Trump says that Kennedy Jr.’s expose of the DeathVaxxes is a lie

 Editor’s Note: Now, it can be seen, that it is actually a fact, and not a conspiracy theory, that Trump would prefer the USA ruled by someone who shares his view that the DeathVaxxes are good and there really was a Pandemic, to someone who says the opposite. This proves that Trump is a satanist conspiring to destroy America for the Globalists.

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5 thoughts on “Trump says that Kennedy Jr.’s expose of the DeathVaxxes is a lie”

  1. NOW I want to see how many people are still going to support and vote for trump… He really believes he’s kind of god for lots of americans. NOW AMERICANS GO ON AND SHOW – HOW MANY SHEEPLE ARE IN THE TRUMP SUPPORTER MASSES. (this is another strong division… 🙁 )

  2. I suspected it from the beginning.

    I have some suggestions as to what they can do with the MAGA hats. Just call me!

  3. Trump did nothing for us veterans! 🇺🇸
    His buddy DeJoy, Post Master General, hiked up prices for us p.o. box holders.

    So tell me…from $54 every 6 mos for a standard box that went to $100 every 6 mos! I don’t trust Trump!

    His” warp speed”vaccine & ventalators..killing machines! He’s always been a player!

  4. Trump is a walking ego that can’t admit that he is wrong. Thus he can’t admit that he screwed up big time when he authorized Operation Warp Speed. Ego and self-righteousness is all that Lucifer ever needed to do tremendous evil. Don’t read too much into what Trump says because his ego can account for it all.

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