ROME: The most smog ridden city of Italy

Editor’s Note: If you intend to visit Rome, remember to go during seasons in which there is some movement in the air, such as October to November and April to June. I say this because as the article states above, Rome is the Italian city most afflicted with smog, caused by the high humility mixed with the nitric oxide of automobile and truck exhaust. This compound when entering the lungs transforms into an acid which burns the lining of the lung, causing coughing and huge increase in mucus production, as the lungs attempt to insulate themselves against it.

Having lived at Rome for about 6 years during various times of my life, I can tell you that it is a serious problem.  Even Pope Francis now suffers from bronchitis, which is no doubt in part due to the constant pollution.

Unfortunately for Rome, the Italian climate has very weak winds and very short lasting storms, so that only on rare days is Rome free of pollution. In fact, as you descend by car into the City, you can often seen the smog layer above the entire metropolitan area, which layer appears to be a orange brown hazy line above a grey smirched atmosphere encapsulated below.

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