Readership of FromRome.Info increases 65% in March

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

With the month of March passed, I write to thank the readers of FromRome.Info for all their support of this apostolate at the service of Jesus Christ, the Truth, and His Holy Catholic Church, the ark of salvation, in communion with His Vicar on Earth, Pope Benedict XVI.

The month of March showed once again, in statistical numbers, the growing interest in the cause of Pope Benedict XVI and in learning more about how to avoid the Big Lies of our age.

Here are some statistics to illustrate that.  In March, there was an increase of 65% in total views of articles at FromRome.Info, 216,000 over February’s 131,000. This was an increase roughly 10 times greater, in page views, than the increase from January to February, and thus represents an increase in new readers.

In the same period, there was a 85% increase in the total number of readers: 81,621 over February’s 41, 076.

A growth in personal interest in the articles published by FromRome.Info was shown also in the number of comments in March: 1302, over February’s 868, an increase of 50%.

Likes on articles, which is a function which only WordPress members can participate in, increased by 28%, from 1179 in February to 1514 in March.

In March, more importantly, the readers of FromRome.Info, through the Committee, “Save us O Mary!” funded 5 advertisements to promote the Devotion to Our Lady of Saint Maria Maggiore in the Italian Newspaper, La Veritá, which were seen by more than 1 Million readers in Italy. Though Italy remains under Corona Control because of the Corona Hype which has caused a Corona Panic, viewership of the nightly Perpetual Novena has increase roughly 400% on many nights, on account of these advertisements.

In March, FromRome.Info continued to publish numerous articles, round the clock: a total of 326, over February’s 226.

It was in March, also, that produced and published its first video, distributed on its own platform. While this presents a new possibility for informing our readers, the amount of space required to publish videos is severely limited.

So FromRome.Info continues to publish its videos and original content on its public Channel, From Rome Info Video, on YouTube, where it has already published 105 videos, most of these are the videos for the Perpetual Supplica to Our Lady of Santa Maria Maggiore (Salus populi romani).  With just another 160 subscribers to that channel, FromRome.Info will be able to bring its readers LIVE broadcasts not only of the nightly Novena, but of news from Rome, Italy, on all topics, fulfilling my dream of transforming FromRome.Info into a YouTube TV channel for information on the Catholic Church and Rome, Italy, in the English language.

Data usage to publish and produce articles and videos increased from 60 GB in February to 150 GB in March. FromRome.Info now is using 2 cellphones and 1 router with 2 accounts to keep text and video production going for its readers and viewers. As video production increases, FromRome.Info will have to acquire more cellphone SIMS and change them out weekly as data is used up (a 40 minute video uses about 4 GB of Data to publish it).

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has supported FromRome.Info and the Emmerich Appeal. I could never have done what I did in March without you.

I want to thank especially the volunteers who make FromRome.Info what it is. First, Mrs. Colgan as graphic designer of the new Blue Cross and the new From Rome header. Second, the writers: Austin Walsh, Frank Magill, Andrew J. Baalman, Don Elia, John Bronston, Dr. Edward Mazza, David Kaftal, Giuseppe Pellegrino and lastly, Marco Tosatti for his permission to publish in English articles from his personal website,

I also owe a big thanks to all my anonymous correspondents who feed me information about what is going on in the Church and world, which is of interest to the readers of FromRome.Into.

Be assured of my prayers, to Our Lord, Our Lady and Saint Francis. May the Holy Angels of God watch over you and your families in this time of universal panic.

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6 thoughts on “Readership of FromRome.Info increases 65% in March”

  1. Thanks for all you do for us Brother Alexis. We all seek the truth about the Church and the world which has become increasingly hard to sift out. You are a beacon of light in our efforts. May God continue to bless your work. Blessings to you and your staff.

  2. Br Alexis it might perhaps be very beneficial if you could produce a a 5 or 10 minute video with the story behind the visions of Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich, especially with regard to the Church of Darkness. Essentially what you have already written already described in the blog posts.
    You already have something here but I thought maybe a bit longer and maybe include a picture of Bl. Emmerich and something about her life so people can relate to her.

    There are a lot of people who would surely be interested but do not have the attention span to read a blog post to the end.

    Also regarding the video channel some time in the past you posted some pilgrimage videos to the major basilicas and also to Santa Croce. Maybe you could produce some more of these. I would love to see for example Sant Andrea delle Fratte covered, it is my favourite church in Rome by a mile.

  3. Praise be to Jesus and Mary. May the increase increase again and again. You are having an impact thanks to your persistence in the service of truth, an act of filial devotion to Holy Mother Church and the previous Catholic Faith.

  4. Dear Brother, you are most welcome! We all are enormously grateful for your work on behalf of Christ the King … you can count on our continued support.

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