How do you know your DeathVaxx was effective? You will be dead within 2 years

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7 thoughts on “How do you know your DeathVaxx was effective? You will be dead within 2 years”

  1. Yes, I conquer. However, I believe the kill rate will not be as high as predicted because the deployment was suppose to be rotational in batches, as to not make it too obvious. In other words, the potency was carefully planned by demographics and locale. Also, I strongly believe they also wanted a certain amount of customers for life, hence cancers and other long term ailments.
    Evil is actually not very smart. It is very easy to predict. Conceptualizing the worst case scenario usually brings one closer to the truth of the plan.

    1. I share this because an M.D. has said it. I do not know more, to interpret it. I am just sharing news, not giving medical advice.

  2. Thankfully, the Dr’s prediction significantly overestimates the problem. In addition to the points raised by Père Walter Covens (taking fake to mean placebo i.e. saline or similar) and Poochiwoo (dose variations by demographics and locale), there are quite a few more. This list is not exhaustive.

    1. The predictive power of small scale tests is not sufficient to predict outcomes across billions. If (say) 12 / 12 rats and 12 / 12 monkeys died, it does not mean that 1.2 billion / 1.2 billion rats or 1.2 billion / 1.2 billion monkeys would die after identical treatments.

    2. The rats’ lifetime to humans’ lifetime “conversion” factor is not exact and involves statistical “bell curves” or similar.

    3. The assumption that humans will react identically to rats or monkeys – adjusted for different lifespans – is flawed. As but one example, lab rats are genetically far more homogenous than humans.

    4. A really key difference is lack of intervention for rats and monkeys that were jabbed. One purpose of the animal tests was to determine what proportion would die or become diseased following the shots. Intervention to save them after treatment was thus not given and most likely not even considered.
    It is thus extremely unlikely that anyone prayed for the victim test animals. One hopes that some Christians (at least) will pray for family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even unknown people they are prompted to pray for who are suffering side effects of any jabs or inappropriate medical interventions.

    5. Following 4., one hopes that some victims (at least) will make changes to their diet and lifestyle and find truly safe and truly effective remedies to reduce the risk of their own death or severity of disease following any jabs or inappropriate medical interventions.

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