5 thoughts on “Snubbing Pope Benedict XVI in death”

  1. Is the dome of St. Peter’s turning black?

    And if yes, is this likely just because it needs a good cleaning?

    This may seem an odd question, though some are reporting that it is indeed turning black and this is indicative of what is happening inside.

  2. Because wrong type of cleanser was used I think. I could understand how some people could come to that conclusion, that the rot inside the Vatican (Francis pontificate) is causing the dome to turn black. Stretching the imagination a little, but I get their point.
    But does anyone remember those photos of lightening bolts hitting the cross of the dome of St. Peter 2x the night Benedict XVI resigned? Some people said it represented the Lord’s anger. I might sound superstitious, but to me, it represented much more Satan finding a door opening to ruin the Catholic Church. Which he has done thru Bergoglio and associates and agenda ever since.

  3. Always atheists in their heart deny the supernatural. If the Dome of St Peter’s is turning black there’s a reason for it. The lightning strike over the Dome of St Peter’s was eerily significant at the time …and prophetic. Bring back the supernatural…the wiles of Satan, the miracles of Grace , the horror of dying impenitant, and the Mass of the Ages..Confessionals in plain sight, not backroom closets capable of accommodating all sorts of sin.etc, etc, etc.

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