A list of unreliable News sources on Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Unreliability in journalism means many things. It means you print fake news knowingly and deliberately and intentionally, by study. It also means you do it with lack of study and deliberately, even if intentionality and knowledge are not perfect.

But the most scarce quality of reliability should at least to be to read a report and see if it contains what it claims in its title leader.

The now infamous case in point is the Benedict Interview, March 1, 2021, report by Massimo Franco of the Marxist newspaper, the Corriere della Sera, of Milan — not Rome — who was exposed in 2019 for running an interview with Pope Benedict in which both Vatican News and his own paper put out that Benedict had made a statement, which he never made according to the very text of the interview published therein.

So when Massimo Franco runs his report on March 1, 2021, the scarcest sense of journalistic responsibility would be to read it before saying it contains whats its headline claimed.

The next grade of responsibility would be to critique such a known fraudster’s new interview, as Frank Walker, Lou Verrecchio, Andrea Cionci (here and here), Don Alessandro Minutella and FromRome.Info has done (here).

However, the following News sources failed to do EITHER, whether out of ignorance of Italian, laziness to track down the story, or forgetfulness of an unpardonable journalistic fraud, if NOT for a deliberate malign intent to denigrate Pope Benedict XVI and contradict the truths of the invalidity of his renunciation or perhaps out of simple pettiness to disagree with rivals on social media.

So for the record here are the News sources which failed to be reliable:  Associated Press, Vatican News, EWTN-Catholic News Agency, Edward Pentin – National Catholic Register, AciStampa, 1 Peter 5, LifeSite News – John Henry Westen, Return to Tradition.

So now that the record has been documented, the next time someone tells you that the reliable sources are unreliable, since they are not part of the pro-Bergoglio Narrative Control Club, send them the link to this report and rub their noses in it.

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2 thoughts on “A list of unreliable News sources on Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. I read someone’s comment saying that they voted for “Francis” in Canon 212’s poll because Benedict said in the interview that Bergoglio is the pope. It’s maddening when people can’t determine by now that they’ve been manipulated by fake news coming out of the Vatican. It’s a full-time job trying to fix all of the lies and unsubstantiated reports, which is utterly impossible, especially when nearly all of Trad Inc. eagerly plays their part in disseminating them.

    1. Those who do not love the truth, find it natural to get in bed with liars and fornicate with them in their lies. This present crisis is not only canonical, but spiritual. The majority of mankind has chosen Satan and are willing preparing themselves to serve him through the Antichrist. We cannot lose sight of this reality.

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