Transhumanist, Elon Musk, to purchase Twitter

Editor’s Note: The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk is ominous, since it is not just the purchase of a company, but ownership of all the messages, which Musk wants to use to develop AI. But with these, he can use the personal information and message history to create an AI which will simulate the personality of a twitter user. This enabling his robots in the future to replace individuals.

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5 thoughts on “Transhumanist, Elon Musk, to purchase Twitter”

  1. How would an AI fake personality of a Twitter user replace a person with a robot? Even if it could, What’s the point?

    I don’t use it myself, but from young people I’ve questioned, understand they “idealise” versions of themselves into Twitter which don’t resemble the authors that much.

    It makes more sense that Musk would try to strip Twitter of fake accounts, regulate the advertising, and enable free speech for unpopular opinions so he could make money to justify his overpaying for this turkey.

    If he does this, it would be easy for users to see.

    1. For someone with a personal account, with 10s of thousands of tweets, that data can be used by an AI to guess or simulate the persons personality, through written means or once the voice and face are electronically registered, visually. It will be the gravest violation of privacy possible, but they are working to that, since they do not want you to regard a real human as any more real than their own creations.

      1. Funny (in a tragic way) that those who want to be noticed and broadcast themselves on Twitter can get noticed, & their personalities “AI cloned”; –like “losing your shadow” in the old fairy tales, meaning you are “in thrall” to dark forces. What do you think “they” intend to do with these AI “dybbuks”?
        With their “originals?”
        (These may be rhetorical questions.)

        “Names of fools are like their Faces,
        Always seen in public places”. . .

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