Documents to carry to defend yourself from the DeathVaxx Gestapo


If you have a similar sort of document for the citizens of your country, share a link to it below and it will be posted here.

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4 thoughts on “Documents to carry to defend yourself from the DeathVaxx Gestapo”

  1. I am endlessly grateful. At the moment, in NSW Australia, public masses are forbidden as well as visiting any place other than work or shops (1 x a day). They have police out doing checks and here I share two more helps:
    1. Install the app called WAZE. Activate alerts on it. It will show police on the route that you plan to take as well as alternative routes. Click on the route for options (bottom of screen). Waze everyday users update the information continuously. This helped me avoid police on the way to mass (which is forbidden because I can’t even visit a closed church except if its within 10k of home and then only to ‘exercise’ in the grounds.
    2. Find one of the secret masses still occurring ( I know of 5 places/priests) and go despite all risks. Tell them that you are allowed to access your ‘daily bread’ if pulled over or that you are going to work (assisting at mass is our work). These masses will provide enormous graces- worth all the risks and fines. $1000? What is a mass worth, esp. in fortifying you and your family? Ask for all the graces you can obtain; you need them and will receive them!! Fines will be thrown out if taken to the high court anyway, I believe. May Our Blessed Mother cover and hide you in her holy mantle as she has with so many of us.


    So they say. Well, we live in a strange time. We live in the book of revelation phase now?
    Makes you think, considering how the luciferians are stepping things up, with their plandemic, featuring that mysterious, and tricky virus, that they try to make into the dangerous black plague. That French ex banker, and all other luciferian EU leaders, and pedophile foot soldiers, twisted influencers, really seems to think, that Lucifer will be their best friend. They are all doomed. All their hard work will be for nothing.

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