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Russia, not Ukraine, is where Sexual Perversions rule

Editor’s Note: It’s a documented fact that Vladimir Putin has a knee jerk reaction which causes him to kiss boys on the stomach. Leading dissidents say he has sex with teen age boys. His army is also  bunch of sexual deviants. But for shrill voices of enraged banshees, a happily married, duly elected heterosexual who never raped anyone is the pervert along with his Christian nation. Sick.

Unpacking the unhinged screed of American Russian Propagandists

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here I will respond to the angry rants of Russian propagandists who claim to be U. S. Citizens and Conservatives and even Christian. I will list the rants, and reply to them:

1. To defend Ukraine is to defend a Sodomite run government

Vladimir Zelensky is a happily married man with children. And any woman with the penchant to pose images of nude men on her blog, should know that not all male porn stars are gay, some produce porn for women. That does not make them a sodomite.  To claim that it does, means you have issues to deal with in your own conscience regarding not only calumny, but sexual morality and self-responsiblity.

2. To train men or urge men to fight to defend Ukraine is to throw young men into war like cannon fodder.

To train men or urge men to fight in a just defensive war is a work of virtue praised by all the Saints and done by a whole host of Saints from the times of the Crusades right through the wars to oppose the Ottoman take over of the Balkans: St. Francis of Assisi, St. Bonaventure, St. John of Capistrano, St. Bernardine of Siena, Bl. Mark of Aviano. Hence if that is immoral, the Church has failed by raising such men to the honors of the altar. And that would imply that Christ is not God and that Catholic Faith is in vain. — I detect the voice of the Serpent here in this 2nd objection …

To defend a nation in war does not mean that you are complicit in the acts of anyone else defending that nation or of anyone in the government. This is because the moral right of defense arises from the natural order, not the political order.  Marxists hold that only certain political ideologies give you the right to be defended or to defend yourself.  Those who advance this second position have accepted that far-left principle. They are just pretending to be conservatives.

3. Ukraine is a Nazi state.

There is absolutely no evidence of this. The constitution of the nation no where adheres to the principles of National Socialism. The economy is free, liberal and capitalistic. There are no governmental sponsored units with Nazi symbols or which espouse Nazi ideology. There is absolute;y no credible evidence of Nazi activities by the Government.

If someone, somewhere in Ukraine has a Nazi symbol in their possession, that no more redounds to the state, than that any state in the West or in the United States be Nazi, if one or more citizens of such a state carry such a symbol. Otherwise, even Buddishts in the 9th century would be Nazi’s since they used the Swastika.

If readers can suggest other wild claims, let me know, so I can publish a rebuttal to them.

What the globalists want out of the Russo-Ukrainian War

by  Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Back in April, I editorialized that the W.E.F. may have incited Putin to start the present war of aggression, because of their desire to integrate Ukraine into the Rothschild controlled Banking scheme known as the Bank of International Settlements, in Basel, Switzerland.

I was mocked for my assertions, then.

But I can laugh today at my mockers …

All those drunk Russophiles can take out another bottle and ignore this reality, like the rest of reality they have so aptly and stridently ignored, screeching as they do, like banshee in comboxes, podcasts and Telegram channels for the unhinged. When you step back and consider their fruits, you can realize that they are really the ones serving the Globalist agenda by attacking Christian morals and dividing the West.

The theory of “Universal Acceptance” implodes at the door of Bishop Gracida

Editor’s Note: The above is screenshot of Bishop Gracida’s personal blog, where he leads a repost from the Catholic Monitor with his own personal comment and testimony. A great number of Catholics without the intellectual honesty and courage to recognize that Benedict XVI is the pope and that the election of Bergoglio is invalid, have taken refuge in the theory that regardless of the canonicity of that election, so long as everyone accepts it, its valid. A theory which pretends that Bishop Gracida does not exist. Which is why he finds is very offensive, and why all true Catholics also do.

Russian War crimes on Video

Editor’s Note: For the pro-Russian faction, its enough to incite enraged femin-nazis to shout “Nazis”, “Sodomites”, to justify the slaughter of any number of heterosexual christian non-nazis seeking refuge in war. But this video condemns them…

And, more evidence is uncovered daily…..

Each body found condemns both Russia and her supporters. For everyone has the right to be protected against unjust violence and mayhem. It’s not a question of whether you vote for one party or not, for if you were to accept such a principle, you would make ideology the basis of human rights, which is an extreme marxist, Bolshevik principle. Evidently, a lot of “Conservatives” in the West have come out of the closet at Marxists and haters of Christian families and despisers of Christ’s teaching in the parable of the Good Samaritan. — Mark down their names as the ones truly involved in fraud.

A back drop to the errors of Russia, for those totally ignoring Russian History:

Ukraine, a nation proudly united in Tradition and Normalcy

Editor’s Note: Today is a national holiday, celebrating the Embroidery traditions of the Ukrainian people.  And just look at the publicity created by their Ministry of Culture.  Conservatives in the west should be drooling, and then gasping for repentance that they have thrown such a traditional conservative people into the trash-bins of political correctness because there is an upcoming election in the USA. Eternal shame on such frauds.

UK Govt. Data: there was no Pandemic, but there is DeathVaxx injury

Editor’s Note: Click on the tweet to see the previous tweet which shows Women’s long term sicknesses at 6 standard deviations above normal. That’s once in a millennium…. Both men and women’s trends seem to be exploding toward an apocalyptic health event.