5 thoughts on “IRELAND: Anti-Church expels Catholic Priest for preaching against sin”

  1. Sounds like a Priest, Fr. Falsing, also cancelled…I think out of Kansas, Nebraska or Missouri for helping penitents during Reconciliation and in his Homily, also. Can’t believe this even as it has to be true and never imagined THIS could happen in the Catholic Church. Is so sad about God’s faithful being persecuted while the heretics and apostates continue on leading souls to sin and hell.

  2. Welcome to the land of Saints and Scholars. I’m reminded of a few lines from the song “Bold Robert Emmet’, an Irish Republican orator and leader of the United Irishmen, who went to the gallows in his attempt to free Ireland from foreign rule. The lines are, “I’m proud of the honour it was only my duty, a hero I lived, and a hero I’ll die. I’m sure the good Father wouldn’t consider himself a hero , but in the current climate prevailing in the world, those lines could most certainly be applied to him. Remember what happened to St. John the Baptist when he preached a similar message?. Well, he lost his head, yet Jesus said of him no greater man than him had ever been born. As for his bishop removing him and apologizing for what he said, well remember Judas and what happened to him.

  3. I guess he’s “lucky”… Jesus was crucified for preaching against sin… Today calling a sin a sin is “hate speech”. So sad. But the Lord will bless him for it.

  4. Disgraceful. So many of the problems in the Catholic Church can be traced back to allowing so many liberals-as well as homosexuals-to enter their ranks. What other organization promotes people to positions of power who are actively campaigning AGAINST the organization and its’ values?

    1. We have been infiltrated by the CIA and Freemasons. What you are seeing is not the Catholic Church at all.

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