3 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Excess Mortality surges to 13% for 2022”

  1. It can’t tell why?
    How long will these idiots keep their heads in the sand?
    Seems like everybody is sponsored by LuciPfizer.

  2. In yet another death close to home, a 65 yo widowed friend was found, near death, by her son, a few days before Christmas.

    Emergency room testing revealed kidney and heart failure.
    She passed away a few hours later.

    This friend was very healthy and with no previously known heart or kidney problems
    She went to work every day and was very active in her church.
    However a few days prior she felt like the flu might be coming on. She was diagnosed with covid and given the new anti viral drugs.
    Also, she’d had all the shots.

    This is all so outrageously obvious and sad.
    Please pray for my friend’s soul.
    And her family…as they are all in shock.

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