoulders of Giuseppe Conte and the ruling government.

So the next time you hear your daily Main Stream Median shout that the elderly will be massacred by this virus, understand it as pure bluster. The Corona Control being imposed is the worse thing for the elderly and will enable them to be killed off in silence.

The deaths of the elderly are a political necessity for Globalists and Marxists, because both want to remove the foundations of morality and destroy the collective knowledge of the past, so that they can establish their dictatorship of the globalist elite.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screenshot of the image search page under the rubric, Poverty of the Elderly, to show how many images image search engine can access, and used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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The liberty of mankind is founded upon this fact…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Absolute tyranny has its limits.

You cannot control everyone in all things at all times and in all places, because then you would need more police than there are citizens.

And in this, the liberty of mankind has its practical basis: there are always more of us than of the tyrants and their allies in tyranny.

Forcing everyone to stay at home, however, is one of the more brilliant acts of tyranny. Because shut in your house, you are denied in an absolute manner all rights to free assembly. And in a certain sense, all rights to free speech.

Yes, being shut in your house denies you free speech, because of what value is it, if no one hears you? And what kind of freedom do you really have, if everything you say has to be done through a medium which can be policed by super-fast AI programmed computers? a few of which can watch all humanity simultaneously.

This is why the Corona Hype is the perfect instrument of a brave new world of tyrants. And the psychopathic narcissistic political leaders of our age, in Church and State, are glorying in it. That is why the love extending the deadlines.

And personally I think we should all have a healthy doubt that the deadlines will ever end.

We might very well see a World War III begin, not with arms and bullets, but with bio-weapons released by this or that country which either wants more panic, so that their leaders can exact more servitude from the masses, or because they want to take revenge on the countries they perceived caused the Wuhan virus.

But our strength lies in this: they cannot monitor what you say with your voice, apart from your phone and the internet. They cannot watch everyone in every neighborhood. They cannot know how you are organizing your neighborhood. And if neighborhood after neighborhood resists the Hype and resists control, they will lose control very quickly.

From a simple point of view of truth and honesty, the world leaders who are promoting and implementing Corona Hype and Corona Panic and Corona Control need to be removed from power. They are now the real enemies of humanity. And the threat they pose is both imminent and existential.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is detail of a photograph of the planet Earth, from orbit, by NASA, and is accordingly in the public domain by US law.

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Why that 3.4% Mortality rate is a lie

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Hype is a lie. The Big Lie.  We have been bombarded for several weeks now with the claim that the mortality rate from Coronavirus 19 is 2.4, 2.8, 3.4 or 3.8%

This is a lie, and I will demonstrate it.

The mortality rate from any viral infection has to be calculated over the entire population which becomes infected.  But this statistic — I will take the latest — of 3.4% does NOT apply to the entire population. It applies only to the population of serious cases which enter health facilities where their infection is recorded.

As I reported the other day, Medical authorities admit that 80% of those who are registered as infected by Coronavirus 19 never develop serious conditions.  And the symptoms of Coronavirus 19 are no different in such cases than the common cold.

That means that a very large population will contract and has contracted Coronavirus, but does not know it.

And since only those who go to hospitals or medical facilities go there when they fear they have something serious.  Now, publish reports say that 2 to 5 percent of the population are prone to fear being ill when they are not. This condition is called hypochondria.  Certainly a panic can increase this kind of psychological response. As I reported the other day, there has been a 250% increase in the number of patients going to walk in medical services in the United States during the Coronavirus 19 scare.  So I seems safe to say that that 2 to 5 percent is 5 to 12.5% right now.

If those are the persons who are being recorded as the 80% who never get really sick from Coronavirus 19, then we can downplay significantly the real mortality rates.

But as I reported yesterday, the surprising statistic is that 66% of those who actually die from Coronavirus 19 and who succumb due to respiratory failure are thoee who were smokers or have lung problems are at high risk, as well as those who suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Also, 80% of those who die are men. So women have only 25% the risk that men do.  This statistic is amazing to me as an Anthropologist, because women are the ones who are more likely to enter into intimate proximity to family members when they are sick. So this statistic does not make sense. It is telling us something important. Perhaps, that proper nutrition is the best defense against Coronavirus, or being a person in the family who is more likely to get care from those around them.

But the statistics which really downplay the mortality risk are those which I reported yesterday, namely that only 0.2% of those who die from Coronavirus 19 are under 50 years of age.  This is a disease which is of minimal risk to most of the population. So calm down.

Calculating the Real Mortality rate

So with all these statistics I will here calculate the mortality rate for all those who get infected, by age group and sex and existing medical condition, to show you what your real risk is, and how this is not a pandemic destined to wipe out humanity.

M = Male       F=Female

Percentages of those who died
from Corona Virus by age and condition

Explanation:  In this first table I took the actual mortality by age group and broke it out by the reports that 80% of victims are men and 66% of victims have risk factors, presuming that these two percentages hold evenly through each age group and risk category.

Age M no Risk M at risk  F no risk F at risk
90+ 3.13% 6.25% 0.94% 1.88%
80-89 14.033% 28.067% 3.508% 7.017%
70-79 8.64% 17.28% 6.48% 4.32%
60-69 2.1% 4.2% 0.7% 1.4%
50-59 0.7% 1.4% 0.233% 0.467%
under 50 0.034% 0.067% 0.016% 0.034%

Now I will take the reported overall mortality rate of 3.4% for all who are identified as infected, presuming that just as 80% never get serious symptoms, so those 80% represent 5 to 12.5% of the actual infected population, on account of the effect of a hypochondriac response. This means the infected population is actually 640% greater than the identified population.  So the 3.4% get diluted to 0.51325%, and then is diluted according to the statistics in the table above, to produce

Truer risk of death for all age groups and conditions

These numbers are so small I will list them as persons per 10 thousand infected

M no Risk M at risk  F no risk F at risk
90+ 1.60 3.2 0.482 0.964
80-89 7.19 14.28 1.796 3.52
70-79 4.43 8.86 2.208 4.416
60-69 1.07 2.15 0.27 0.54
50-59 0.35 0.72 0.0875 0.175
under 50 0.017 0.034 0.004 0.009

So when you are considering whether YOU should panic or not, remember, the real chance of dying from Coronavirus 19 is for many of us is insignificant.

To explain, look at Women under 50 years of age who have high risk factors. Only 9 out of every 10 million who contract Coronavirus 19 will die from it!

Or take Men with risk factors who are 80 to 89 years of age. Only 14 out of every 10,000 infected will die from it.  That means your grandpa who smoked his whole life, or has diabetes, or a heart condition, has a very low chance of risk. Watch over his health and make sure he eats well and stays warm and calm.

I must conclude then that the Coronvirus 19 Panic is a Main Stream Media engineered event for the political manipulation of nations. And that China and the World Health Organization have a lot of responsibility for not giving the public the true rates of mortality, categorized has I have done over the whole population of those infected.

Show this to your pastors

This analysis shows that there is no risk for the Catholic Church in opening Her churches and celebrating Her Sacraments. It is not going to cause a plague or significantly put anyone at risk. The Church should only advise those with compromised immune systems to stay away. But if the Bishops did that, it would be obvious to the faithful, how many of the clergy are not faithful to Christ, I think.

The statistics presented here are not scientific nor rigorous but are estimations and derivatives based on the assumptions in the article. Use them only to assess whether you should be entertaining panic, but not to put yourself at risk.

+ + +

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What the Sicilian Mafia has in common with the Traditionalist Movement

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am a Catholic, a Roman Catholic. And that means I hold fast to all Divine, Sacred and immemorial tradition. I love the ancient and perennial rites of the Church, and I do not believe that the Novus Ordo is either of God or within the powers of even the Pope to promulgate. I think rather that what has come from Tradition must be kept, not jettisoned, and it cannot be recast according to modernistic principles. I also believe that one day, we shall have a Pope who complete nixes the Novus Ordo and Vatican II.

I say this as a preface, so that no one misunderstands what I am about to say: namely, that the Sicilian Mafia has a lot in common with the Traditionalist Movement in practice, not in theory.

That is to say, in they way they approach religion, not in the things they believe.

My expertise to make this comparison is that I have attended the Ancient Mass, both at independent chapels and with the Fraternity of Saint Peter and the Society of Saint Pius X. I lived four months with the Capuchins of Morgon, France, and have attended a priests only conference with Mons. Fellay at Albano. I am not an expert on the Traditionalist Movement, but I have seen enough as an anthropologist over about 10 years of personal experience.

I have also lived in Sicily for 3 years and have met several members of the Sicilian Mafia and talked to them about their beliefs. I am also half Sicilian by blood, and thus have many relatives who have told me about them.

So to explain, let me list the things which they share and explain why they are similar or identical.

Traditional Loyalties

The Sicilian Mafia traces its origin to elements of organized criminality in the Spanish Empire. Spain once ruled Sicily. These traditions of secret societies and criminality were inherited by the Spanish Kingdom through its reconquest of Muslim Spain. They are Moorish in origin.

But for the Sicilian Mafia these traditions are important. There are generations and lineages of Mafia. These are so well known, that in Italy everyone is required to get a Mafia background check if they are to head a public corporation. Such a check looks at all relatives down to 4 degrees of affinity, if I understand it correctly.

Love for the Ancient Mass

Consequently the Sicilian Mafia and the Traditionalist Movement agree that the Ancient Mass is the true mass.

I was surprised to learn this. But I learned it from a Mafioso in person.

You see, when I lived at Noto as a hermit, I used to hitchhike the 120 KM each Sunday Morning, to attend the Latin Mass at the Church of Saint Anthony, in Acireale. And as of necessity, I accepted every ride which was offered me, as I stood with my thumb out asking for a ride.

One morning, I got a ride on the Autostrada near Siracusa from a Mafioso. He wore a black suit and white shirt and a black tie and pants. He was heading to Catania for an important meeting, but when in conversation I divulged that I was heading to the Old Latin Mass, he told me it was the true Mass, and that he would delay his meeting to drop me off directly in front of the Church. The detour cost him at least 90 minutes of a delay.

I was very impressed by his piety and that led me to do some research. Indeed, in all my years of living in Sicily, I never met a Traditionalist who was so obliging to me in my necessity to get to the Traditional Latin Mass on Sunday.

It was even more impressive, because the meeting he was going to was a mob meeting.

The Sicilian Mafia puts great important in maintaining the public reputation for decency and respectability. And one thing they do is patronize the Church. Some of their sons even become priests.

They love the ancient rituals and pomp of the Old Mass. They consider it an aestetic travesty that Paul VI introduced the New Mass. They detest banality. You cannot promote yourself on the basis of a public image associated with banality.


But the Sicilian Mafia do not see their religious practices in public as anything which binds them to stop their criminal activity. They see the laws of the Italian Republic as optional, and consider whats they do to be legitimate. Its a state of necessity, they would say.

So they keep the laws they need to keep but do not observe the laws they need to not observe.  They mostly keep to themselves and are involved in importing products to Italy so as to evade customs laws and tariffs. The are libertarians of a sort.

The Traditionalist Movement is also very anomian. They do not care to violate scores and scores of canons of Church Law when they decide to set up shop in a local diocese. They consider that a state of necessity gives them license to do most anything, even annul marriages. — I am obviously speaking of those groups which do not have faculties.


The Sicilian Mafia are also a very tight knit group. You cannot knock on their door and join. Its more by invitation. They check you out. They have rituals of initiation. They have core beliefs that you have to accept to be a member.

They keep to themselves. You cannot just ask them for an interview. And if you want to know which families are Mafia in the local area, it is difficult to find out, because no one wants to mention their name.

But if you want to start a business where they claim control, then you need their approval. If you try to do it without their approval you will be burned out, but only after several friendly visits. You have to show omertà and pay the pizzo they ask. Omertà is respect. And a pizzo is a monthly payment to insure you wont suffer the misfortunes which they say happen to those who are not insured.

A lot of traditionalists are also very sectarian. If you show up at their Mass they wont even talk to you, or they will ask you questions like an Inquisitor to find out who you are. And you cannot do anything without their permission, like follow the Lord as a religious.

In their places of worship they do not advertise or promote anything but themselves and they expect as the price of attending their Masses that you commit to their organization 100%. If not, you are not to be trusted.  Also, they do not exist to serve you as men of God, you exist to serve them.

A Society of the Club

In addition, both the Sicilian Mafia and most Trad groups exhibit characteristics of the Club. They are all male societies and its invitation only. No amount of merit gets you in. And no amount of demerit gets you kicked out.

Also, you are expect to serve the club. It is a no-no to talk to the police, whether about crimes committed by the Club, or boys raped by members. Though I do admit that as faar as I know the Sicilian Mafia on the score of pedophilia are much more intollerant. They do in those of their own who rape boys, because they have strong family values of loyalty. Wherase in all the Trad groups of which I have read reports, they all act just like the Lavender Mafia, and require that members not report to the police, or else you are out of there.

I could cite some concrete cases, but my sources would be persecuted.

A Private Agenda

Finally, the Sicilian Mafia and nearly all Trad groups I know of, do nto exist for the good of Society, but for the good of themselves. They are not about promoting virtue, they are about making their own members have more power, influence and reputation and respectibility. When the State of the Church crumble, is not their concern. Not in the least. And you will never see them take any risk to help the State or the Church.


Therefore, as an anthropologist I would conclude that both the Sicilian Mafia and the Traditionalist Movement have a lot in common. They are both counter-cultural, sectarian, traditionalist, anomian, self-serving, closed club like societies. They both do not care about Canon Law in the least and they both recognize without question that Bergoglio is the pope. In fact, in 2010, another Mafioso told me, that they controlled the Vatican and it would soon become clear that they control it. He told me more truth than I ever read at LifeSite News or in the reports of Edward Pentin.

For public disclosure: none of my relatives are Mafia
and all of them either fear it or speak against it.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a screen shot of Google Image Search results for the movie, The GodFather: a romantic vision of the Sicilian Mafia in New York City, which depicted many aspects of the Mafia which I mention in this article. Which image is used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary and to show how effective Google Image search can be.

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Evolution is an error, a myth and a heresy

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As a graduate of the University of Florida, at Gainesville, with a Baccalaurate in Cultural Anthropology, I perhaps know more than the common man about the theory of human evolution. But you won’t see me talk about it much, because I recognize that the theory of evolution is an absurd philosophical error, a unscientific myth, and a heresy regarding the truths revealed by God concerning Creation. — I use, “Creation”, here as the proper name for all which God has brought into being out of nothing.

Evolution: the philosophical error

Evolutionism is in the first place, and historically, not a scientific theory about biology, but a philosophical position of the insane. Its founder or author is Herbert Spencer (1820 – 1903), a philosopher who followed in the footsteps of John Locke, the British philosopher, who in his work, An Essay concerning human understanding, in 1689, insisted that all human knowledge was a posteriori, that is had after the fact of observing things. He therefore denied that there as in the real world an order of causality which not only explained how A caused B to produce C, but by which every A which caused B to produce C does not even exist.

The absurdity or madness of the position is self-evident: you throw a jar at a stone wall and it breaks. It breaks because it hits the wall, and it hits the wall because you threw it. Even if John does not see these things happen, they still happen. Locke denied all of this.

This philosophical error is called Empiricism, and in its application to living things, Herbert Spencer denied that there is purpose in biology. He set forth his ideas initially in an essay entitled, Progress: Its Law and Cause, published in the Westminster Review in 1857.

Thus, according to Spencer animals do not eat because they are hungry, and hunger as a feeling does not exist to make you eat, and the stomach does not have the function of digesting, that is just what happens when you put food into it.  The eye does not exist to enable an animal see, nor the ear to enable it to hear, nor the foot to enable it to walk. That is just what all of these things do, without any purpose whatsoever.

That such a theory as Spencer’s would ever gain traction is the consequence of a lot of bad will. Because such a theory is on the level of what a drunk might tell you on a city bus, but no sane man would embrace it as it denies the very rationality of the world.

That everything has a purpose, or telos, is a fundamental truth of being. Because for anything to be it has to be of a certain origin, be of a certain form, be by a certain thing and be for a certain end or purpose. These are the four causes of a created being. The first is called the material cause, the second the formal cause, the third the efficient cause and the fourth the final cause, or telos. These philosophical truths were first enunciated coherently by Aristotle, in his work De Anima, and embraced by Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Bonaventure all all the subsequent Catholic philosophers and theologians, because they form the very architecture of reality.

If one denied that things have a purpose, then there would be no explanation why they were of a certain form, made out of a certain matter, or why they were made by a certain cause. The whole rationality and reason for everyone would crumble.

It should be obvious that the human mind which embraces Evolutionism or Empiricism has renounced reason itself. Because Reason is the faculty of the human intellect where by we give an explanation, a ratio, an account, for that of which we speak. It is the second highest degree of intellectual act possible, and those who cannot exercise such an act are either imbeciles or too young yet to think, or are so old that their brains have weakened to no longer allow their intellects to express themselves.

Evolution, the biologic myth

Evolution as a theory of development for the species of living things was proposed by Charles Darwin, who wanting to remove God from Biology (his words), took a trip to the Galapogos Islands in the Pacific and having returned to England wrote a book called, The Origin of Species, in which he proposed that the cause of the speciation of living things is natural selection. He published it on Nov. 24, 1859.

Like the philosophical error there are fundamental problems with Darwin’s theory. First of all, he attributed the differences in several species of birds he observed in his voyage to natural selection. But the birds he observed were not of the same species as he thought, so he radically misinterpreted the evidence he gathered. Second, his theory of natural selection presupposes by its very name that something is doing the selecting. He appeals to the concept of “the survival of the fittest”, but never says fit for what.

Moreover, he founds his theory on the very unscientific concept of what a species is, in biology. The concept of species in biology is a population of organisms which are able to interbreed and produce offspring of the same kind. But if that is the case, how can it ever come to pass that some of their descendants cannot breed with others of their descendants — a thing which is most necessary if one is to theorize the origin of new species from previous species. It is a self contradiction.

When you attempt to define species with the modern science of genetics, you do not solve the problem. Because according to the science of genetics, every species shares the same genetic code to about 99.99999999% as each of its members. The variations in the code which arise out of mistakes caused in the replication of DNA in the cells are errors which cause malfunctions nearly 99.99999999999999% time — I am using numbers illustratively here, that is not the precise percentage.

So, if it happens that a replication of the genetic code actually is beneficial, what is the cause of it being beneficial? Various answers can be given, depending on whether those responding want to be rational or not. But the rational explanation is that there is a conformity between the new characteristic and the whole ensemble of characteristics of the biosphere in which the living thing lives. And such a conformity implies a correspondence, which in turn implies a rational cause. Because if a created intellect attempted to ideate or think of such a solution, it would take intelligences far beyond what humans are capable of, thinking for eons of ages, because you would have to know every possible cause and agent in the biosphere to know what exact new characteristic would be advantageous. And that would take near infinite information and the processing speed of a near infinite computer to simply manage let alone comprehend.

On top of this problem is an even more fundamental error, namely, that the so-called theory of evolution is not scientific. Because to be a scientific theory it has to be able to be tested and it has to be able to predict in specific circumstances a future outcome, which can be observed. So far no one has ever observed the origin of a species. There is no evidence that any single species had its origin in the population of another. And every species ever discovered is found it its perfect form right from the beginning.

As one can see, when reflecting on Darwin’s theory,  it cannot be tested nor can it be used to make a testable prediction of a future outcome.  It is not scientific at all. It is rather a presupposition of what happens and why it happens, attributing to Nature a quasi infinite intelligence produced out of a casual occurence for which it gives no explanation but a mistake.  This is not scientific, it is mythologizing. It is a creed which holds things are true without any proof, and which demands you believe it without any reason. — Those who believe in Evolution — they even use the word, “believe” — hold it because it absolves them from admitting there is purpose in biology and an Intelligence  of infinite power behind all which exists, on account of which our human intellects can observe things, explain them and make rational predictions of future outcomes in the observable world and in things biological.

Evolution, the heresy

It should be obvious, by now, that Evolution, inasmuch as it says all the species of life which exist today, are the product of natural causes and not of a Divine intervention, is a heresy. It is a heresy, because, as Saint Thomas Aquinas says, every denial of the literal meaning of any passage in Sacred Scripture is a heresy. And in Scripture, in the Book of Genesis, first of all, it says God is the author of every species of living thing, including mankind.

Here Saint Thomas is using, “heresy” in the theological sense. The Church has the authority to condemn all heresy, because She has the duty to uphold the truth of everything which God has revealed, and because She teaches that of every book of Scripture, God the Holy Spirit is the author, and there is no error of any kind contained, therein.

Not every such heresy, however, is subject to a canonical penalty, because the Church would need more canons than there are sentences in the Bible to penalize them all explicitly, and the purpose of Holy Mother Church is to tolerate ignorance, be patient with passion, and to forgive sin, since She seeks the salvation of all, more than the punishment of every sin — God will take care of that.

But the heresy of Evolution is a very dangerous and noxious heresy, because those who accept it deny the truth of Scripture and thus begin to destroy their own adhesion to the Deposit of Faith.  Also, as Saint Alphonsus says, every denial of a truth which one knows God has revealed, causes the one denying it to lose the supernatural habit of Faith, after which it becomes impossible for that person to ever repent and return to the state of grace, unless they confront that sin directly, because without Faith it is impossible to please God or arrive at the salvation he has promised.

I have seen the same thing in my work of apologetics over the decades. Every Catholic who has accepted the error of Evolution finds it impossible to repent of sin, because for them they do not really believe we have immortal souls, which shall be judged by our Creator according to our moral choices. They are imprisoned in the flesh and cannot conceive a world of the spirit. They look no further than death, because they believe life itself cannot transcend it. And they doubt the truth of the Resurrection as a divine action.

From these observations, I hope you can see, that Evolution is the refuge of the mad, the embraced of the immoral and the superstition of fools, who say, there is no God (Psalm 13:1 in the Clementine Vulgate, 14:1 in other versions)


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photograph of Charles Darwin in 1854, and is in the public domain. For more information about it, see here.

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