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David Gordon speaks about why he left Church Militant TV Apostolate

Editor’s Note: The moral and ethical principles enunciated by Gordon in this video are very sound, and show the prudence of non profits which solicit funds for specific purposes rather than taking general donations, which by a lapse of discretion, might be misused. It also shows how much more credible are those organizations which do not pay salaries, when one considers whether there is a supernatural motivation for their work.

Archbishop Gänswein: My Life beside Benedict XVI

Editor’s Note: Here Gänswein presents his own view of his life with Pope Benedict XVI. At 8:20 he begins speaking about the events of Feb. 13, 2013, which however studiously avoids a discussion of what kind of resignation he made: whether of the office, munus or of the ministry of the Papacy. — An omission, which after years of controversy is remarkable and evinces that the Archbishop has nothing to say to support his view on the matter. And this seems to be the final testimony he wants to give to history.

The Archbishop’s testimony is also falsified in this, that he says that Pope Benedict XVi’s Summorum Pontificum brought peace in the Church, when in fact it was violently and bitterly opposed by Bishops round the world, who were addicted to the aggiornamento to promote their own cultural Marxist views.

However, at the end, the Archbishop says his primary goal was to deconstruct the false narratives about Pope Benedict XVI: an admission very damaging to the objectivity of the testimony he gives on all such matters.

One should rather be concerned about the truth and willing to listen to all voices; and strive to understand how understandings and misunderstandings are based on objective facts or ideological agendas.

VATICAN: Pope Francis holds 9 audiences on Thursday despite Bronchitis Narrative

Editor’s Note: This report confirms what I have reported, that the Vatican Narrative is not telling us the truth about the health problems of Pope Francis, but is claiming that he is suffering from a malady, while he acts as suffering from something else. Could it be that he was disinvited from the Dubai Meeting because of Parolin’s Letter to the German Church forbidding gay weddings and female deacons? and the health problems are merely a narrative invention to prevent anyone looking into what is really going on? — That is looking more and more probable.

SPAIN: PM bans Rosary recitation in public to suppress protests against his pardon of Terrorists

Editor’s Note: As one who was, for “the crime” of praying the Our Father in public, detained for 5.5 hours by 17 policemen in the Piazza of Santa Maria Maggiore, on May 1, 2021, the Communist Day, and then taken into custody by a half dozen Rome Police, I laud this effort of Catholics to protest with the Rosary the pardon of terrorists by the socialist govt. of Spain. Viva Cristo Rey!

BREAKING: USA Bishops have made a secret pact against TLM Communities

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For more than 55 years pious and faithful men and women who are citizens of the United States have heard the call of God the Holy Spirit to follow the Lord Jesus in poverty, chastity and obedience, and preserve and promote this personal consecration and self-sacrifice in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ by founding communities of vowed religious characterized by the preservation of the Roman Rite as it existed before the Second Vatican Council.

Contrary to the propaganda of modernists, this desire is no novelty in the Church, for Saint Francis himself, when he was inspired by the Most High to found the Order of the Minors (the Franciscans, who today are called Conventuals, Observants and Capuchins) also petitioned the Lord Pope Honorius III to use exclusively the liturgical books of the ancient Roman Rite, as the liturgy proper to his new Order.

In fact, we would not have the traditional liturgical books of this Rite without Saint Francis, for his Order copied the lasts existing exemplars c. 1225 and propagated them in convenient one-book formats which are known today as the Missale Romanum and the Breviarum Romanum.

So it is a grave shock to me, as a traditional Franciscan Brother, to learn from my confidential source, that the Bishops of the United States have made a secret pact amongst themselves to never approve of any community of religious in the United States which receives the same inspiration as Saint Francis of Assisi. Even though the Saint’s inspiration was approved by more than 23 Roman Pontiffs and was the cause of the magnificent and still in-force Papal Bull, Missale Romanum, by the Dominican, Pope Saint Pius V.

Such a pact is nefarious, evil and schismatic.

It is nefarious because as secret agreement it required Bishops to either refuse permission to such foundations at the beginning of their existence or to hood wink the founds and members by stringing them along for years or decades only to finally deny such permission. In some cases, such as in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania, the Bishops were so dishonest as to use the pretense of future approbation as a way of getting control of the material possessions of these communities, only to seize them as property of the Diocese after inventing some reason to deny the permission years later.

How many vocations have been destroyed by such wicked behavior.

How many vocations have been dissuaded by such scandalous rule.

How many men and women driven into schism or into sects, because their Bishop was a ravaging wolf not a good shepherd, follower of Jesus Christ!

While no Bishop personally has ever admitted to me in public or private the existence of such a pact, from my personal experience of seeking such permission from Bishops in the USA over the last 30 years, and from my knowledge of the history of failure and persecution of so many communities in the USA, I can confirm the effects of such an agreement. — Prudence would have persuaded me that such a pact must exist, as it is the only rational explanation for such continuous uniform persecution by all the Bishops in all the Dioceses of the United States of America.

My experience in Europe also leads me to believe that such pacts exist there too.

Such a nefarious pact is finally schismatic, because it directly opposes the Authority of the Apostles Saints Peter and Paul which was attached to the Papal Bull, Missale Romanum.

Finally, the existence of such a pact means that Catholic religious either have to forgo their vocation, travel overseas, or fall into the temptation of schism or breaking from the Church entirely.

Let us pray for a Holy Pope who one day will show compassion to such vocations, who want nothing other than to follow the lead of the Holy Ghost and in the foot steps of so many saints of the Roman Church.

And in the meantime, whatever your views about the Ancient Roman Rite, I would advise you to write your own Bishops and tell them, that so long as they participate in such wicked and deceitful practices, you will not give a penny to their appeals for money again. I would also suggest, that in your letter, you demand, as proof of good will, that they welcome and approve of such communities in your Diocese, and when it appears that they have, demand a copy of the juridical act whereby such permission is in fact and law permanently granted.

For more information and discussion, see:

NYT: Pope Francis’ patience with his critics has run out

Editor’s Note: A candid assessment of what is going on at the Vatican, with a photo showing what kind of personnel Pope Francis truly appreciates in the Roman Curia. — Revealing that even the New York Times admits the Pope is acting like an Argentine tyrant. — I get the sense that the Purge of Dissidents has begun and we will soon seen Archbishop Viganò, Bishop Schneider, and Cardinal Mueller out. — And in defense of all the Cardinals and Bishops who have remained silent, it can be said, that they might include those who saw this coming from afar, and understand that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is totally incorrigible, which is why they are awaiting his passing and skip the interviews.

USA: 2 Catholic Parishes found to be funding Radical Anti-Christian Lobby Group

Editor’s Note: This news demonstrates the prudence and reasonableness of those Catholics who presume that the pastors of their parishes are funding the groups they fail to denounce. And thus, it makes initial sense to use greater discretion when deciding to put something in the offering plate, than when deciding where to go for Sunday Mass. And when one matures in his appreciation of things spiritual and divine, to use even greater discretion when deciding where to worship.

Roberto de Mattei: Archbishop Viganò is flirting with Anarcho-vacantism

Editor’s Note: Roberto de Mattei, founder of the Lepanto Institute at Rome — which strangely has nothing to do with Lepanto, but with defending the Bergoglian papacy — has accused Archbishop Vigano of a new form of sedevacantism. This article presents a good short history of the variant of sedevacantism, the Casicanum Thesis, which asserts that one can de fact lose the authority of the papacy, while materially remaining the pope, if one has the intention of harming the Church.

While I have shown frequently that Roberto de Mattei is often wrong, if not a total liar, there is some substance to this article, because it is true that one cannot simply hold that the pope is not the pope and then go off and start a non-canonical church. This is what he calls, “anarcho-vacantism”. Indeed, de Mattei accuses the Archbishop of having already ordained priests and possibly Bishops!

He does not say it, but I will: the Catholic and human solution must be to confront the problem in a provincial council. There is also a Catholic and divine solution: but only the Lord who determines the hour and place of the death of the Roman Pontiff can enact that.

And until there is a solution, the avoidance of the Catholic and human solution is going to promote schism and apostasy in the Church. And that is why all who truly love God and Holy Mother Church will not hesitate or fear to propose the Sutri Initiative, while praying also for the Divine solution.

Roberto de Mattei lives on the property of a Parish in the Diocese of Rome and in recent years has shown that his desire to keep his housing on earth is more important to him than his desire to merit housing in Heaven. And once you understand this, some of his errors are less shocking than they would be, considering his previous reputation for orthodoxy before 2013.

France to suppress Far-Right in response to Muslims’ call to “stab white people”

Editor’s Note: Those who love Europe have long claimed that their governments hate them and are actively promoting Jihad against European Christian natives. This report confirms the truth of that claim. The Globalist regime in France is no longer hiding the fact that they have taken sides in the war against Europe: on the side of Jihad. — The Irish Catholics rioted to protest what happened in Dublin. These incidents will not stop until there are truly Christian governments in Europe.