Ukraine, a nation proudly united in Tradition and Normalcy

Editor’s Note: Today is a national holiday, celebrating the Embroidery traditions of the Ukrainian people.  And just look at the publicity created by their Ministry of Culture.  Conservatives in the west should be drooling, and then gasping for repentance that they have thrown such a traditional conservative people into the trash-bins of political correctness because there is an upcoming election in the USA. Eternal shame on such frauds.

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One thought on “Ukraine, a nation proudly united in Tradition and Normalcy”

  1. Those supportive of the KGB-Trained Communist Thug delusional with dreams of ‘The Greatness of Mother Russia’ causing this travesty wishing to leave these people alone to the Tyrant…Deserve the SAME TREATMENT AS THEY WISH ONTO OTHERS and they may get it since those planning this convenient CRISIS are those NOW TAKING DOWN THE United States.

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