PORTUGAL: Conservatives win back Portugal from the Left!

The Chega Party, founded in 2018 won 18% of the vote. It is a Catholic Faith based party, leg by a former seminarian, with the slogan, “God, Family, Country and work”. — The Globalists are frothing at the mouth, for Andre Ventura’s — the party’s leader — consistent criticism of foreign influence in Portugal, from the indolet Gypsy community, to a native of Guinea in Parliament who wants Portugal to return what it “looted” from her colonies. As for Muslims in Europe, he holds that a drastic reduction of their numbers is necessary to save European Civllization.

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4 thoughts on “PORTUGAL: Conservatives win back Portugal from the Left!”

  1. Words have meanings.

    The most common word for ‘enough’ in Portuguese is ‘basta’.

    The most common meaning for ‘chega’ is the 3rd person singular indicative, he/she/it ‘arrives’.

    Do not take my word for it. All of the English only examples given @
    are for ‘arrive’.

    There are things that are worth reserving, preserving, conserving. Family first. The 1st Family – God: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – first always, all ways, everywhere.

    God, Fatherland(Heaven, Homeland), and Family.
    Deus, Patria, e Familia.

    Eternal Verities.


    100yrs to France. 100yrs to Rome. 100yrs for Russia.

    Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.
    Quadragesimo Anno, #120
    Pius XI

    Amen. So be it. Or So-vi-et.

    Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth – Demoncracy damned and banned as in Heaven – Peace to men of Good Will.

    Thy Will be done…

  2. Well, I hope so.

    But wasn’t the same thing said about Meloni who has now mandated ‘vaccine’ passports.

    1. Meloni was not an ex-seminarian. And she never founded a party which had as its motto, “God, Family, Country and work”. She also never called for Muslims to be removed from Europe. Fratelli d’Italia is an openly masonic party, and has always been so. To compare it to Ventura’s party would be a gross error and a calumny.

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