VATICAN: Bergoglian pro-Abortion Protegé squandered funds from Vatican Charities

Editor’s Note: Another historically documented fact, that there is no honor among thieves. — If corruption of this kind occurred before February 2013, the MSM would be talking about it for weeks. That they are not doing so now, is all you need to know, about who truly is and is not the Pope.

But at the end of the above article, I have to point out that J. D. Flynn has a memory lapse, when he states:

Paglia, who was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Rome, was made a bishop by Pope St. John Paul II in 2000, and led the Diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia until 2012, when he was named the head of the Pontifical Council for the Family by Pope Benedict XVI.

During his time as a diocesan bishop, Paglia was briefly at the center of an artistic controversy, after he was depicted naked (except for his zucchetto) in a fresco of the Resurrection, which he commissioned on a large wall of his diocesan cathedral.

For, the truth is, as his link to the Italian article shows, that this controversy did NOT break while he was Bishop of Narni (2000-2014), for the scandal broke on March 26, 2016, before Paglia had been appointed by Bergoglio to another position! Thus, Bergoglio, with full knowledge of this man’s corruption, promoted him still.

Flynn is an ardent supporter of Bergoglio-has-to-be-the-pope narrative and has publicly insulted those who think otherwise. Now he has to eat his porridge!

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