14 thoughts on “USA: Why planes will start falling out of the skies after November 15”

  1. Time may be running out for the Masters of NWO, because News and Media censorship is finally breaking down!
    The News are that flight companies may be experiencing increasing difficulties in fulfilling flight routes & schedules and even keeping flights afloat!

  2. Being at high altitudes puts people at risk for embolisms and those types of problems, so it makes sense we would see this.
    In this example, there was a co-pilot, many flights within say, America, do not have co-pilots, there is only the pilot. So what happens when a pilot gets sick or God forbid, dies, and there is no one to take over?
    It is time for Americans, it is time for the world, to say ENOUGH, and refuse the vax, and resist the tyranny, and demand to put a stop to this coercion which is being implemented by governments and hidden by media!
    Pray, people, pray, because we need God’s help.

  3. Stew Peters is interesting, but planes falling out of the sky? Where is that in this video? The headline is false, and might make someone doubt all of the information in the video. How can I show this to a friend who thinks things are fine?

    1. I agree. Where did that date come from??????
      Why is it in the headline?
      Will planes fall due to an emp or pilots dying at the Same time -which is very unlikely.

      1. Because on Nov. 15 a large number of airlines will require that only DeathVaxxed pilots fly. The Headline, with a lot of dark humour, restates that.

  4. People need to stop travelling via airlines and start driving again. We here in Australia haven’t been able to travel outside of 5 kilometres of our house, and this has only changed since a couple of days ago. Use your cars people while you still can. It’s not worth risking your life flying in this current climate.

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