The History behind the “Maria Divine Mercy” scam

The link goes to a 105 pp PDF which tells the history of who was behind this book.

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14 thoughts on “The History behind the “Maria Divine Mercy” scam”

  1. It seems that I am conflicted and need to double check the source. If it were true, then millions of Catholics have been duped and are now committing sacrilege to God, the Most High.

    Maria Divine Mercy also published messages coming from the Mother of God as well.

  2. The Irish Sunday World reported that since 2008 Gallagher, with no
    visible income, resided in a $5.4 million mansion in upper-class
    coastal Malahide, north of Dublin, population 16,000. This is the
    same community where Mary Carberry resides.
    Posting from page 15 of 101, “The Land O’ Seers”

    If it is so, anyone who knew Christina Gallagher would well know now that both Christina Gallagher and Maria Carberry got very rich and now lives in mansions. I wonder if Thomas W. Petrysko also was in this for the profit.

    The Outing of Mary Carberry:

    1. Lazarus, was the richest friend of Jesus… and Jesus trusted him completely… He has been chosen to be resurrected in one of the greatest miracle described in the Bible… Wealth as well as poverty can be a reason for holiness or sinfulness. Only what is in the heart counts and sorry to say to many of my catholic brothers and sisters (who judge on the spot, so recklessly), that this knowledge belongs only to God!!! Jesus said … let them grow till harvest! So, LISTEN TO HIM!!!

      1. We had Our Lady warning us, through little children. I believe it is wiser to follow Her messages from little children, even some of them were barely able to write back then. Our Lady, the Queen of Prophets gave messages because of the Mercy from the Most High God.

      2. Hello, IF Maria Carberry really is Maria Divine Mercy, she committed blasphemy to the Most High God, according to the works she did.

        I will post the damage she did to sheep who fell to her trap from a sincere anonymous blog. Even the Protestants can see the trap in front of them:

        Anonymous said…
        I knew she was a fraud in her Oct 2, 2011 post. First by the title; ‘Rejoice when the sky explodes’. First, when the sky ‘explodes’ it is not a good thing, it is a very bad thing. And as Proverbs 17:5 says, “He who mocks the poor blasphemes his Maker; he who is glad at calamity will not go unpunished.” So if you are glad (rejoice) at calamity (sky explodes), you will be punished. Second, in the blog she writes ‘have blessed candles everywhere’. One, you cannot have blessed candles ‘everywhere’, it is impossible, so Jesus wouldn’t say that, and two, the visions for the Warning only say ‘a blessed candle’. ‘A’ or ‘one’. Some poor old devout women read this woman’s false blog and go and spend their savings to buy candles for everywhere. …

  3. Hello Brother,

    Is it possible for Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother to bless the chosen prophets with wealth from this earth? Or is it from Satan because that is the third temptation of Satan to Jesus in the desert, from the Gospel according to Matthew?

    1. Yes, but the wealth with which they bless their servants on earth is virtue and grace, and very rarely riches, because having much riches is an obstacle to virtue and grace.

      1. I really believe Job lived (and not as a metaphor), and I think the only reason why he got those riches is because he humbled himself before the Lord.

  4. Reports on other media say that Maria Carberry denied allegations that she was Maria Divine Mercy.

    It is possible the masons did not find Maria Divine Mercy so they are looking for fall guys.

  5. We then need to look back at the messages and need to clarify what are the other religions that honor the Eternal Father.

    Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church because it is the One, True, and apostolic Church.

    We also have parables in Matthew where Jesus tells us He is the vine and the branches cannot live apart from the vine. So telling there are other religions that do that is like telling Jesus had other vines apart from Him.

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