Newly Formed Canadian Health-Gestapo drag citizens out of their homes

If you think the Corons Stunt is not about instituting Facism, think again. In this video, you see two Canadian citizens taken from their home on the pretext that they might have Covid-19. Only a pretext. No test, and no apparent symptoms. It’s the new excuse to say, you have no more civil rights!

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5 thoughts on “Newly Formed Canadian Health-Gestapo drag citizens out of their homes”

    1. The apparent gentle manner of the police here hid their malign intent. The mistake was letting them into the house. This is why it is important to have a lawyer who knows you who will be ready to intervene, to know how to defend yourself, and to have a plan to escape your house. The Dictatorship of Corona has arrived and it may get worse. God forbid.

  1. Here it comes. Evil is as Evil does. I highly recommend praying the Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel daily. I fear the evil spirits are as thick as flies now, and as Padre Pio said, if the evil spirits all took bodily form they would blot out the Sun. Ave Maria.

  2. Minute 6:12 – the “mental health worker” basically tells the victims that she is not a competent law enforcement authority (then why the hell is she inside their private home along with police???) and then she goes on to explain that the form (which the officer is holding), is not enforced by the Police or by her whatsoever, rather it is enforced by the Hospital.

    Since when can a Hospital demand that someone be forced to receive “involuntary examination”?

  3. If there is any update following this video,please post it. It would be good to know what happened to them and their experience at the hospital.

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