Do not disgrace yourself!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

You only have 1 life to live, Do not disgrace it

With compromises

with the world, or globalism.

with the flesh, or socialism.

with the devil, or the New World Order.

Rather, instead of surrendering your arms,

Take up arms!

And honor your life by becoming a Member, Supporter or Volunteer in the only Catholic Military Order dedicated to security and defense against Christ’s enemies.

I therefore invite one and all to join the Ordo Militaris Catholicus. Here is how you can do it.

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How to join the Ordo Militaris Catholicus

921 years ago, Catholics heard the call of Blessed Pope Urban II to take up arms to defend Catholics in the Mid-East who were being butchered for their Catholic Faith by Muslims, hell bent on conquest.

Today, it is obvious, that Catholics need to organize their own defense, since the rulers of so many Secular States are hell bent on doing nothing or denying the problem, or even worse, now, in subjecting the whole world to a satanic sanitary dictatorship.

Here the the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, we are working to establish a religious association of Catholics dedicated to the lawful defense of Catholics wherever they are persecuted, inasmuch as we can do this by means of legitimate, state-sanctioned military and police actions.

The Ordo Militaris, Inc., is the U.S. Private Military Corporation serving our Religious Association.

So, there are 3 ways to join!

1. Joining the Religious Association, as a Member

omc-banner-300x300First of all, we seek men willing and capable of participating militarily, as Members of the Order. They must be Catholics, in good health and of military age, and be willing to promise to observe the commands of the leadership of the Order, for which we are seeking to recruit ex-military officers with proven command and battle experience, who are still capable of active service. Non-Catholic Christians interested in serving with us must be able to work with Catholics in a friendly and supportive manner.  To become a member, go to our Donation Page and make a pledge.

2. Volunteering in the Religious Association

Statue_of_Louis_IX,_Basilique_du_Sacré-Cœur_de_Montmartre,_Paris_2009Second, we are seeking men and women, with or without military experience, as Auxiliaries of the Order, as the need requires, who are willing and capable, to assist in all other aspects of support, recruitment, financing, fundraising, publicity, accounting, legal aspects and political relations, because it will be necessary to do all these things in an orderly and unified manner to enable the Order to be an effective force for defending Catholics wherever this is needed and possible according to the local laws.

In such wise, by joining the forces of willing Catholics from all over the world, together, into one association with a common purpose, both military and support of the troops, a modern Catholic Military Order, in compliance with all national and international law, can effectively attain its goal: the defense and liberation of Catholics oppressed out of hatred of their faith.

3. Investing in the Works of the Order

preview-221x300-1Third, we seek investors in our works, which are conducted through lawful private security and defense corporations. The First of which, is Ordo Militaris Inc., a Montana Corporation dedicated to the security and defense of Christians persecuted for their faith from any cause or by any government.

For more how you can use the blessings God has given you, to serve His Kingdom on Earth, see our investment page here.

Or if you are a businessman, you can join our Franchise Alliance of businesses which collaborate together for their mutual support of our Order. See our Franchise Proposal, here.

Or if you are simply willing to dedicate yourself to the long term defense of your family, consider our Crusader Option

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