Operation “Blessed Virgin”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Our Lord gave the Apostles great powers. But some of the Saints say, that they power to confect the sacraments was something they were hesitant to use at first. Blessed Mary of Agreda — if I remember correctly, it has been 35 years since I read her — in her Mystical City of God, which is a theological biography of the Blessed Virgin Mary, says that Saint Peter said the first Mass at the insistence of Our Lady and with Her explanations.

For this reason, I dub this Mission of the Church Militant, Operation “Blessed Virgin”. And I ask that Catholic women, who still have the opportunity to go to confession, in those regions of the world where the participation of the laity at Mass is suppressed by insane and unfaithful Bishops, partake of this operation.

First, go to confession.

Second, at the end of your confession, after the Absolution, begin this conversation with your priest. Say something like:

Father, since Our Lord called the Eucharist our Bread, our Daily Bread, how can it be that we can survive without this spiritual food, which you are denying us?

Father, since Our Lord died on Cross to offer the New Sacrifice of the New Covenant, how can it be that we laity be Christians if we are not allow to attend that Sacrifice in person on Sundays?

Please, I beg you, restore Communion and the Mass. Do not listen to your Bishop or superior who has ordered you to abandon the fundamental duties you have as a priest of and from Christ Jesus, Our God!

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7 thoughts on “Operation “Blessed Virgin””

  1. Deo gratias for the countless graces bestowed on all of us – including everyone who has had the privilege of reading this most encouraging blog, as well as the beloved editor Brother Alexis Bugnolo, and everyone contributing articles, videos and comments. No one else is doing this. May there be many more graces to come. God bless you *all* now and forever.

  2. I will do this but I don’t know whether to pick my priest carefully or go to all of them. I already approached both and told them that the world could more easily survive without the sun than the Eucharist. One didn’t care. The other finished my sentence for me – in agreement I believe or at least consideration.

  3. And by the way, I had actually been to Confession that morning. They were the words God gave me on the spot. The first priest I said it to, in the Confessional. The second I saw at a supermarket where I almost never shop…. Providence?

  4. Also I’m going to confess every occasion of missing Sunday Mass. Australian PM has just closed churches!! Because when they tell me that I do not have a Sunday obligation and that I’m dispensed from it, I will tell them that my obligation is to God first. Also I warned the main priest that I would go to Mass elsewhere (when available). He didn’t care. He actually said we closed in case people come from all over Sydney and we break the law. I was dumbfounded and hurt that he didn’t care. I feel he thinks I’m a nuisance and maybe without me, his congregation won’t be quietly challenged. Well, that’s all the more reason to turn up and lead the rest. Also a friend is choosing to go every Sunday at the normal time (in NZ) and pray outside the church wallls! Several others had the same inspiration! We must rebel!

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