Forza Nova fights Police at Circus Maximus

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This video presents some curious circumstances. In all public rallies which are not approved the Police have been arresting citizens and asking for their papers. Also, if they ask for a large space such as the Circus Maximus, they do not get permission of the City of Rome to use it.

But here we have Forza Nuova, which is said to be a member of Gladio network, get permission to use the Circus Maximus for a meeting of about 300 persons. And while they attack the police with sticks, no one is arrested.

They are also all wearing masks just like the Government wants as a sign of political submission.

For those who do not know Rome, understand that the Circus Maximus is directly across the street from the residence of the Ambassador of the United States of America to Italy.

Another interesting point is that when other protests occurred against the government, it was not infrequent that Casa Pound — the Roman Fascist Movement — appears and tries to start trouble with the police. And the press which is of the far left, such as La Repubblica, then reports the violence as being the responsibility of the protestors, not of Casa Pound.

I am not saying that either group is controlled opposition or CIA operatives. I leave those conclusions to my readers.


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