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Exposing the Rothschild-Skull & Bones Alliance in the 5G compatible DeathVaxxes


In this video, A. J. Baalman and Br. Bugnolo investigate the strange censorship on Twitter and Facebook and how it directly reveals the co-investment strategy of the Rothschilds and Skull and Bones interests in the 5G nano-router DeathVaxxes. The Revelations here are notable, but the conclusion is explosive. — This show was made before the breakout of the Russo-Ukrainian War of 2022.  — AJ and I will do a follow up soon, showing how the Rothschilds are in control of both nations which are now at war with Christendom: Russia and Azerbaijan.

Convergence of USD, Euro & GBP to prepare for One World Currency?

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is nothing that is happening now that the Globalists are not in control of. And as far as fiat currencies go, it is entirely their game, their field and their team which calls the shots.

Therefore, we must regard as ominous what is happened last week with the convergence in value of the US Dollar (USD), the Euro (EURO), and the British Pound Sterling (GBP).

Because, IF you want to introduce a One World Currency, and make it a Bank Controlled Cyropto Currency, you first need to have the major currencies in alignment, so that THE SHEEPLE do not notice any changes.

With the Bank of International Settlements controlled by the Rothschilds and it in turn controlling most of the National Banks of the World (except Ukraine so far), the Globalists have all the instruments in their hands to bring the US Dollar, the Euro and the British Pound into alignment.

Am I engaged in pure speculation. Well, I think my suspicions are well placed.

ITALY: Gas deliveries from Russia suspended by Putin

Editor’s Note: Click the above image for the full story. — This seemingly small story will cause further havoc in the Italian economy. I was just talking to an Italian who lives at Rome. His gas bill went from 50 euro to 250 euro per month, in one month! And that was at the start of September. He uses gas only to cook his families meals. Not for heat. So now he has turned off the gas, and is cooking on a camping stove and making his morning coffee over a candle! — I do not see how Italians are going to survive the winter, as morning temperatures even in sunny Rome, range at about 32 degrees from December to March. — Add to that, this fact, that about 60% of Italians have taken the DeathVaxx, and many of them have failing immune systems, and there will be a wave of deaths this winter from poverty, freezing to death and the cold.

And yes, this is caused by Putin. There is no other cause.

I am hoping the politicians of Europe remove the taxes on electricity, gas, gasoline and diesel, so that the poor might survive this crisis. I have been advocating that for 2 years, as president of L’Italia per gli Italiani. Alas, like in the USA, no politician is talking about removing taxes on fuels and electricity, because they are milking this crisis for their friends in the fuels industry, and because it achieves that which they are working for Agenda 2030, when “you will own nothing, and be happy” (WEF Founder, Schwab).  Happy, in that sentence, means I think, “dead”.

Vatican Auditor shocked at how Bergoglio’s Cronies squandered entire Peter’s Pence Collection

Editor’s Note: One great disconnect regarding investigations on why Pope Benedict XVI was driven from power is clearly the financial schennanigans at the Vatican before and after. has attempted to outline the issues, but this report adds another key factor, that the Mafia of St. Gallen after siezing power raided the 10 year savings of the Peter’s Pence and squandered it in shaddy and instable investments.  — In other words, their motive was NOT to get Bergoglio elected, but to loot the Vatican at will for their homo-festivities. This is why men without a vocation should never be entrusted with the property of the Church.

FBI grabs Franciscan Friar for locking down Child-Slaughtering Facility

Editor’s Note: Since my visit to Compostella, it seems open season world wide against Catholic clergy and religious: Cardinal Zen, Pope Benedict XVI, and now Friar Fidelis. — In the USA, locking down an abortuary was, in the last 40 years, only a misdemeanor handled by local authorities. That the FBI has entered the picture shows how the Biden Regime has ratcheted up religious persecution of prolifers in the USA.