CANADA: Patrick King offered political office by Freemasons if he collaborates

At the end of this video, Patrick responds to trolls during his live broadcast. Language alert there.

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8 thoughts on “CANADA: Patrick King offered political office by Freemasons if he collaborates”

  1. “I can not be bought off, I can not be swayed, I can not be bribed”…..
    The most beautiful words I have heard in YEARS!!!!
    Hold the line truckers, our prayers are constant.

  2. There are tens of millions of guys like Patrick King and his friend in the US who want freedom and constitutional rights and oppose tyranny. But why is it just ordinary, hard-working, decent family men like Patrick that are in the fight and put themselves at risk? Where are the sheriffs and police chiefs? Where are the lawyers and district attorneys? Where are the corporate executives and military officers, and, for that matter, where are the Catholic bishops, pastors, and priests? Does anybody besides me suspect that Christ is on Patrick’s side and not Justin’s?

    1. I’ll tell you where the Police Chiefs and Captains in the police forces are. They are 33rd degree Freemasons who are beholden to the Satanic Brotherhood of Freemasonry BEFORE they have any obligation to the people’s Constitution. IT IS AN OUTRAGE! ALL of these police, chiefs, and captains should be FIRED! They are going to be the death of us all if they keep going up against the people. They should be ashamed of themselves but they believe they can get away with saying “I was just doing my job” for their Satanic paycheck. This world will never be free if Freemasons are not single handedly grabbed by their throats and carried off to a dark cell to rot.

  3. What would be very interesting to know is how he got this letter? Who physically gave it to him and when exactly or where did he find it?

  4. “I Can’t be bought off. I Cannot be swayed. I Cannot be bribed.”
    Definitely animated by the Creator and Blessed by the Creator God.

    The colorful “COURAGE OF GOD” on display opposing tyranny and protecting of all towards the Freedoms given by God the Globalist WEF/CCP Nazi Communist Cabal is RESETTING TO BECOME in Canada through the puppet Trudope.

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