SOUTH SUDAN: Pope’s second day

Editor’s Note: The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury and the High Minister of the Church of Scotland prayed with the Holy Father for the descent of the Holy Spirit for triumph of peace over hatred in South Sudan (this is explicitly stated in the introduction), which has been torn by internal civil wars for decades. For non-Catholics to pray with us is not a sin for us or for them, as otherwise, in nearly every Catholic Church on earth, ever Sunday, in which any non Catholic came and prayed with us during Mass, we would all be sinners and the prayers of the Church unholy. — But those who hate Christ will think otherwise, He who taught in the outer temple, where even Gentiles could enter. — It appears that this event consisted in songs, prayers and speeches, mostly in English, in which Pope Francis did not participate, since he does not speak English. He spoke only in Italian.


Pope Francis also met with Catholic Bishops and Religious of South Sudan, yesterday, Feb. 4, 2023:

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2 thoughts on “SOUTH SUDAN: Pope’s second day”

  1. It may be worthwhile to clarify that, as you say, it is not a sin for THEM TO PRAY WITH US, it is a different matter altogether for US TO PRAY WITH THEM.

    If a heretic of King Henry’s comes into a Catholic Church and joins in, then great; if, however, a Catholic enters into one of Henry’s buildings (irrespective of whether it was stolen from God or otherwise) and prays with them, that is a very different matter indeed.

    1. That’s correct, unless they invite the Catholic to teach them about the Catholic Faith and to teach them to pray as Christ taught. But if they do not practice false worship, that is heretical or idolatrous, they could invite a band to play for their services, and Catholics in the band could play. It’s a very trick situation, and that is why it is best avoided. In Sudan, the Pope invited the other two leaders to join him in a diplomatic mission for peace. This meeting was part of that.

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