3 thoughts on “The Arch-Enemies of Christ who betrayed the Church in the USA to the Lodge”

  1. Eye-opening. The model for the Catholic diaspora is the Holy Family, Who did not assimilate during their exile in Egypt and returned to their kin when it was safe to do so. The family and kin are the first educators of their children and the guardians of their Faith. The actions of the Irish clergy in America reveal their servility to the Fabian agenda to degrade humanity to the level of a deracinated slave society ruled by the Luciferian oligarchy.

  2. Your article on Ireland and Gibbons brought to mind an article written By Gary Potter in Catholicism April 2018 on Americanism. . (Link is found below. ) In a letter written to Bishop Ireland in August of 1898, Fr Ireland says of the Spanish and Cubans And the strife of civil war ….”“For me this is not simply a question of Cuba. ..let the ‘greasers’ eat one another up and save the lives of our dear boys. But for me it is a question of much more moment — it is the question of two civilizations. It is the question of all that is old & vile & mean & rotten & cruel & false in Europe against all that is free & noble & open & true & humane in America. When Spain is swept off the seas much of the meanness and narrowness of old Europe goes with it to be replaced by the freedom and openness of America. This is God’s way of developing the world. And all continental Europe feels the war is against itself, and that is why they are all against us, and Rome more than all because when the prestige of Spain & Italy will have passed away, and when the pivot of the world’s political action will no longer be confined within the limits of the continent, then the nonsense of trying to govern the universal church from a purely European standpoint — and according to exclusively Spanish and Italian methods, will be glaringly evident even to a child. ‘Now the axe is laid to the root of the tree.’ Let the wealth of Convents and Communities in Cuba & the Philippines go; it did nothing for the advancement of religion….” Where did this man learn to unleash such venom on fellow Catholics?

    This Fr O’Connell became Bishop O’Connell and taught future bishops at the North American College in Rome .

    This fellow O’Connell became a bishop and taught future bishops at the North American college in Rome .

    Gary Potter April 2018

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