How the WEF turned many Conservatives in the West into Soviet Allies

Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When we fail to hold fast to Christ, we fall under the power of demons and idols.

And the sad truth is, that if we do not consciously intend to remain faithful and due our due diligence with information, the narratives launched by the Globalists can easily divert us from fidelity to truth.

Whenever we take talking points, without any investigation, as the truth, this can easily happen.  And if we act this way and attack our brothers and sisters in Christ, we are doing the work of the Devil.

There is the obvious sort of manipulation when one falls into accepting a false narrative pushed by all the MSM.  But there is the less obvious narrative when one is pushed by his own emotional hatred of the MSM to abandon a honest and good cause simply because the MSM recognizes it also as honest and good.

The Conservative voices in the West have stridently defended Donald Trump from the false accusations of collaborating with Russia for neigh 6 years.

It is therefore very surprising, that with Russia’s aggression upon Ukraine, most of these same voices openly side with Putin and are throwing Ukrainian Christian families under the bus.

Fixating on every defect in the government of any nation as an excuse to helping the innocent citizens of that nation is a convenient psychological self-delusion. But it is also a most dishonest cruelty and cold-heartedness.

Faith in Christ and gratitude for the fact that He saved us while we were still sinners and Has done so many, many times in our own lifetimes, should cause us at least to pause some moment and reflect whether our reaction to events is being triggered by emotional sentiments which we have harbored for long time and to which we are attached.

Here at FromRome.Info, I have received praise from all quarters in the world for my coverage of the fake pandemic and deadly experimental medical treatments advocated as its cure. A little gratitude and respect for that, I imagined, would cause all my readers and fans to pause and at least hear my reasons for going to Poland to help Ukrainians and Ukraine.

I am very disappointed this was not the case.

Psychological manipulation is very strong. It goes beneath the radar of the intellect and the heart.  It remains a thing very sad to me, that so many friends have become such vicious enemies to me, for simply standing the ground on the teaching of Jesus Christ and objective morality.

I will continue this editorial policy at FromRome.Info and thank all my readers who have had the grace not to lose their own spiritual footing with the change of winds in this storm, like nearly half of my friends and benefactors. As a son of St. Francis it is more abhorrent to me to remain likeable to all and close my heart to the poor, than open my heart and be hated for it by the many. I pray that Saint Francis of Assisi might similarly inspire one and all, to the praise of Jesus Christ and His Immaculate Mother.

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18 thoughts on “How the WEF turned many Conservatives in the West into Soviet Allies”

  1. Dear mr. Bugnolo, you were again spot on, and you know that everything you said is related and caused by the human weekness and inclination to evil, which sadly diminishes the sense of discernment. What you are passing through is a sad reminder of the betrayal of Jesus by nearly every follower at the foot of His cross and should confort you and give you the strength to carry on.
    I will pray for you as the true picolo resto will never abandon you and the Holy Mother Church.

  2. ‘If men were more perfect they would need less compassion’ this was a line from the movie of St Francis to the Sultan. I don’t know if he truly said it but it stuck with me just the same because of its truth. So we go on in truth and the love of Christ praying that all men would drop their weapons and come together in unity and brotherly love under the Lordship of the one True God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  3. “When you fail to hold fast to Christ, you fall under the powers of demons and idols.”

    Brother, you have said it!

  4. May the understanding of the Holy Spirit fill our souls to help loosen the scales blinding the eyes of those the dragon attacks and the necks of those too stiff to turn their heads to see the forest from the trees. May those united in the spirit of the Lord Jesus maintain dignity in facing judgement from those not knowing what they speak about and too cowardly to overcome their own helplessness, hopelessness and the resulting guilt they choose to repress when taking the side attacking the innocent.

  5. Brother Alexis, Thank you for doing this work in Poland to help the Ukrainians. I have recently sent financial help to you through Ordo-Militaris which is the best I can do at this time, and I pray for your safety. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to pray the rosary.

  6. Brother Alexis, I think it’s wonderful that you traveled there and are offering whatever assistance you can in that dreadful situation.

    It’s hard for me to imagine that anyone would “side” with
    Putin’s aggressive and murderous actions, though I’ve seen some thoughts posted elsewhere that smack of that, or from those who have some wild delusions about Putin’s purposes. I don’t see how it’s debatable that the Russian invasion is wrong and evil, though I also do understand the kind of PsyOp tactics used by the WEF and fellow forces of darkness.

    I do have concern that, on the other hand, there is also in some people a seeming push to hate the Russian people because they are Russian. Not only would that be wrong, but here is the US, that kind of mindset led to the despicable internment of Japanese Americans, not that many decades ago. My nephew-in-law is a Russian who has lived and worked in Canada and the U.S. for decades, but his entire family is in Russia. He is extremely worried, and who can blame him? We can hate the Russian government, what it stands for, and what it’s doing, without hating the people who live under its control.

    And we can also believe there is corruption in the Ukrainian government without thinking Ukraine deserves invasion by an evil Communist regime, too. Something always fills the space between two sides of a coin.

    But the murder and displacement of thousands of innocent people in Ukraine is a horror, and our prayers need to be with them continually. God bless you for putting yourself in the thick of it, for the sake of the suffering innocents.

    1. I find it very difficult to know the complete truth and facts. The West says (and the mainstream media) Putin is a war criminal and targets the Ukrainian civilians and children. Putin says the Ukrainian government is using innocent people as human shields. The propaganda from both sides is difficult to decipher. Again, Putin feels threatened that Ukraine wants to become a NATO country. NATO feels threatened by Putin’s invasion. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth. Government corruption exists in every country. I find it fascinating that so many in Washington DC want to enforce a no-fly zone in Ukraine. NATO simply cannot go to the defense of a non-NATO country. Sending weapons is very different from direct engagement. Both the US, China, and Russia have fought proxy wars arming our Allies to indirectly fight one another. First World superpowers cannot afford to fight one another. The casualties and disruption of the world economy would devastate the innocent survivors. I am not pro-war. I am all for justified war according to traditional Church teaching. Should NATO get involved? Let’s weigh the scales carefully. Once the shooting starts, there is no telling where we end up.

      1. There is no way to know the truth if you do not accept the Truth, Jesus Christ, and the principles of morality revealed by Him.

  7. Br Bugnolo, you have twice the brains of most othe rest of us. That’s the problem.

  8. Br. Bugnolo,

    Yours is still the first source I seek for news and information. And yes it is because you have spoken truth about the “pandemic” and the shots that I have confidence in your reporting.

    It’s disheartening that you have, apparently, been under attack. That is just wrong.

    OF COURSE, I find the attack on the Ukranians an act of unjust aggression!

    What is lacking is a public declaration, calling for repentance and a return to Christian morality and the family. I’m sure there are Ukranian people who desire this.
    But what about Zelensky?

    And obviously Putin is not a “savior”.

    I thank you for your editorials to help us sort it all out.

    Many prayers and God bless.

  9. It is right to help the innocents who are suffering. Thank you for doing so. After 2 years of massive deceit from western media, I am no able to suddenly believe anything they say. The same is true about Russian media. Until more clarity can be available, via actions, I am personally very uncomfortable with believing any narrative. The only thing I am sure of is that there are innocent people suffering.
    Lastly, my assessment so far is that the entire catastrophe is planned to bring the world into the full-spectrum dominance “Great Reset”. Time will tell.

  10. Oh dear, Brother. This is so sad! Catholics should know better. I have been very confused myself because of the psychological operations of the WEF etc but I’m thankful that you have reminded us of just war doctrine.

    Losing friends isn’t as bad as losing our salvation, but it still hurts.
    May God bless you.

  11. Brother, I agree that any killing of innocent civilians is always wrong and is never justified. But don’t you find it ironic that you are on the same side as Pope Francis, the liberal MSM, and the globalist oligarchs? These are the same people who gave us the Covid death vaxx, the 2020 stolen election, and are pro-abortion and super pro-LGBT. I’m not favoring Putin at all, but he does have a right to knock out the 30 bio weapons labs put in the Ukraine by the same folks who put labs in Wuhan. Why would Fauci and company stop with Wuhan? Also, many ethnic Russians have been genocided by the Ukrainian Nazis. Their lives matter too.

    1. If you want to be true to your own logic, the next time Bergoglio says mass, you need to go to a Black Mass, and when he worships Jesus, you must adore Satan. Then you will never fall into the irony I have fallen into by remaining faithful to Christ regardless of what he does.

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