11 thoughts on “The Spy Putin assassinated knew he was a pedophile”

  1. My more dirt if true one thing for sure Mr Putin is no Christian as also Trump or Biden , Gods exposing all theses corrupt people thru out the world before he really strikes ,
    better start bending those necks and knees NOW !

  2. That’s strange since Putin reportedly told Trump, either you take care of these pedophiles in your government, or I will. He halted adoptions of Russians to the US for this reason. Also, strange behavior from someone who built 200k churches in Russia.

    1. There were medieval and renaissance popes which were immoral in their private lives but honest in their public lives. The dichoomty is not rare.

  3. Brother, I am disappointed that you are being deceived by a lot of unproven claims about Putin. Please look at what the Ukraine “President” has been involved with, and with whom….. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth….
    God bless,

    1. You seem to think the sins of the victim justify his entire nation becoming a victim. After what was just discovered about the Bucha Massacre, I submit that your conscience is gravely deceived.

  4. God is so patient and his Mother so protective trying to buy time for all peoples of the world to repent of sin and turn to God– It is amazing that the fire deluge cleansing the earth hasn’t occurred long before now. I am so glad I got rid of my TV long ago. I have more news than I can handle just from Catholic websites.

  5. Da, da,da,da,daaaaaah! сюрприз!!!
    “Later, in the famous scandal, Putin (on Roman Abramovich’s instructions) blackmailed Skuratov with these tapes and tried to persuade the Prosecutor-General to resign.”

  6. Putin non è assolutamente un santo…
    1) Formato nei ranghi del KGB (comunisti atei, spesso assassini)
    2) Secondo Gioele Magaldi appartiene o apparteneva alla
    Ur-Lodge massonica GOLDEN EURASIA, con sede a Berlino,
    a anche Angela Merkel ne faceva (o ne fa parte).
    3) Ha taciuto sull’affondamento del KURSK, che venne colpito
    dai sommergibili USSN Memphis e USSN Toledo, abbandonando a morte l’equipaggio perché non parlasse.
    4) Ha inviato al massacro gli stessi soldati russi, con mezzi
    corazzati obsoleti, con obiettivi demenzialmente irrealistici,
    cercando di conquistare una nazione grande come la Francia
    con soli 150.000 soldati.
    5) Non ha esitato nel far distruggere obiettivi prettamente civili, case, teatri, ospedali, ecc.
    6) Ha invitato la Polonia a “prendersi la sua parte” dell’Ucraina.
    7) Minaccia di morte anche alti prelati ortodossi -russi “disobbedienti”, come il Patriarca Bartolomeo.


  7. Can we be honest? Every world leader is a pedophile or sexual deviate, with just a few exceptions.

    Zelensky and Putin are the same .

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